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Can I Correct Moderate Tubular Breasts with Fat Grafting

I'm deeply uncomfortable with my breasts. I'd like to increase their size by about a cup size to a full B or a small C, but my main complaint is the... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts, Breast Lift & Brava? Really Needing Some Answers. (photo)

I have tuberous breasts and I am not intersted in breast implants or fat transfer at this time. I am interested in getting a nipple reduction/breast... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Grafting to the Breast?

I had breast implants put in to correct tuberous breasts a few years ago and the result was terrible. I also hate the way they feel and am afraid of... READ MORE

I Need a Price Quote for a Tuberous Breast Correction (Lift) and Also BRAVA System?

I am interested in getting a number range of to how much it would cost me to get a lift to correct my tuberous breasts (Under Local Anesthesia) and... READ MORE

Insurance to Cover Fat-grafting for Asymmetrical, Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

I've read enough to know that it is possible to correct breasts with fat grafting. I do NOT want implants. My question is whether or not a surgeon... READ MORE

Fat Transfer - can it change my tuberous shape? (Photo)

I am planned to have fat transfer to my breasts in June 14. My Dr said that only 150ml can be transfered to each breast. I have been using Noogleberry... READ MORE

Are there any doctors in NYC with extensive experience with tuberous breast corrections? (Photo)

I don't necessarily want huge breasts, I just really want normal looking breasts (with breast folds etc)... are there any doctors in nyc with fat... READ MORE

For Tuberous Breasts, Will Brava Along With a High Card Diet to Gain Weight Attract Fat to My Breasts?

I have tuberous breasts and I am wondering if use of the Brava along with a high carb diet enough to steadily gain a pound or two per week would... READ MORE

Fat Grafting For Breasts a Better Option For My Tuberous Breasts With Minor Ptosis?

I have tuberous breasts w/ minor Ptosis. I've read that they way they fix it is to reconstruct the breast and place an implant inside. I would love... READ MORE

Will fat grafting fill out my tuberous breast where my implant could not? I'm 2 months post op. (Photo)

Right breast was slightly tuberous. Almost a straight line from the bottom of my nipple to my chest wall. Original tuberous breast mound is still... READ MORE

How many times is too many to drain a recurring oil cyst after AFT w/ Brava? Alternatives? Results otherwise good so far.

I had fat grafting to breast (w/ Brava) & lift surgery to correct tuberous deformity & severe asymmetry. Healing was painful & as swelling subsided... READ MORE

What are my options for correcting my tuberous breasts?

I am relatively confused with the process of correcting my tuberous breasts. I am very cautious of getting breast implants mostly because they have to... READ MORE

Tuberous breasts. Can I have a fat graft rather than implants? (Photo)

I have tuberous breasts and I'm wondering if I can fat graft rather than go through with implants as I'm so scared of them. I also want to know is... READ MORE

Candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation with mildly tuberous breasts and NYC recommendations? And q on mammograms (Photo)

I have mildly tuberous breasts and I'm nervous about the long term impacts & maintenance of implants. I am currently a small 34B and would like to... READ MORE

Fat grafting for tuberous breasts? (Photo)

I'm a 32-year old, 5'10'', 160 lbs. I have gained and lost weight over the years, and believe I have a mild case of tuberous breasts. I'm curious if... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a suitable option for correcting tuberous breasts?

I have mild tuberous breast and I have heard of and seen fat transfer being paired with brava in order to correct tuberous breasts. READ MORE

Can fat grafting and areola reduction help shape my tuberous breasts and make it aesthetically pleasing? (Photo)

I am a 23 yr old female in Charlotte NC, looking for a board certified surgeon. I'm looking for fat transfer to shape my Tuberous breasts as I don't... READ MORE

Can my tuberous breasts be corrected without implants? (Photo)

I don't feel comfortable with the idea of getting implants and all i ever wanted was normal looking breasts , i really don't care about the size!!!!... READ MORE

Would fat grafting be a good option to improve the shape of my breasts?

My breasts are asymmetrical and pointy looking, and I personally thought my left breast was somewhat tuberous looking but I'm unsure. Either way,... READ MORE

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