15 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Will Medicaid Pay from Saline Breast Implant Removal?

I had breast augmentation under the muscle in 1998 with saline implants. For the past 5 years or so I've been having pain and discomfort in my breast... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Remove Implants After 15 Years without Replacing them?

Had my implants in for 15 yrs one side has became harder. I would now like them removed by a good surgeon can anybody recommend a good one that will... READ MORE

How Much Will I Sag? (photo)

I have had implants (above the muscle) for 16 years. Firstly, soya bean oil then replaced in 2005 with silicone gel (I have no idea what size the... READ MORE

What is the Capsule That Many Doctors Refer to with Regards to Breast Implants?

I am exploring breast implant explantation, and in many Q&As, the Doctors refer to the 'capsule' created by the implant. What is this made... READ MORE

Will Medicare cover breast implant removal if a leak has started and it's a medical necessity?

I had saline implants put in 15 years ago. A year after getting them in, I developed a severe medical condition, and am on disability with Medicare.... READ MORE

Ruptured 13 Year Old Implant Has Deflated. Is This What I'll Look Like After Explant?

I have saline implants that are 13 years old. My right one has ruptured and deflated. I have an appointment to have them removed, but my question is... READ MORE

Explant of 15 yr old saline breast implants - no replacement, no lift. Is a capsulorrhaphy necessary? (photos)

Hello - I am looking to completely remove my 15 yr old saline subpectoral implants, without replacement. The implants have bottomed out and you can... READ MORE

After my implants are removed. Do I need smaller implants? Can I have just a breast life and not be totally flat? (Photo)

I have had implants for 15 years. I am 5'2 and 115 lbs. Currently i am about a 32D but I feel super top heavy and abnormal. I'd really like to just be... READ MORE

Is a deflated implant a preview of what I will look like without it?

My 16 year old under the muscle saline implant suddenly deflated on Friday. I am not crazy about getting a replacement set & would rather just remove... READ MORE

I'm 48 with silicone implants for over 15 years having them removed by the NHS, how are my breasts going to look?

Hi I'm 48 with silicone implants for over 15 years having them removed by Nhs due to pain. Op booked for APril, excited about having them out but... READ MORE

I want to remove my implants but its been so long since I have been natural. What I might be once they are out and lifted?

Im 35 and im now considering having my implants removed. Ive had 2 breast operations since I was 20. I can't remember what size I was before and... READ MORE

Will I need a lift when I replace my breast implants? (photo)

I have had these implants for 15 years, 440 year drop textured mentor implants, saline. They ripple and don't feel "real" Is it possible to just go... READ MORE

Explant of 15 year old silicones with fat graph replacement? (photo)

I am hoping to find out details from women that have had this procedure done and from Doctors that have performed this type of procedure. Can both be... READ MORE

Why do some plastic surgeons remove the capsule and others not? Which procedure is more common?

Hi, I'm wondering what risks I run by not having a capsulectomy? My implants are 15 years old and saline. One is ruptured. Is it true you can develope... READ MORE

I'd love to have my implants removed and go back to natural without a lift. What are the chances of this happening?

I had 325 and 350CC saline breast implants about 15 years ago bringing me from a large A / small B to a large C / small D. I am 33, 160lbs, at 6 ft... READ MORE

Implant removal and fat transfer, to avoid a lift? (Photos)

I am 42. Had implant surgery 17 years ago. Went from B cup to D. Would like to have them removed. One scar on the base of my nipple is tight and... READ MORE

What are the steps for a 15 years old implant that has an infection right now?

I have a flaming pain around my scar at the bottom of my breast .my family dr said I have an infection and need to have my implant remove . What are... READ MORE

I had breast implants 15 years ago and I have just started getting burning pain.

I had breast implants 15 years ago. Started with burning pain quite bad on the underneath and up the side to the middle just when I turned in bed, now... READ MORE

Will breasts return to tubular state after removal? What can I expect having implants removed w/o lift or replacement? (photo)

I had mildly tubular breasts prior to getting submusclar saline implants 13 years ago. I am looking to have the implants removed but I am afraid of... READ MORE

I had a Breast Explanation about a year ago and was thinking of a Breast augmentation again.

Is it possible to do again? Will there be any issues?I had them for 17 years and they never really felt comfortable but my surgeon did a amazing job... READ MORE

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