5 Ft 8 In To 6 Ft 0 In + Breast Implant Removal

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Will my Breasts Sag After Implant Removal?

Some basic stats about me: 25, Asian, slender, 5ft8 58kg, silicon implant 230cc for 1&half years. Now looking to have them removed. Pre op I was... READ MORE

Had Implants Removed (CC) , a Lift and a Fat Graft 6 Months Ago. Unhappy with Size. (photo)

Do I Go for Implants Again or Another Graft? first set silicone implants were moved and replaced after 17 years had no cc issues but warned about... READ MORE

I'm having my saline implants removed. Should I wait until I lose more weight? Current loss 10 pounds 30 more to go. (photo)

I am a 46 year old African American female. I teach dance and fitness so my breasts have always been an issue for me. I had them lifted in 2004 and a... READ MORE

Recent breast lift in March 2015 and implant removal (650cc). Not happy with the results. Hate my puffy large areolas (Photo)

Breast lift in march 2015 and implant removal ( 650cc ) not happy with the results. the breast lift did not consist of a anchor scar so may not have... READ MORE

Want implants removed! 40 yrs old. 5ft10. 135lbs. From A to C with 370cc cohesive implants under the muscle.

1 year ago I had 370cc cohesive implants. Within' a few months I noticed that one wasn't dropping. I was assured that it would. But when it still... READ MORE

I wanted my implants for ages, had them for 3 weeks and want to explant already? (Photos)

I always wanted not big but fuller boobs as lost volume due to my gym hobby.So finally had them done and I must say my surgeon done an amazing job but... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to explant a deflated breast? (Photo)

I had saline put in 11 years ago. But noticed the left breast deflated 3 days ago. My questions is do I get it explanted & get it redone later. Reason... READ MORE

Implant Removal and Lift - what is the best course of action? (photos)

2 years ago, breasts were sagging. Dr recomm implants (385 ccs). I now cannot run or do sports. I want them out, a lift (which should have been done... READ MORE

47 Year Old. Trying to decide whether to just do an explant/with or without lift or to explant/lift/ &Replace? Live DFW (Photo)

I prefer the Benelli method, since the scars would only be around the areola. I've been to several plastic surgeons for consultations, but concerned... READ MORE

Should I explant without replacement or replace too large implants with smaller/lower profile implants? (Photo)

I got 350cc hp silicone unders placed 16m ago. I am 5'8" 115lbs with a small frame. I have been unhappy with my BA since. What I hate most about them... READ MORE

What cup size is 570cc left breast and 475 cc removed from right breast?

I just got a reduction and I was told I had 570cc removed from my DDD/E left breast and 460 CC removed from the right breast and a DD/DDD . I 'm... READ MORE

Because of CC, I want implants removed. Is there anything I can wear/do to help my physical pain/apperance in clothes? (Photo)

I've had CC for 7 years,left breast.My R.breast feels almost shrunk down,has plenty of loose skin.No revisons.I am 5' 9" 175 lbs (Lg frame, sz12) text... READ MORE

Can anyone tell me what's going on with my breasts? Detailed info appreciated. (Photo)

Im 38. implants in 15 yrs ago. Breast fed one child with implants.Had explant 17 days ago.I understand time may help aesthetically. i have stretch... READ MORE

Outcomes and cost of breast implant removal and fat grafting on thin women?

Had 371cc implants put in almost 10 years ago. Wanting to remove them and have fat transfer done. I am 5'9" and 125 lbs and not sure I enough much fat... READ MORE

Removing bottomed out implants. Will a lift be necessary?

I want to remove 12 yr old saline implants placed under the muscle. I'm not sure of the exact size but pre b/a I was a 34 b & went to a 34 d. I've... READ MORE

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