2 Days Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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2 Days Post Op Lollipop Lift? Does This Look Normal? (photo)

I had implant removal (280 cc) and a Lollipop lift. I think...I was surprised my stitches went further than the crease line, one longer than other and... READ MORE

50 Year Old, 48 Hours After Implant Removal - No Lift - No Implants? (photo)

I am 48 hours post-op. Breast are itchy and wrapped in tensor. I would like to put frozen peas on as my body feels like that would help. Nurse said... READ MORE

When Will my Breasts Look Normal Again After Implant Removal?

I had my implants removed 2 days ago. I 300cc under the muscle for 3 week and 5 days. I wasn't happy with then from the beginning. My ps told me my... READ MORE

Do I need to wear a compression band or sports bra after Breast Implant Removal 2 days ago? If so, which is best?

I had a breast aug. 5-14-14 & on 6-3-14 I removed my 270cc saline implants that were placed under the muscle. What is best to wear during my healing... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Explant, and Bottom of Breast Dented. Permanent?

I explanted 2 days ago after having 350cc submuscular implants for 7.5 months. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss.) I'm still bandaged, but I can... READ MORE

Will my breasts ever fill out and take shape again? (Photo)

I'm two days into post op. and my breasts look like little pancakes! I had 325 cc saline implants under the muscle for 13 years, and have had two... READ MORE

Different Size Breasts After Explant?

Hello, I have just had a my implants removed two days ago. One of the implants had ruptured (left) and the right side was perfectly fine. I took the... READ MORE

After my breast implant removal, will I gain anymore breast tissue over time?

I just got my 6-year old breast implants removed 2 days ago. My boobs now are SO tiny and almost a little concave above the breast. I'm curious if any... READ MORE

Explant with capsule removal - feeling deformed. Will it get better over time or is this it now?

Hi, 2 days ago I had implant removal, my surgeon had to remove the capsule from my previous implants as it had folded over and was inpregnated with... READ MORE

Disfigured after explanation due to infection; is this permanent? (Photo)

Five weeks after mentor gel implants under the muscle, I developed a seroma. My plastic surgeon performed another surgery to place a drain which was... READ MORE

Is it normal to have no bandage after breast explant with bilateral capsulectomy and removal of silicone lymph nodes?

Had my surgery yesterday. I was not bandaged up or wrapped to compress my chest. Is this normal? Every journey I've read on this site have been... READ MORE

Is it normal for one incision to hurt more?

I just explanted my implants two days ago. I've noticed my incision on my right side hurts more. Is this normal? I am right handed and it's not... READ MORE

Why did I have fluid that needed to be extracted, after implant removal?

I had my breast implants removed two days ago. Today I went to the office to have the tegaderm removed because of blistering. The surgeon was more... READ MORE

The night I got my silicone cohesive gel implants removed, I had such bad fever and chills I couldn't sleep. Is this normal?

I left a message for my doctor this afternoon but he hasn't called back and they are closed now! The day after I was so exhausted from fever I... READ MORE

Will the muscle reattach after explantation? (Photo)

I had silicone implants placed on 4/11/16 under the muscle. I decided that they were too big at 350cc each and did not like having something foreign... READ MORE

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