550-599cc + Breast Implant Removal

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Do Textured Saline Implants Need to Be Removed "En Bloc"?

I have had Mentor, saline (550 cc), teardrop, textured, implants (behind the muscle) for 14 years. I have very little natural breast tissue.I want to... READ MORE

Is the pocket under the muscle closed up surgically during implant removal? & Is it necessary to remove the capsule? (photo)

I have lateral displacement and bottoming out of my 550 cc saline implants. I want to know if the pocket is general closed up surgically after implant... READ MORE

Is breast implant removal with lift possible to achieve small natural breasts again? (Photo)

I currently have 550cc natrelle silicone implants, 2nd BA July 2012. My first BA I was given 325cc saline implants in February 2004. I am ready to... READ MORE

If I Explant Will I Look "Normal" Again? (photo)

I had my first BA in 2011. I was a droopy 34C preop and had 339 modplus implants. I ended up an even droopier 34DD with one breast lower/bigger than... READ MORE

Breast Implants - Removal or Replacement?

I can't decide whether to have my 550cc saline sub-muscular impl. completely removed or replaced with smaller silicon ones. I had almost no breast... READ MORE

I am thinking of removing my 575cc silicone implants. Will I need a lift if I don't replace with smaller implants? (photo)

I am thinking of removing my 575cc silicone implants. The size and added weight is interfering with my activities. Would I need a lift if I don't... READ MORE

My Left Implant Has Deflated?

Left implant has deflated and I was wonder how saline they might hold onto even after deflating. My PS seems to think it is pretty empty. Have you... READ MORE

7 months post op: is it too early to remove my implants?

I got 550 saline implants 7 months ago and unfortunately I have cc as early as one month post op . I am afraid to have another surgery to correct the... READ MORE

After implant removal and lift, can I have a C cup? (Photo)

I am a DD with saline implants, that are 10 years old. I think implant size was 500 or 550 CC....... I was B / C before implants. What size would I... READ MORE

Should I keep cohesive gel implants in place until I'm finished having children? Would they pose risk to next pregnancy? (Photo)

I currently have 550cc cohesive gel implants, under the muscle. They are about 4 years old. With a recent pregnancy and breastfeeding 1year+, they... READ MORE

During explant do I need to remove all the capsule?

There seems to be a lot of mixed reviews regarding this topic. My saline, 550 cc, under the muscle implants haven't given me any issues. I was... READ MORE

Removal or fixing options? (Photo)

I have silicone breast implants. Under the muscle, 550ccs. I had a baby and breastfed since getting them in 3 1/2 years ago. They are heavy and too... READ MORE

Do I need a lift after 550cc saline implants removal?

I'm 32 y.o, 5'7" 110lbs, 4 month after BA, was 32 C small cup now 32 DD placed under muscle. Wasn't sag, not much breast tissue before, no children. I... READ MORE

Does implant removal always require a lift or replacement implants to achieve a cosmetically pleasing result?

I am 42 years old and have had breast implants since the age of 24. My first set was saline and I had them replaced with silicone about 10 years ago.... READ MORE

3 days post explant. Will I contract? (Photo)

Here are my before BA and my after explant photos . I am a lot more droopy than before will I contract or fluff up? I was 550 CCs had them in for 1... READ MORE

How common is muscle deformity after breast implant removal?

I am thinking of getting an explant. I have saline implants under the muscle that are 575/550 ccs. I'm back into fitness and really scared of the... READ MORE

Having 3 y/o large breast implants removed. What can I do about detached skin on breast bone. (photos)

I started with a b cup, 13cm base width and a very constricted breast crease that was high on my chest wall. I had 500cc smooth over the muscle in the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Implant removal?

I had a breast augmentation a week ago, 550ccs under the muscle, and have hated them ever since. They are too large for me and I want them removed. Do... READ MORE

Thinking of explanting. I'm 23 years old, and have 10 month old implants. Will I go back to normal?

I was a C cup now am a DDD thinking of explaining but I'm so scared of what I will look like . I developed CC on my right breast and because of it my... READ MORE

What is the recovery time for breast implant removal? I had 560cc silicone submuscular inframammary incision a month ago (Photo)

I was happy with my pre op breast shape but wanted more volume. I wanted to be a d cup and am now a 32h cup. I hate having breasts this large and want... READ MORE

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