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Saline Direct Injection 700 CCs to Breast to Stretch Tissue During Fat Graft Consult, is This Safe?

Hi, I recently went in for a fat graft to breast consult and was told my tissue was too tight and that I could stretch the tissue with a saline... READ MORE

Is Getting Fat Injection to Breasts Safe?

I'm 5' 6.5" and 178lbs. I'm 24 years old and considering getting fat injection to my breasts. I currently a cup B; however, I want it to be make my... READ MORE

Breast Fat Transplant?

I am an petite A cup and I am interested in getting a fat transfer to become a B cup before making the big step to get real implants. I heard about a... READ MORE

Has fat grafting to the breast proved to be any more reliable now than it was a few years ago?

It seems that most doctors on this site who have commented on fat grafting to the breast around 2010-2012 said to wait a few years for more data. Do... READ MORE

WHEN will fat transfer to breast (large amounts as for 1 cup size increase) be "proven" 99% uncontroversial and safe?

Thanks for reading full q! I realize no plastic surgery procedure is 100% safe, but am concerned re: how fat transfer to NON-MASECT. breast (AS... READ MORE

Is it safe to use the BRAVA System after having surgery on my breasts even after they've healed?

I had a breast augmentation years ago to fix a moderate case of tuberous breasts. Recently, I had them removed because I never really felt like myself... READ MORE

Up-to-date info on breast augmentation via fat transfer? 5ft3.5in, 54kgs. 30A breasts. Hoping to achieve 30B

Hello, currently 30A, wish to be a 30B. I have read related queries on this forum from earlier. Not enough studies had been conducted to know the full... READ MORE

Can I use my own Fat for Breast Augmentation?

Would it be possible to get a breast augmentation without use foreign object such as silicone or saline? I'd much rather use my own fat if possible.... READ MORE

Fat graft to the breast: Am I too slim for this procedure? (photos)

Hi, I have been researching this topic for 2 years now and decided to go ahead with it. Currently a small A cup and expecting a B cup or at least a... READ MORE

Could excess fat be successfully grafted from mid-section to breasts? Fuller breasts/ flatter tum would look great (Photo)

I'm very small all over except for my middle. I'm concerned the excessive visceral/ subcutaneous fat that seems to be untouchable by diet and exercise... READ MORE

Fat transfer instead of implants?

Dr said I'm high risk for explant & implant exchange due to thinning skin & circulation complication. Is fat transfer safe for someone with Lyme. I'm... READ MORE

Candidate for fat transfer breast augmentation with mildly tuberous breasts and NYC recommendations? And q on mammograms (Photo)

I have mildly tuberous breasts and I'm nervous about the long term impacts & maintenance of implants. I am currently a small 34B and would like to... READ MORE

Is fat transfer to the breasts safe? Would you perform this on your patients?

I had implants for 4months under the muscle, my body rejected them. I now have bad distortion whenever I move or flex certain ways. I am considering... READ MORE

Fat transfer from abdominal and hips area to breasts? (Photo)

Hello! Think about fat transfer , how much is cost , and safe? Or better implants ? Thank you READ MORE

Fat transfer breast augmentation.

I explanted 450cc 4 weeks ago, saline 360cc 92-98, silicone 98-16, 5'6" 124 lbs. I had lipo in 93, 10 lbs heaver then. I do have fat in my inner/... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a safe procedure?

How much fat must be removed to achieve optimal results? Can fat transfer plump the breast significantly? READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting an option if Grandmother (on mom's side) had breast cancer?

My Grandmother on my Mothers side had breast cancer on one breast and decided on a double mastectomy. Would fat grafting on my breasts be a safe... READ MORE

Interested in Breast Fat Transfer, does it make sense/safe to save fat (fat banking) for additional augmentation in the future?

I would like to ideally avoid using implants, but would also like to increase in size from a B cup to a D cup. I keep reading conflicting opinions in... READ MORE

Is it safer to have fat transfer in the subcutaneous plane or the pectoral fascial plane? (Photo)

I had my breast implants removed 6 months ago which has left me with small droopy breasts. I can't face having implants again and so have been to see... READ MORE

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