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Fat Transfer to Breasts - My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes. I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old.

I'm looking to get a fat transfer to my breasts. My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes ( I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old). They're... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Side Effects

Are there any side effects of having fat injections to increase the breast size? READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Safer Than Fat Transfer for Breasts?

Are Breast implants really safe? I'm 44 and always wanted larger breasts, especially after breast feeding two children (I lost what volume I had). I'm... READ MORE

Are There Risks That Go Along With Fat Transfer To Breasts?

I know most people are recommending breast implants but i really dont want to get them. All i wanna fix is my asymmetry in my breasts. One is a B cup... READ MORE

Can I Get Fat Injections in my Breasts if I am Thin?

I am 5'7. 125 pounds. I'm in my twenties. I have hardly any fat other places on my body and the place that I do have it (my butt) is a place that I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Upper Breasts to Hide Rippling from Implants?

Due to some reason, I can only have breast implants placed over the muscle. I know that chances that I'll ripple are high, especially since my upper... READ MORE

Can I Correct Moderate Tubular Breasts with Fat Grafting

I'm deeply uncomfortable with my breasts. I'd like to increase their size by about a cup size to a full B or a small C, but my main complaint is the... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer to the Breasts a Good Choice?

I am considering having the fat transfer to the breast procedure performed. I know someone who had this procedure and indeed her breasts did gain a... READ MORE

Cost of Fat Injection to Breasts?

What is the approximate cost of the fat injections for increasing breast size? READ MORE

Possible to Have C Cup from Fat Injections to Breasts?

I am 5'2 and my hips are 42". I want to take fat from my hips and injected to my breasts. I am a 32A- and want to be a 32C. Is this possible with fat... READ MORE

Weight Loss Before Fat Transfer to Breast.

Hi there, I am considering fat transfer to my breasts. My Dr said that he could only transfer 150cc fat at a time due to lack of blood supply to my... READ MORE

Can Fat Transfer Fill Hollow Breast Areas After a Lift?

I had a breast lift which did not come out well. I have excess wrinkled skin along the top of the breasts (above the nipple/areola). It's like the top... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breasts After Brazillian Butt Lift

I was wondering if during the Brazilllian butt lift, one could have the remaining extracted fat to enhance their breasts. My lower body is much bigger... READ MORE

Result of Fat Injections to Breasts

How long does it take for fat injections to the breasts to show the effects? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breast for Minor Increase in Fullness?

A surgeon recommended Fat transfer to my breasts as I do not want a large increase and my breasts are quite good just not as full as they used to be... READ MORE

Breast Fat Transplant?

I am an petite A cup and I am interested in getting a fat transfer to become a B cup before making the big step to get real implants. I heard about a... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Replace Breast Implants

I had breast implants years ago. Now that i'm older i no longer wish to have them, Is it possible to have fat transfer to the area. How expensive... READ MORE

When Should I Get Fat Grafting?

Hi im 17 years old and i have a cup c36 and a cup a36 brasts. my right breast hasen't grown since i was doctor said it might grow out but if it... READ MORE

Can the area that has been previously lipoed, be used for the fat a second time? (photo)

I have had fat from already lioped area injected into breast, after 1 year still great I have very bad looking butt area and outer thighs..I have... READ MORE

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