Bottom Out + Breast Implant Removal

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Removing Breast Implants Without Replacement, Will It Be Enough to Correct Symmastia?

I have 200cc under muscle, 3 years ago. bottoming out and symmastia. I wish to have the implants removed and not replaced for personal reasons. I know... READ MORE

Bottoming Out - Getting Explanted, Can I Fix the Crease? (photo)

I'm 25 and had 350cc silicone, under the muscle implants placed 4 months ago. I believed they have bottomed out as the implants now sit significantly... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Seroma/Hematoma After Explant if Drains Are Used?

I'm explanting mid-August after 7 months of having 350cc silicone unders due to severe bottoming out & other reasons (I'm 25, no kids, no... READ MORE

Is Explantation the Best Option for Bottomed out Implants?

I had 2 failed bottoming out and lateral displacement revisions. My Breast Implants are 350cc. The problems is in the first surgeon, not implants. My... READ MORE

Is the pocket under the muscle closed up surgically during implant removal? & Is it necessary to remove the capsule? (photo)

I have lateral displacement and bottoming out of my 550 cc saline implants. I want to know if the pocket is general closed up surgically after implant... READ MORE

Nipples Sit Higher Than Pre-BA Due to Bottoming Out, Fixable with Explant? (photo)

I had 350cc silicone unders placed 7 months ago and am explanting soon. (I'm 25, no kids, don't smoke, slender/athletic.) The implants have bottomed... READ MORE

Would it be best to drain or remove my saline breast implants?

If I drain my saline breast implants how long would it take for my breast skin to firm up and my breast tissue to "fluff" per say compared to removing... READ MORE

Will my breasts go back to normal if I get my implants removed?

At almost 20, I went from not even filling an A cup to a B with roughly 210cc implants. I have been very unhappy with them pretty much ever since.... READ MORE

Likelihood That Reset Crease (After Explant) Will Fall Back Down? (photo)

I explanted 2 weeks ago after problems with my implants, among them, bottoming out. My crease, which was originally lowered anyway, was reset to be... READ MORE

Explant of 15 yr old saline breast implants - no replacement, no lift. Is a capsulorrhaphy necessary? (photos)

Hello - I am looking to completely remove my 15 yr old saline subpectoral implants, without replacement. The implants have bottomed out and you can... READ MORE

Will the Fact That I've Severely Bottomed out Affect the Aesthetic Outcome of my Explant? (photo)

I have planned on removing my implants for awhile, but finally scheduled surgery for 8/14/13 (total time of 7 months with them in). In the time since... READ MORE

Will double bubble be a problem post explant? (photos)

So I've just realized that the separation and two crease line in my breast may not be normal and may be result of bottoming out or double bubble. I am... READ MORE

Bottoming out and permanent implant removal? (photo)

I am 30 and had BA 8 years ago. My implant is 360cc and placed over the muscle. I am no experiencing what seems to be called "bottoming out" where by... READ MORE

Will uneven breast crease/fold readjust after explant?

I am having large implants (700cc) removed, I've had so many revision surgeries for bottoming out/ symmastia repair and they still appear uneven. I... READ MORE

Puckering, discoloration and blackheads on breast after implant removal. Can I look normal again?? (photos)

I had 420cc under both breast and I bottomed out. I had implants removed and after I'm left looking like this.. Go figure. It's been almost two years... READ MORE

I would like to remove my large saline implants after 13 years without a lift. Will I need to remove the capsule? (photo)

I've had no trouble with rippling or hardening. They haven't bottomed out. Thanks for any advice. READ MORE

Can severe rippling of saline implant cause it to rupture? I need an explant & lift what is the cost?

325 cc. Surgeon never explained whether it was under or over the muscle. I'm in a lot of pain. I've bottomed out READ MORE

3 months after explant cause from bottomed out. Will my revision surgery be the same as a normal BA? (Photo)

Hi, I had explant 3 months ago. After bottomed out 4 days post op. I still want to have an implants but I wonder how difficult is the revision? And... READ MORE

How to correct bottoming out from having too much crease release and over dissection of the pectoralis muscle? (Photo)

I went into surgery with perky under muscle crease silicone implants and now my breasts look like they've aged 20 years. I had 450cc, then 300cc, now... READ MORE

Should I Take Legal Action? He fell off the face of the earth when there we're all those problems.

My surgeon was all nice until I had the surgery. Then everything went wrong - bottoming out, muscle contracture, etc. he started ignoring my calls and... READ MORE

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