8 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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I had my breast implants removed 7 1/2 months ago. Why do my breast still look concave and creased at the areola? (photo)

Why do my breasts have creases at the areola and appear concave 7 1/2 months after explant? Would I benefit from fat grafting? I don't think there's... READ MORE

Explant Via Nipple/Areola Area. Problems with Scar Adhering and Puckering of Nipple? (photo)

Hello i am 8mths post explant via the nipple/areola. I have pukering of both nipples, the scar appears to be adhered to the chest wall. Please can you... READ MORE

Hypertrophic Scarring Under the Breast Crease

I removed my implants 8 mnths ago.At 4 wks post-op I developed slight hypertrophic scarring - slightly thickened & seemed attached to the... READ MORE

Will Flex Distortion ever go away - even after explant? (Photo)

I had a lift with 250cc saline implants in February. 7 months later I chose to have implants deflated due to flex distortion and lateral displacement... READ MORE

After Breast Implant Removal. Incision Line Began to Open, Now Swelling, No Fever. Causes?

I had my breast implant removed 8 months ago because of infection in the incision area..I was taking antibiotics and all.After 2months the incision... READ MORE

Any Solutions for Muscle Distortion and Scars Post Explantantion (8 Months)?

I was explanted via crease incision approx 8 mos ago w/ no lift.The appearance of breasts in repose is acceptable; but I have noticeable muscle... READ MORE

Is there any type of recourse when a plastic surgeon did a sloopy job? (photos)

I cannot possibly afford to fix my breast after spending $8500 for an explant and lift. It has been almost 8 months since I had my surgery. I've used... READ MORE

Has my body formed a capsule after having implants under muscle for 8 months? I want an explant. Should capsules be removed?

I had 421 CC smooth round silicone implants put in 8 months ago, and though they look nice, they feel incredibly foreign and I want them removed. My... READ MORE

Is it possible that breast will go down in size after 8 months?

I am 8 months post op silicone unders. I still feel random slight shooting pains in the breast area like I did in the beginning of my healing. (Not... READ MORE

Can I exercise my chest muscles with weights after explantation?

Good afternoon doctors! My mother tongue is not English so I'm going to try to explain my issue the best way I can. I removed my breast implants 8... READ MORE

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