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Wearing Bra After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer?

Hi, I had breast enlargement with fat transfer. I am 6 weeks post op. I feel good. I think I've been healing pretty well (when I read other ppl posts)... READ MORE

What Breast Feeding Complications are Associated W/ Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

I am debating between "natural" breast augmentation using fat grafts and traditional breast augmentation using saline implants placed below the muscle... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between Fat Transfer and Concentrated Stem Cell Fat Transfer to the Breast?

I am really considering to try this, but I'm confused about the difference... I have been reading a lot in this forum about it as well as different... READ MORE

I Am Considering Lipo Transfer to Increase 1 Cupsize. What Are my Best Options? (photo)

I have been presented with considering lipo transfer. I am 5'7 130lbs. My usual weight is 115. I model so I don't want to increase more than a full A... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without ANY Silicone?

I am a highly sensitive individual... I have wanted larger breasts for my entire life... I am considering using saline implants however I found out... READ MORE

Can an 18 Year Old Get a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

I turn 18 on Aug. 5 this year and i want to get a boob job but i dont want implants and ive heard about fat transfering or fat grafting and wondering... READ MORE

Breast augmentation via fat grafting

I have never had any surgical procedure done. I hate the thought of implants, I don't want anything put in my body. So I was thinking fat grafting... READ MORE

Fat Transfer/stem Cell Breast Enhancement for Thin Women?

I was wondering if there was a way (or a way coming soon?) where thin women with little extra fat could get fat transfer/stem cell breast enhancement... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to the Breast to Improve Rippling?

I have silicone unders with strattice and still am experiencing rippling medially. My question is do I need fatty tissue in the breast for the fat... READ MORE

I Have Tubular Breast, Brava? Surgery? Fat Transfer? or Implant? (photo)

I went to a surgeon today for a consoltation for fat transfer to breast surgery. he told me that it would be a bit difficult to do it bc i had tubular... READ MORE

Wanting to Get Fat Sucked from Belly and Legs and Put into Boobs. Price?

Wanting to get fat sucked from belly and legs and put into boobs. I am after the Price? READ MORE

Does Fat Transfer to Breasts Interfere with Mammography?

Hi, I recently received a benelli lift with implants (I exchanged 350 cc implants to 250 cc implants - I wanted to go smaller) and the physician put... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Fat Grafting to the Breast?

I had breast implants put in to correct tuberous breasts a few years ago and the result was terrible. I also hate the way they feel and am afraid of... READ MORE

Does Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Produce Natural-feeling Breasts or Do They Feel Harder, Less Bouncy, & Less "Natural"?

I am 27 and am blessed with a pair of C-cup breasts that I love, however, my weight fluctuates a bit & often these seem too small for my body... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Two Fat Transfer Breast Augmentations to Get a Larger Increase in Volume?

I'm curious if anyone has ever done it. I'm currently a 32C looking to go up to a DD without implants. I thought that maybe it would be possible to do... READ MORE

Fat transfer to breast / best area to harvest fat?

I am having fat transfer to the breast done on March 8th and am currently wearing Brava. My question is . . is there a area of the body that is best... READ MORE

I Want Breast Augmentation. I Am 32 A Now and Pear Shaped. I Want to Go Up to B Cup. I Am 5'6, 124lbs.

My upper body and face is very skinny. my legs and butt are fat. I want to balance my body and go up to B cup. Is it possible? How much would it cost... READ MORE

Technique to Get Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

I need to know. Someone please help. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to get fat transfer to my breasts for augmentation and that reason... READ MORE

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Grafting to Correct Ptosis

Can stem cell-enriched fat grafting (moderately!) correct breast ptosis?! I do not want perfect breasts, just better breasts, and frankly the scaring... READ MORE

I Want Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer, but Unsure What Size Because if I Lose Weight They Will Shrink?

I want to get lipo&breast aug using fat transfer. I have a very slow metabolism &eat very healthy. My breasts naturally are a 32E but arent very big... READ MORE

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