Bigger + Breast Implant Removal

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Muscle Repair After Breat Implant Removal?

I am one of many girls who are looking for the answer on this question. After implant removal (which we had only for a month or 2) - nearly all of us... READ MORE

Can I deflate my saline implants until I'm ready to get them removed in a few years?

My surgeon didn't listen, and made me bigger than I am comfortable with. My breasts are so big they stick out on the sides and look huge for my body,... READ MORE

Can I remove my breast implants with a lift while having severe tuberous breasts before? (photos)

I was 15 years old when I had my augmentation done. I was a small A cup. I got a small C cup after surgery (which was what I wanted). I want them... READ MORE

3 weeks incision seems to be getting larger. It has thick yellowish drainage coming out and it won't seem to heal. Normal?

Its been about 3 weeks since having my right implant removed due to an infection. My incision won't seem to heal. My incision seems to be getting... READ MORE

Can you get seroma underneath the muscle after breast implant removal? (photos)

Hello, my implants were under the muscle. I am 2 weeks post-op and now my right breast, (which always has been my slightly smaller breast) is now,... READ MORE

Will I need a lift when I replace my breast implants? (photo)

I have had these implants for 15 years, 440 year drop textured mentor implants, saline. They ripple and don't feel "real" Is it possible to just go... READ MORE

Left breast swelled 6 weeks after Explant.

August 30th I had explant done in the office/local, left capsules in. 1.5 weeks ago my left breast became sensitive/bigger. went back & my surgeon... READ MORE

Will I get more breast tissue then this?

I had breast implant removal 2 months ago. My question is . Will I get more breast tissue then this? Seems like I was alot bigger before breast... READ MORE

I am a 49 year old that has had saline implants and want them removed.

I was a saggy C and breast fed. As I am aging, they are getting bigger and are hard and not natural looking. I am looking for a removal and possible... READ MORE

Probability my double bubble will worsen/persist after explant. Does removing the capsule affect the aesthetic result? (photos)

I got 300cc mentor smooth silicone implants in 2010 (small B went to a DD, way bigger than I wanted). Has impacted running and swimming for me. I had... READ MORE

Small hole in T section 6 weeks after breast lift- is it gonna heal by itself? I am scared it will grow bigger. (photos)

I had my implants removed and got breast lift exacyly 6 weeks ago. I was healing very well, until yesterda whan I noticed some pus discharge on mu bra... READ MORE

Options for fluid build up after implant removal other then getting it drained by surgery? (Photo)

Breast implant removal caused my left breast to have fluid build-up. It's been a few months now after the removal surgery and all this time I thought... READ MORE

Concern about breast implant deflation.

I recently had my implants drained and for a week it was the same size as the other. Then i got an infection on my left side and it now looks like I... READ MORE

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