Causes + Breast Implant Removal

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Post Breast Explantation Muscle Movement Seems Unnatural- Thoughts? (photo)

I've had my implants removed 3 months ago I don't regret the removal but my right breast does this pulling thing now (arrow in pic) when I... READ MORE

Necrosis? Source of Infection?

I had asked about Strep g infection and implant removal.Thank you to all that replied. Here is my RB 7week post op.415cc Naturelle allergen (gummy... READ MORE

I Can't Get Rid of Infection Even After Breast Implant Has Been Removed?

I had a breast implant removed 2 months after surgery due to the infection. I interrupted anti-biotic 5 days after the emergency surgery to remove the... READ MORE

Under Muscle Implant More Likely to Cause Back Pain?

Tiny frame, 800cc unders ruined my back. Likely thoracic nerve compression after removal of implants for 1 year pain still. Was mentioned to imagine... READ MORE

Cause of Lateral Pull of Breasts After Explant

After subpectoral explant, why do the breasts pull laterally and upward when the pectoral muscles are engaged? I had thought it was due to the release... READ MORE

I got breast implants 4 months ago and had them removed along w/most of my inflamed natural tissue. I'm not sure why. (Photo)

I had 350 cc mod plus implants under the muscle put in&a month post op had a superficial infection my PS cut me open cleaned it out&restitched me. I... READ MORE

Feels Like Tendons are Attached to Surgery Scar, Is This Possible?

I don't know if this sounds right but, I've recently had my implants explanted and, when I reach up I can feel a pull on my scar, under my... READ MORE

Why do so many people deny that saline breast implants cause illness?

Although, scientific evidence is lacking, there is a ton of anecdotal evidence from thousands of women who have reported illness related to their... READ MORE

What could have caused my saline textured breast implants to give me this rash? Silicone textured flakes, Bacteria, etc? (Photo)

I had this rash, and only after I had my implants removed, they all went away except for axilla areas (both); I now have enlarged lymph nodes. Severe... READ MORE

After explantation, I have dynamic breasts deformity. Why did this happen? (Photo)

Hello , four years ago I explant and have dynamic breasts, which could be the reason and possible solution? I have the capsules. (Sorry for my english) READ MORE

What is the best way to have silicone breast implants removed?

I had silicone 250cc breast implants put in transaxillary in August 1986. I had a CTA Chest W/ Contrast done 5/23/2016. The report said I have... READ MORE

I had my breast implants removed Nov 2014. Since then I have had to have one breast drained of blood twice

I have had ongoing issues with the one breast and had to have a substantial amount of blood removed twice since. Why does this keep filling with blood ?? READ MORE

Could it be possible that my implants cause extreme fatigue?

Sorry for the addendum to my previous post about possibly insurance help with removal of saline implants. I do have one more question; beside the... READ MORE

Area along bottom right and bottom left ribs are tender three months after Breast implant removal. Causes? (photos)

38 years old. Explant w/ capsulectomy of 15 yr old smooth saline under the muscle implants. PS stated additional time spent scraping scar tissue off... READ MORE

Explant 10 days ago - now fluid in right breast, ok to leave? (photos)

My doctor is choosing to leave it. I'm so worried it'll heal deformed or cause problems, they won't look too pretty as it is, so I need all the... READ MORE

Where's best place for explant surgery? How much of it is my responsibility as I didn't cause this and they were under warranty?

Last year, after finally getting a mammo/ultrasound approved locally we found that my 2 implants, which weeks prior to accident were perfectly fine.... READ MORE

One implant/breast swollen, hard and little painful. Augmentation done 24 years ago. What is the cause?

One breast implant swollen, hard and little painful all of a sudden.had implants for approx 25yea rs.i am very worried, what can the cause be? READ MORE

Kidney transplant & past lupus.Will lupus go away? I'm assuming implants caused my health problems. What detox should I take?

I had Lupus at age of 13,which attacked my kidneys at the age of 17.I had kidney transplant at the age of 30,health did great a complete 180.My Lupus... READ MORE

Dynamic breasts after explanation. (photos)

Good morning doctors, 5 years ago I exploded and since then I have this problem of dynamic mammals, I find it very annoying in my day to day for... READ MORE

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