10 Years Post-op + Breast Implant Removal

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Recovery Time - Implant Removal and Capsulectomy?

I just scheduled my surgery for implant removal and capsulectomy for 12/21. I had my 380/360cc smooth saline implants put in 11 years ago submuscular.... READ MORE

After Explantation W/o Revision, Will Internal Breast Lift Minimize Breast Tissue?

33 y/o 100lbs. Explanting after 10yrs of saline implants 300cc. No weight gain nor pregnancies. Concerned of outcome b/c skin has been stretched so... READ MORE

Best Way to Explant Cohesive Gel Implants 10 Years Later?

I have had small 270cc cohesive gel implants over the muscle for 10 years. I now wish to remove and not replace. I am not symptomatic nor do I believe... READ MORE

Will Removal of Breast Implants Above Muscle Cause More Sagging?

Iv had breast implants for 10 years and i now want them removed without replacement, they were placed infront of the muscle could this cause more sagging? READ MORE

Problem with (10yr Old) Saline Implant Moving & Causing Pain...please Help

I have always been large chested but lacked the fullness I desired after 2 children & years of weight gain/loss. Approx 10 yrs ago I had under the... READ MORE

If I remove my 10 year old 420cc saline implants, will my breasts go back to the way the looked previous to surgery? (photos)

Hello!I am seriously considering removing my 10-year old saline implants (420cc) that were placed under the muscle.I had slight tubular breasts,and... READ MORE

Implant removal and lift question (photos)

I have subglandular placed silicone implants approx 220cc which makes me 34C/32D. I've had this set for 10+ years. I also had a mini mastopexy at that... READ MORE

Removal of Implants From 10 Years Ago?

I had implants 10yrs ago.Within a yr or two I started having major medical problems.I need to find a plastic surgeon that would be willing to help me... READ MORE

Should I have implants removed with no lift and no further reduction? My implants occasionally hurt on my sides (Photo)

I have saline implants 350 cc, I got them 13 years ago when I was a 34-A. Since then I have gained weight and had two children. My boobs are now a 36... READ MORE

Should I Get my Implants Removed or Replaced?

I have had saline implants for almost 11 years. I have been very happy with them. But two days ago my left implant appears to have leaked or ruptured.... READ MORE

I need to find a doctor for a breast explantation with lift, or smaller implants. I'm 56 years old with 10 year old implants.

I'm looking for breast explanation with lift or smaller implants whichever is cheaper and best suited for me I am 56 yr old w/10 year old implants. I... READ MORE

Explanation surgery. I had textured mentor gummy implants put in via periareolar incision and want them removed? (Photo)

I had my implants put in when I was about 30 years old. That was 10 years ago. . I want them out but concerned about scarring and also sagging. I was... READ MORE

I had breast implants done approximately 10 years ago. I would like to remove them and just leave my natural breast.

Is there an option to use the scar on my areola rather than creating the anchor scar? Also, what happens to the extra skin that the implant created? READ MORE

Can anyone tell me a qualified doctor for breast implant removal in the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio area?

I had saline breast implants about 10 years ago. With the terrible pain I was having, I came to realize my right side implant was over the centerline... READ MORE

Is it possible for me to implant removal and lift without complete volume depletion?

I had tuberous breasts(all areola and almost no breast tissue) Dec. 2005, i had a subglandular breast implant augmentation. I had a capsular... READ MORE

I'm wanting my 10 yr old 450cc saline over the muscle implants removed with a lift. What is the average cost and outcome?

I am 5 ft 6 and about 140 athletic and my implants just don't fit into my lifestyle anymore, they are heavy and painful. I had a saggy C cup prior to... READ MORE

Would like explant and lift? Would like to know cost?

Had implants for 10 years just want them out and lifted. READ MORE

I want to get my implants removed, how much does this cost in or around fairfax, va?

I have has them for over 10 years and finding that they have become uncomfortable and sometimes painful. I do not want them replaced, just gone.... READ MORE

Considering removing my 34D 330cc saline implants after 13 years. Where is the incision made/how are they removed?

Is local anesthesia recommended? Seems like that might be painful. I was 34 B prior to surgery, I have thin skin, wondering if my breasts will look... READ MORE

What are my options ? How can I pay for one breast implant removal?

Sunday morning my wife awaken to her right implant deflated. They are saline filled. They are 10 years old. She in on SSI and our financial status at... READ MORE

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