Breast Cancer + Breast Implant Removal

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Will Insurance Pay to Have Breast Implants Removed After Breast Cancer?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction after breast cancer. i am unhappy and concerned with the safety. will insurance pay for the removal... READ MORE

Is Capsulectomy necessary?

Hello, I am a healed breast cancer patient who is scheduled to have an explant of my sub-muscular, saline implants next month. I got my first set of... READ MORE

Removal of implant after mastectomy. Would this require hospitalization and drains, or could it be an outpatient procedure?

Left breast cancer, mastectomy, chemo, radiation. 2 yrs later removed right breast (no cancer), silicone implants both sides. Soon cancer side... READ MORE

Will Removing my Breast Implants Make Detecting Breast Cancer More Difficult?

I have one deflated implant. It is starting to bother me. I was trying to wait until I had the money to have a lift and have them replaced, but I can... READ MORE

Can someone give me guidance in having explant removal?

I have had saline implants since my breast cancer surgery in 1996. In Dec of 2013, at the suggestion of my doctor, I had them removed and replaced... READ MORE

Does leaving the capsule in increase odds of breast cancer going undetected?

I am having my implants removed the capsule is staying. I have read that leaving the capsule in can make cancer hard to detect? Is this so? And how... READ MORE

Is this normal? Open wound after Breast Implant Removal.

Stage 3 breast cancer 4/2012. Chemo 4/2012-10/2012. Mastectomy w/expander 12/2012. Expander migrates out of place. 5.5 wks of radiation. Silicone... READ MORE

I need silicone breast implants removed and replaced totally with fat. Please advise if this is possible w/o fat necrosis?

I had a bilateral mastectomy after a BC diagnosis in 2006 ,since then I have developed Lupus, Sjorgens, and osteoarthritis . The implants have to go.... READ MORE

Do I have to have drainage tubes after removal of silicon breasts?

Had breast cancer in 2014, opted for double mastectomy, expanders, and silicone implant in Feb. 2015. I would like them removed and have already made... READ MORE

Where does infection come from post op 2 plus years?

I am scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove implant from right breast after I woke up with red, sore, hard, warm breast and later low grade fever... READ MORE

4 Years post reconstructive surgery: Implants have ruptured - could this be causing the pain and itching? (Photo)

In 2010 I had reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. It was non evasive so I had a radical with both breast removed so I would not have to go thru... READ MORE

Can a capsule be present after implant removal and a mastectomy?

I had capsular contracture with a 400cc implant. I just recently had a double mastectomy with implant removal due to breast cancer. With the expanders... READ MORE

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