250-299cc + Breast Implant Removal

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What Will my Breasts Look Like After Explantation?

I am a slender 26 year old asian girl with good tissue elasticity. I had 260cc silicon breast implants 4 weeks ago and am planning to get them removed... READ MORE

How to Increase Skin Elasticity After Breast Implant Removal?

A year ago I put in a 280cc high profile, turning me form AA to C. I am getting it removed and know that there will be some sagging. Is there anything... READ MORE

Implant Removal After Reconstruction

I am in the process of deciding to remove my breast implants after reconstruction. I had extreme tightness for more than four years. I still get... READ MORE

Should I Get a Breast Lift with Implant Removal or Wait to See the Results?

25 yr old implants coming out. Not much sagging, less than 270 cc in each double lumen implant, skin texture good. breast tissue is dense per... READ MORE

Explant Question - Removal After 7 Months

I had 260cc nagor silicone implants 7 months ago. I'd like them removed. I regretted, realising I'd made a big mistake. I know I sound foolish... READ MORE

Would the Removal of Breast Implants Placed over the Muscle Led to Saggy Breast? (photo)

I got my implants 4 years ago when i was 25, now at 29 and I hate them. They were 270 cc silicone implants placed sub glandular .I want to remove them... READ MORE

Would my Breast Look Like Before if I Remove my Implants Without a Lift?

I had 270 cc silicone breast implants over the muscle 4 years ago.I was 25 and i was a cup AA (flat). Now at 29 i want them removed . I really hate... READ MORE

Considering explant. What kind of results have you seen? (Photo)

Hello, I am a 46 year old woman and I have had implants for 12 years. At 10 years I had my 350 cc silicone implants taken out and replaced with 250 cc... READ MORE

Muscle distortion after explantation. (Photo)

Undermuscle silicone implants, r240cc-l265cc, removed after just 3 months.My ps recommended me just to wear a tight tank or undershirt.l'm curious... READ MORE

Will Flex Distortion ever go away - even after explant? (Photo)

I had a lift with 250cc saline implants in February. 7 months later I chose to have implants deflated due to flex distortion and lateral displacement... READ MORE

Technique to Help Skin Retract After Explant?

Other than compression, what other techniques can be done to help the skin retract after explantation? I have read some women use ice to help. I know... READ MORE

Pectoral Exercise Before Breast Implant Removal?

In 6 weeks I'm having my 250cc sub pectoral breast silicone implants removed without replacement. I've had them for about 5 and a half years. I'm a 24... READ MORE

Will my breasts fluff and be perky like they used to be before my Breast Augmentation? What can I do to help them fluff up?

I had a breast augmentation done on 5-14-14 and explanted on 6-3-14. I had 270cc saline under the muscle. I was a 32 A before my BA with very perky... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a compression band or sports bra after Breast Implant Removal 2 days ago? If so, which is best?

I had a breast aug. 5-14-14 & on 6-3-14 I removed my 270cc saline implants that were placed under the muscle. What is best to wear during my healing... READ MORE

CONFUSED! Is a capsulectomy (partial/full) or no capsulectomy necessary when removing silicone breast implants? Pros and Cons?

I have made up my mind to remove my silicone implants, size 260cc, with a lift. I'm experiencing some pain on the right breast. However, I don't... READ MORE

How Would Breast Implants Affect my Appearance After Explant? Only Had Them in for a Week

I am 5'3 113 pounds. Was an a cup before my surgery had little breast tissue to begin with. i am 22 and i recently got saline 285cc under muscle... READ MORE

Will my breast implant removal results look better in time?

I am 29 & 3 days ago had my ruptured 250cc silicone implants removed. I had small breasts before (AA) & have had my implants for 10 years. What Im now... READ MORE

I Am Removing my Implants After 7 Weeks, Will my Breasts Go Back to Original Shape?

I am removing my implants after 7 weeks because it has caused me depression and I hate the feeling of foreign object inside me. I discussed my... READ MORE

Wondering if I would be a good candidate for total breast implant removal? (Photo)

I received my implants towards the end of 2013. The implants placed were 275cc, round, moderate plus, saline, submuscular, infamammary fold. Its now... READ MORE

I have 30 yr old ruptured silicon implants, 250cc Dow Corning. Planning to explant next week. Should I cancel?

There is extra capsular spread of the implant; my board certified plastic surgeon does not plan to use drains post-op. I am worried about fluid... READ MORE

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