Anchor + Breast Implant Removal

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I Had a Lift then Years Later Large Implants. Best Incision for Just Removing Implants?

Just want implants out -- no problems. My lower anchor scars are about 3/4 inch above the crease (due to the large implants). I will be a large A... READ MORE

Distorted Boob After Explant and Lift...what Can I Do? (photo)

Breast implant removal (500cc) with full anchor lift. I had my implants removed with a full lift, My left boob has this sucked in look. As if it is... READ MORE

How to Minimize Anchor Scars with Explantation or Smaller Implants?

I have large implants along with a lift. They are starting to look square and this is the 5th lift over 4 pregnancies. Im thinking of removing them or... READ MORE

How long do the breasts take to soften after explant and lift?

I had an explant and full anchor lift a little over a month and a half ago. My doctor made me look beautiful I am quite pleased. They have softened... READ MORE

Is a breast lift with implant removal under local anesthesia safe?

I have 13 year old implants. Right breast had a painful capsule since the very beginning. 1 month ago that right implant popped and thankfully no more... READ MORE

How Much Riskier is It to Be a Patient That Quits Smoking 3 Mo Prior to an Explant/lift Vs Nonsmkr?

I have smoked off and on for 30 years. (I'm 50) it's never easy to quit, but I always did, immediately, with my pregnancies and 3 mos prior to my BA.... READ MORE

I had a anchor lift with implant removal. What would cause this? (photo)

My surgery was September 13 th. My left breast has had major complications. What would cause this? How long could it take me to heal & will I ever... READ MORE

What to expect? Implant removal with anchor lift.

I am scheduled for removal with a lift January 22. Healing is my main concern. I have quit smoking x's 7 months with nicotine gum help. How long for... READ MORE

I had breast implants done approximately 10 years ago. I would like to remove them and just leave my natural breast.

Is there an option to use the scar on my areola rather than creating the anchor scar? Also, what happens to the extra skin that the implant created? READ MORE

Do my scars look normal? 4 months post op breast implant removal and anchor breast lift. (photo)

I had my breast implants removed 4 months ago and a lift done at the same time. I like my results but am nervous about the scaring. I have stitches... READ MORE

Is it normal to still have bruising 3 months post breast explant and lift?

I had my saline implants removed with a full anchor lift about 3 months ago. I am very happy with the results. I do bruise very easily. Is it normal... READ MORE

Am I healing properly from my anchor lift and implant extraction? (Photo)

Everything seemed good until this past week or so. Now I've noticed my right breast is starting to tuck under and my nipple is pointing down which is... READ MORE

Should my anchor lift incision be in the fold (It is about an inch above natural fold)? Is the incision too high? (photo)

I had an anchor lift with explantation/total capsulectomy on 5/16. I did not think to ask the surgeon when I saw her for my last appt, but why is my... READ MORE

Will my breasts drop and become softer after full wise pattern mastopexy?

I had an explant and full anchor mastopexy almost a month ago. I am fine with the size but they are still hard feeling. Will my breasts drop and... READ MORE

BA/BL lead to explant. What's the best way to correct the resulting deformities? (Photo)

I had 375cc implants submuscle with a full anchor lift. I developed a wound which became implant exposure. I had both implants removed because after... READ MORE

Is it normal for the breast to look still saggy, floppy and jiggly on day 1 of my explant removal with a anchor lift?

I just got home from surgery. I can't stop crying! I had 550 CC under the muscle saline implants in for 8 yrs. I wanted to remove them because I... READ MORE

En bloc procedure, removal and anchor lift.

I am looking for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in the Boston area or closely surrounding states that are highly skilled at the en bloc procedure... READ MORE

What is the main difference between an anchor lift and a lollipop ?

I'm getting my implants removed and my dr recommended a lift (anchor) I have 600 CC saline implants for just one year . Haven't had any children do I... READ MORE

How long after cellulitis can I expect pain and swelling to be completely gone? 17 days post Explant/Anchor Lift. (photos)

17 days post-op with a wonderful PS in my area. I had a ruptured implant on the opposite breast. Doc removed the implants, took out more tissue and... READ MORE

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