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Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Using Stem Cells?

I have been reading about natural Breast Augmentation using stem cell enriched fat and, I think, Micro lipo?Supposedly, this is creating much better... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between Fat Transfer and Concentrated Stem Cell Fat Transfer to the Breast?

I am really considering to try this, but I'm confused about the difference... I have been reading a lot in this forum about it as well as different... READ MORE

Fat Transfer/stem Cell Breast Enhancement for Thin Women?

I was wondering if there was a way (or a way coming soon?) where thin women with little extra fat could get fat transfer/stem cell breast enhancement... READ MORE

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Grafting to Correct Ptosis

Can stem cell-enriched fat grafting (moderately!) correct breast ptosis?! I do not want perfect breasts, just better breasts, and frankly the scaring... READ MORE

2015- Where is technology in regards to stem cell breast augmentation and what are the expected retention rates?

I am curious what Doctors are saying now about stem cell + fat transfer breast augmentation. Most of the results to these questions that I see on here... READ MORE

When can I have a SECOND fat transfer session to the breasts?

I had my first FT to the breasts 1.5 months ago. I naturally lost some of the fat transferred and now the breasts have settled with a total extra... READ MORE

Will there be significant strides in fat transfer to the breasts research in the near future?

I had an explant 8 months ago and I'm left with AA cup breasts and contour irregularities. Implants ARE NOT and option. At some point I would like to... READ MORE

Can fat cells be replicated/duplicated/created?

Hi, I've been looking into the stem cell/fat grafting procedure hoping to transfer fat to my small B-cup breasts. The problem is that I am slim. I'm... READ MORE

Breast enlargement via fat transfer/stem cells. (photo)

I was wondering if anyone can tell me more about the stem cell breast enlargement procedure. I am basically considering it to help fill out my breasts... READ MORE

Fat and stem cell raise in 4 weeks if not enough fat for stem cell enriched breast enlargement, is it possible?

A plastic surgery in my country offers that there s a method of raising fat/stem cell with certain amount (20ml) taken from my own fat. The process... READ MORE

Stem cell enriched fat grafting to breasts in a very thin patient. Any suggestions?

I'd like to have a "stem cell boob job", but I'm very thin (173cm, currently 54.3kg, 17.9% body fat. Only do yoga). I'm willing to make the greatest... READ MORE

Natural Breast Augmentation

What is the maximum size increase possible that can be achieved by the fat transfer/stem cell method? Be it a single procedure or multiple procedures,... READ MORE

Are any doctors in the US doing stem cell enriched fat transfer to the breast?

I've read a TON about fat transfer to the breast since I explanted a year ago. I read a European study stating that enriching the fat with stem cells... READ MORE

Breast fat transfer with stem cell or gel?

In Japan some clinics offer breast enlargement with stem cells or hyalyronan injections. How safe is it? And anybody practice in USA? READ MORE

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