A Cup + Breast Implant Removal

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How Long After Breast Augmentation Can I Go for Explantation?

I am 26 y/o asian female, 4'10 3/4'', 115lbs. I recently had breast augmentation done on 12/9/2010. The surgeon did a great job and they... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal Before or After Pregnancy?

I'm 27 and have had Breast Implants for 5 years total (350cc Saline for 2 years, 225cc Silicone gel for 3 years). I would like to get them removed... READ MORE

Explant w/ No New Implant

I have read the answers to similar questions as i have posed. However, i am disappointed w/ all of them. I have had two sets of implants not happy w/... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done when Submuscular Saline Implants Are Removed?

32AA to 300 cc saline submuscular-1 year post-op. Need revision surgery(for symmastia)-For now I would just like to remove my implants before going... READ MORE

What to Expect from Breast Implant Removal of 180cc Gummy Bear?

Hello! I am 24 years old, and I had my Breast Augmentation 2 months ago with 180cc gummy bear implants. It was a very sudden decision which I now... READ MORE

Effects of Removal on Newly Implanted Breasts?

I am 5'7" and 108 lbs. I was a small A before my implants and I have 421cc silicone. It has only been barely 3 months since I got them. I now... READ MORE

I Had Saline Overs Removed - Why Do my Nipples Fold Over?

I had saline overs removed 5mths ago, no replacement, (290) capsules removed via scar under breast, why do my nipples fold over? They will 'perk back... READ MORE

5 weeks post op, how long before we can sleep without a sports bra?

I would like to get other's opinions on how long, in general, we need to wear a sports bra "all the time". How long before we can sleep without one or... READ MORE

How long should I compress my breasts for after explant, without lift or capsule removal?

How long should I compress my breasts for the best results after an explant? I went from a 32D to 32A and have been wearing a sports bra with an ace... READ MORE

I Had a Lift then Years Later Large Implants. Best Incision for Just Removing Implants?

Just want implants out -- no problems. My lower anchor scars are about 3/4 inch above the crease (due to the large implants). I will be a large A... READ MORE

Will my breasts fluff and be perky like they used to be before my Breast Augmentation? What can I do to help them fluff up?

I had a breast augmentation done on 5-14-14 and explanted on 6-3-14. I had 270cc saline under the muscle. I was a 32 A before my BA with very perky... READ MORE

Do I Have Scar Tissue in my Breast After Implant Removal?

I had both my saline implants removed after 16 years. Pre-op, I was a 32A post-op 34C. My left breast is nice and soft and is a nice full A but my... READ MORE

What are my options for making my breasts look more 'normal' post explant? (Photo)

It has been almost a year since my explant and I still seem to have extra skin. Had 32D implants for 10 years and now have 32A breasts that look empty... READ MORE

I want to have my implants removed after 1 year but I am afraid of what my breasts will look like after, will they bounce back?

I was a 34A and had 300cc silicone implants placed under the muscle via transaxillary incisions. I have been unhappy since week 3 and I want to have... READ MORE

Breast explant, what can i expect? sooner rather than later? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation 3 weeks ago (textured anatomic allergan 295cc) via transaxillary incision. I am incredibly depressed and just want them... READ MORE

What sort of result will I get if I take my implants out without lift? I was an A cup prior to implants (Photos)

I had my original implants done in 1998. The left side went hard and I had to have a capsulotomy 6 months later. It went hard again and was distorted.... READ MORE

Breast implant removal. Should I deflate the implants first & get the bags out?

I have saline implants for about 19 years now. I started with a/b cup size ended up with b/c cup. Not too big. I don't have any medical problem or... READ MORE

Can silicone implants be removed any other way than a prior inframammary incision? (photo)

A/AA (asymmetric) before surgery and had 371 CC silicone implants put in each breast. Original surgery in 2007 and revision for bottoming out in 2008.... READ MORE

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