7 Months Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Nipple and Areola Caved in After Explant Surgery. What Can Be Done to Disguise the Scar? (photo)

I had my implants removed 7 months ago. The nipple-areola scar never improved and it pulled in and under where the incision was made. I'm having... READ MORE

New York Breast Impants Explant Versus Redo with Smaller Implants? Fat Transfer?

I am 26 y/o Asian female, 4'10 3/4'', 115lbs. I recently had breast augmentation done on 12/9/2010. Mentor 34A to 34C (325cc bilaterally... READ MORE

Will I Have Problems Again if Implants Put Back In? (photo)

I am 60 and had my implants removed 7mos ago because of a seroma! It was drained and then returned. Implants removed. I look hideous!!! Would like... READ MORE

Explant a Complex or Simple Operation? (photo)

Is explant of breast implants a very complex of fairly simple operation? I have slight bottoming out on my one breast. I had 330cc HP placed 7 months... READ MORE

Nipples Sit Higher Than Pre-BA Due to Bottoming Out, Fixable with Explant? (photo)

I had 350cc silicone unders placed 7 months ago and am explanting soon. (I'm 25, no kids, don't smoke, slender/athletic.) The implants have bottomed... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Improve Breasts Irregularities After Implants Removal? (photo)

I am 7 months post breasts implant removal and don't want to have another surgery or have fat transfer because it involves a donor site. I am looking... READ MORE

Will a Capsulectomy Affect the Aesthetic Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss and have had 350cc silicone-mod plus implants under the muscle for 7 months. I'm explanting very soon, and my... READ MORE

Will my Breast Be Normal After Implant Removal?

Im 22 years old and got implants 7 months ago. i am unhappy with having them and want them removed. before surgery i had nice perky breast at a 34b... READ MORE

7 months post op: is it too early to remove my implants?

I got 550 saline implants 7 months ago and unfortunately I have cc as early as one month post op . I am afraid to have another surgery to correct the... READ MORE

I am wanting to be explanted after my lift and augmentation. Will my lift need to be adjusted? (Photo)

Wanting to be explanted after having a lift and aug done this Jan. Issues are that my scars are hurting and become hypertrophic . Been wearing... READ MORE

7 months post breast implant removal: How to fix asymmetrical breasts? (photo)

I had my implants removed 7 months ago along with scar tissue. Now I'm totally asymmetrical and it is noticeable in clothing. What can I do to fix... READ MORE

Can implants be removed from periaolar incision?

I am 7 months postop and considering implant removal. Can I do this through the periaolar incision so I don't have another scar? And will the entire... READ MORE

Explant 7 months ago. What should I do now? Scar release? Lift? (photos)

Had 450cc silicone unders removed due to still unexplained L side soreness, swelling, aching & numbness in arm & hand. PS didn't want to do a lift w/... READ MORE

Will I look ten years older after removal of small implants?

I am now 20 years old and I had small implants put in (under 200cc) for 7 months, and I really want to take them out (don't feel like myself). I had... READ MORE

How can my breast be corrected after breast implants have been removed? (photos)

Explanted my 13 year old implants with capsule 7 months ago. Breast are different size and have adhesion on the left smaller breast. My scares sit... READ MORE

Why do my breasts look like this when I flex? 350cc implants removed (Photo)

Hi there. I had my 350cc under the muscle silicone implants removed this December 2014. No major complications, but I have small chest muscles so I... READ MORE

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