B Cup + Breast Implant Removal

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What Happens After Breast Implant Removal?

I am 25 years old and I did breast augmentation 3 weeks ago. My natural breasts are B cup and I had 300cc gel silicone. Now I still feel pain and... READ MORE

What Will my Breasts Look Like After Explantation?

I am a slender 26 year old asian girl with good tissue elasticity. I had 260cc silicon breast implants 4 weeks ago and am planning to get them removed... READ MORE

450cc / 400cc HP Silicone. I Want Them Removed.

450 and 400 Cc Hp Silicone. I Was a Small B I Want Them Removed? Minor Stretch Marks?  that sometimes disappears. one dr told me i will not need... READ MORE

Expectations for Implant Removal? (Photos)

I am 23, 5'6", 115lbs. Small B before 300cc silicone unders 2 wks ago. I realized I made a mistake. I did not get implants for the right reason. I... READ MORE

Breast implant removal and fat grafting at the same time?

Hi, I had breast implant in 2009 because due to my family's genetic, I have no breast at all, even the smallest bra cup is too big for me. So I went... READ MORE

Is a Capsulectomy necessary with Explantation of 19 year saline subglandular implants and Stage 2 capsular contraction? (photos)

Hello, I will be satisfied with my body with very small breasts and want this to be my final surgery on my breasts. My incision was on the lower half... READ MORE

Can you help me prepare for realistic post-explant appearance expectations? (photos)

I got implants 11 years ago because when I bent over, my boobs looked like dangling, tiny, skinny cow utters (36AAA). I have no choice but to have... READ MORE

Looking for breast explant and breast lift advice. (photos)

On Sept 3, 2016 I will be 6 month post op. I have 450 saline in each breast. I hate it!!! They're under the muscle with means I can't do anything... READ MORE

Is there a window of time where you can explant a breast implant and return to pre BA shape?

I had a BA on 12/30/14. Although it's nice and there are no complications, I'm not sure if it matches my lifestyle and I am considering explant. How... READ MORE

I'm 37 with 1 child, I can't decide whether to explant with lift or exchange with lift? (photos)

Augmentation was 3 years ago, I think they are beautiful but to big & uncomfortable. Been considering explant with lift over exchange. Will be... READ MORE

Implant Removal and Lift - what is the best course of action? (photos)

2 years ago, breasts were sagging. Dr recomm implants (385 ccs). I now cannot run or do sports. I want them out, a lift (which should have been done... READ MORE

Can I have implant removal, an internal lift and fat transfer at the same time? (photos)

I am 30 no children or weight gain. I had 350cc silicone round textured implants placed over muscle 7 years ago originally a small B. My question is... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. Should I deflate the implants first & get the bags out?

I have saline implants for about 19 years now. I started with a/b cup size ended up with b/c cup. Not too big. I don't have any medical problem or... READ MORE

Breast implant removal - saline implants.

I am trying to find out more information about possibly removing my saline breast implants and getting a fat transfer as one breast is larger than the... READ MORE

Concerned about size after explant. C cup before implant and lift. I have been told I will be a small B after explant (Photo)

Had C cup, 2013 300 cc subfascial, 5ft 120lbs. 3 revisions for contracture, bottoming out etc. getting contracture on Rt breast, on singlair. I want... READ MORE

Do I have to have a lift or replacement?

I am 47 yrs old and had BA done 3 years ago under the muscle with Mentor silicone implants 300cc's... and had them removed 8 months ago. I have loose... READ MORE

After breast explant, will my breast return to pre-op size?

Hi, I had breast explant 2 months ago. My pre-op was a 34b. I had 350 silicone unders for 8 months. I was in so much pain and the implants did not... READ MORE

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