Breast Tissue + Breast Implant Removal

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I Had Breast Implant Removed Due Infection , Will my Breast Tissue Grow Back?

I am Fiipina , I weigh 112 lbs 5'2" in height, I had saline breast implant done in Oct 2004 , had scar tissue removed after 6 months , scar... READ MORE

Complete Capsulotomy - Tissue Removal & Time Surgery Takes

How much breast tissue is removed with a capsulectomy? Remove implant and replace with new implant. If your removing the crusty capsule do you also... READ MORE

What does explant with no breast tissue look like?

I had severe cc for many years and finally had capsulectomy and new implants in 2012. Sadly, I am developing cc again. Soft new breasts getting hard... READ MORE

I got breast implants 4 months ago and had them removed along w/most of my inflamed natural tissue. I'm not sure why. (Photo)

I had 350 cc mod plus implants under the muscle put in&a month post op had a superficial infection my PS cut me open cleaned it out&restitched me. I... READ MORE

Can an implant removal and lift revision be done under local? Is there substantial savings? (photo)

I have 240 saline understand. And a j-cut do far give the lift. I would feel the other incision in necessary to complete the lift. I also feel the... READ MORE

I have lost a lot of my natural breast tissue during the time that I had implants. What likely happened? What can I do?(photo)

I had breast implants for about 3.5 years, 350 CC. The implants were removed about one month ago. Compared to before I had implants placed, I lost... READ MORE

When a PS removes implant do they usually do internal lift?

I want my implants removed and don't want any more. Do most PS suture the pocket, lift breast tissue and suture to higher point on chest wall before... READ MORE

After my implants are removed. Do I need smaller implants? Can I have just a breast life and not be totally flat? (Photo)

I have had implants for 15 years. I am 5'2 and 115 lbs. Currently i am about a 32D but I feel super top heavy and abnormal. I'd really like to just be... READ MORE

After my breast implant removal, will I gain anymore breast tissue over time?

I just got my 6-year old breast implants removed 2 days ago. My boobs now are SO tiny and almost a little concave above the breast. I'm curious if any... READ MORE

No Breast Fold Before Implants, What Will Happen After They Are Removed?

I understand that after removing implants women's breasts will be saggy because of the extra skin. However in my case there was nothing there in the... READ MORE

What can be done for concave breasts after implant removal?

My nipples have folded into my remaining breast tissue. My implants (of 33 yrs) became calcified and had capsular contracture during the past several... READ MORE

Can you remove breast implants and look somewhat normal if you have very little breast tissue left?

I am wanting to remove my breast implants. I had augmentation first 27 years ago in which they became hard and deformed. 5 years ago I sought... READ MORE

I have had my implants for 13 years and want them removed, I've never been totally happy with them. Any suggestion?

The first set of implants I got were silicone gel 450cc.Very shortly after the procedure, the implants fell considerably. When I laid down, there was... READ MORE

Unhappy WIth Results After Breast Explants?

I am 22 years of age, I have recently had my breast implants removed. I had my breasts enlarged 2 years ago and went from an A to a C/D. Since having... READ MORE

On July 17th, my surgeon removed both of my 35-yr old Dow Corning double-lumen silicone gel implants?

 First, both capsules surrounding implants and breast tissue had to be removed because they were calcified, hyalinized and contaminated with... READ MORE

Implant removal without replacement. If capsule is removed would that affect the amount of tissue left? (Photo)

If capsule is removed would that affect the amount of tissue left? Is removing the capsule a good approach to avoid fluids accumulating in the... READ MORE

After having my implants removed I'm having hard lumps form size of lemons. What is this?

The tissue has hardened in one breast and is painful to touch. It is positioned midline from above nipple to the horizontal incision under the breast?... READ MORE

Are there any new techniques doctors are looking at for explant patients?

I am not against breast implants at all. I had my first augmentation at 22 and just had a revision at 36. I assumed when I had my first surgery that... READ MORE

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