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What Are the Pros and Cons Using Fat Grafting for Breast Argumentation?

In the past year, I have embarked on a weight loss journey. In January 2012, I weighed 180 lbs at 5'1". I was also a 36-38D. In May, I have managed to... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Restore Breast Fullness After Weight Loss?

2 months ago, I lost 15 kg from my weight and I lost the large percent from my upper part especially my breasts which become smaller and not tight.I... READ MORE

Weight Loss Before Fat Transfer to Breast.

Hi there, I am considering fat transfer to my breasts. My Dr said that he could only transfer 150cc fat at a time due to lack of blood supply to my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Breast and Losing Weight?

I am currently using brava before fat transfer to the breasts. My ps is taking the fat from my stomach, my question is if I loose weight and my... READ MORE

I Want Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer, but Unsure What Size Because if I Lose Weight They Will Shrink?

I want to get lipo&breast aug using fat transfer. I have a very slow metabolism &eat very healthy. My breasts naturally are a 32E but arent very big... READ MORE

Can I Do a Fat Transfer to my Breasts? (photo)

Does Gaining Weight Before the Transfer and then Losing It After Accomplish Anything? I want a whole cup size to a cup size and a half. (Implants... READ MORE

In regards to a breast lift with fat transfer, if you lose weight will your breasts get smaller?

Im considering my options. Planning to explant and get a lift with or without implants. I think i may have enough breast tissue to for a lift without... READ MORE

Breast augmentation using fat transfer. Is it viable and am I a good candidate? (photos)

I've looked into this procedure in conjunction with a breast lift as I've recently lost 80 lbs and have significant sagging and reduction in cup sizes... READ MORE

Fat transfer to breast - when I start working out, will I lose the fat to my breasts as well?

I'm planning in getting breast lift with fat being transfer to each breast my question is when I start working out and loose weight will I loose the... READ MORE

Can uneven breasts be fixed by fat transfer? (Photo)

I have very uneven breasts, my right is a UK E/F cup and the left is a C/D cup. Not only is size an issue but shape, the right is wider. Can asymmetry... READ MORE

Is breast fat transfer the way to go for asymmetry?

Hi I'm 18 and I have some serious assymtreic breast. I'm talking a DD and maybe a B cup. I get bullied at school and it's hard for me to wear a swim... READ MORE

Is it safe to lose weight 3 months after fat transfer to breast? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 3 months after fat transfer to breasts with Brava. I'm very happy with how my breasts look now but I still don't like my stomach/sides. It's... READ MORE

Can a fat transfer give me what I'm looking for? Don't want a huge change, they aren't bad, just even and fuller (Photo)

41, 2 kids, gained 40lbs on medication, lost 30 of them. I was about a 36D with the weight gain(which would be too big now), now a smallish 32C if... READ MORE

Is there a whole body contouring?

I had lipo on my thighs, flanks, knees. Now I am losing more weight, my breasts are smaller. I regret, I didn't transfer my fat when I had lipo. I... READ MORE

Breast fat grafting as of 2016 has it improved? C cup 24 yo 5'4

I'm looking into getting fat transfer over implants. I was 15 lbs heavier as a teenager and now weigh 130 . This weight loss left my breasts droopy... READ MORE

Follow up to my last question. Is it possible to achieve a full cup size result with one transfer?

I've gained weight recently (possibly hormonal) which led to my breasts growing a little...maybe 1/2-1 cup size. I'm currently ok with the size but I... READ MORE

Should I lose weight first and then do fat grafting or opposite?

I want to transfer fat to my boobs. I don't want implants. I need to lose some weight and I had lipo on thighs, knees and flanks. Should I diet and... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for breast fat transfer? (Photos)

I had a consultation with a Dr. for breast implants. He recommended I did a breast lift as well..... I'm just unsure wether I want something in my... READ MORE

Will I gain weight in fat transfer sights?

I lost weight and plan on getting liposuction to pretty much top off my new, skinny/muscular body. On top of that, I plan on getting fat transfers to... READ MORE

Can I get full balanced breasts with fat transfer? What would be average cost and what would be approx recovery time? (Photos)

I am 46 yrs old with 36 D, .5' 4'' tall. I've nursed three children and had a 20 lb. weight loss, Still trying to lose. I want breast lift and... READ MORE

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