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Please How Do I Make my Breasts Grow Without Surgery? (photo)

I am not so slim but my breasts are very small. they become even smaller when i am menstruating.pls prescribe some drugs or creams that can make my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Slight Pectus Excavatum?

I have a slight, but very visible, pectus excavatum between the breast. It makes my rib bones even more enhanced and I look bony with a hole in the... READ MORE

I have Cone Shaped Breasts, Fat Grafting Wasn't Enough, What Other Options are There?

I have cone shaped breasts.in my attempt to fix them, i had fat grafting done, rather than implants.after the operation i have the same shape, only... READ MORE

Going from Saline Implant to Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

I have had saline implants for 8 years. I know that I will need to make a decision soon about what to do next. I'm considering fat transfer... READ MORE

What would be best for me to achieve a nicer body and larger breasts. Fat transfer and implants? (Photo)

Hi, iv attached photos of myself i have lost a little weight recently but still not happy with my figure. I want larger breasts maybe 2 cup sizes and... READ MORE

My buttocks sag post lipo. Will exercise help, or is surgery my best option? Should I complain? (Photo)

I had fat transfer to breasts 8 mths ago.I'm 164cm, 50kg.Harvest sites included back and outer of thighs/buttocks.I keep fit with regular running 4-5... READ MORE

Breast fat transfer - how much will be absorbed?

I'm considering undergoing fat transfer to the breasts (currently small B). I'm concerned that after a year the breast fat may have completely... READ MORE

Would fat transfer or mastopexy be my best option for more youthful breast appearance? (photos)

My breast are deflated and droopy after breastfeeding. I was told that a fat transfer could add volume (thereby eliminating the prune-like appearance... READ MORE

Breast augmentation after failed fat grafting to breast?

I had a fat transfer to my breasts done this past march, and although I am in love with the results from the lipo, unfortunately most of the fat has... READ MORE

Do I have tubular/ptosis breasts? If so, how can this be fixed? (Photo)

I'm very self conscious about the appearance of my breasts. I'm currently a small 34C but I would like to be a fuller size C with a perky appearance.... READ MORE

How can i fade discoloration 5 months after lipo/fat graft to the breasts?

Its been 5 months since my lipo/fat graft to the breasts, the insicions sites are darkly pigmented. six insicions from my abdomen and four each on my... READ MORE

Does fat transfer need updating periodically? (Photo)

It seems about half of the opinions out there say that fat transfer augmentation lasts for a long time, longer than implants. The other half says that... READ MORE

What are my options for correcting my tuberous breasts?

I am relatively confused with the process of correcting my tuberous breasts. I am very cautious of getting breast implants mostly because they have to... READ MORE

What surgical options are available to me without the use of implants? Would I be eligible for fat transfer? (Photo)

I am a 19 year old female who has been suffering with asymmetric breasts since puberty. I would like to have results that give me that "perfect breast... READ MORE

Can uneven breasts be fixed by fat transfer? (Photo)

I have very uneven breasts, my right is a UK E/F cup and the left is a C/D cup. Not only is size an issue but shape, the right is wider. Can asymmetry... READ MORE

Should I get a breast surgery? Am I too skinny to do it with fat grafting? (Photo)

I always wear 30DD size bra, that size fits the best. Although I don't know why I looked flat chested. I always thought my breast looks flat on the... READ MORE

Is breast fat transfer the way to go for asymmetry?

Hi I'm 18 and I have some serious assymtreic breast. I'm talking a DD and maybe a B cup. I get bullied at school and it's hard for me to wear a swim... READ MORE

Getting a fat transfer at 51 yrs old and skin perhaps not bouncing back. Left with loose skin. Any suggestions? (Photo)

I should also add that my breasts look lop sided, you'll see from pic. I've had 3 consults with 3 different PS. I'm 5'4 and 134 lbs and am 51 yrs old,... READ MORE

How much fat is needed for a breast fat transfer?

I have very small breasts, AA-cup, and I am equally a very small person, 5'5 105lbs. I am completely aware that as of now I am too small to have a fat... READ MORE

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