Capsule + Breast Implant Removal

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Should the Capsule Be Removed During Breast Implant Removal?

I have only had my implants for 2 years. Silicone, places under muscle. I have had no trouble but would like them out. I am wondering if the... READ MORE

Breast Scar Capsule After Implant Explantation

I want to have my silicone gel implants removed. I have had them for two years. I have had no problems, just feel it was a big mistake and would like... READ MORE

Breast Explant and Lift Without Getting More Implants?

I had my saline implants deflated 3 days ago. The Dr pulled out 190 ccs from each breast. The bags r still inside me. They are very flat at the top... READ MORE

I Am Going to Have my Saline Implants Removed. Should I Remove the Capsules?

I am going to have my 10 year old saline breast implants removed. Should I also have the capsules removed, I have been having minimal discomfort in... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for the Capsule to Dissolve Back into the Body After Breast Implant Removal?

How long does it take for the capsule to dissolve back into the body after breast implant removal? READ MORE

Does the Capsule Have to Be Removed when Removing Breast Implants?

My ps said he does not remove the capsules since they contain tissue when removing implants. Is this harmful? He also said that since I had a lift a... READ MORE

How Will I Know Fluid is Present in Capsule After Explantation with No Capsulectomy?

If there is fluid present in capsule will it go away eventually? Should I limit upper body stretching and exercising to allow capsule to heal ? READ MORE

Should I Allow my PS to Remove Silicone Implants That Are Under the Muscle Using Just Local and Not Removing the Capsule?

I have Allergan, HP, 320, placed under the muscle two years ago. I am a muscular, small woman, who had very little breast tissue to begin with. I... READ MORE

Horrible muscle distortion post explant. How can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had silicone implants under the muscle for cosmetic purposes for exactly 4months before explanting.Hated the feeling of implants&will never consider... READ MORE

Searching for PS who performs en bloc explant surgery

I am looking for a surgeon who is experienced with en bloc removal of breast implant and capsule in one piece. Thank you! READ MORE

What is the Capsule That Many Doctors Refer to with Regards to Breast Implants?

I am exploring breast implant explantation, and in many Q&As, the Doctors refer to the 'capsule' created by the implant. What is this made... READ MORE

If capsule is stuck to chest wall is it okay to leave part of it?

I have two ruptured silicone implants - and one CC - one surgeon saying he would try to remove all intact - but won't know until he gets in there -... READ MORE

Are capsule implant removals covered by ohip?

I was in an accident 3 yrs ago and insurance will not cover the removal of the implants and my original surgeon wants to charge me $5000 to have it... READ MORE

PIP Victim is Sub Muscular Implant AND Capsule Removal my Best Option?

I am 38 have had PIP submuscular implants I think 220 for 6 years I want them removed and not replaced I have read a lot about the capsule and would... READ MORE

Should I Have Explantation at Two Months?

I am 7 weeks post op ( silicone 400 cc's). i was a small B before surgery and now i want them removed. I am truly not happy and i felt more... READ MORE

Is it necessary to remove the capsule during explant?

I have had gummy bear 220CC silicon implants for 3 years. I was previously a b cup. I am going to explant. Is it necessary to remove the tissue... READ MORE

For explant surgery, is it recommended to leave the capsule in or take out? Are drains recommended for this type of surgery?

My PS suggested I leave the capsule in, as taking out leaves a bigger pocket that needs to close and that could cause complications. He said the body... READ MORE

Implant Capsule and Breast Size After Implant Removal?

Hello. my explant surgery is on 29 nov and I am now feeling very nervous. I don't have much info about the size of the implant but generally how many... READ MORE

Is Removal of the Breast Capsule Necessary After Only 3 Months? (photo)

I am having my silicone implants (unders) removed after only having them for 3 months because my body isn't adjusting well to them. I am having back... READ MORE

Can I resolve a seroma in my breast that developed 7/8 months after explant, without further surgery?

I had silicone gel explants May 2013 due to capsular contraption. In October I lifted a lot of heavy items and my right breast became swollen and hard... READ MORE

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