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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

A recent NY Times article reported that breast augmentation via fat transfer can now be considered a safe, effective means of enlarging the... READ MORE

Are Breast Implants Safer Than Fat Transfer for Breasts?

Are Breast implants really safe? I'm 44 and always wanted larger breasts, especially after breast feeding two children (I lost what volume I had). I'm... READ MORE

Can I Use Fat from my Stomach As an Implant?

I have some fat on my midsection from a child birth 2years ago and i have one breast smaller than the other. I am considering getting the smaller... READ MORE

Can I Get a Natural Breast Enhancement with Fat Injections?

I heard about a natural breast enhancement in Europe where they grow your own fat cells in a lab and enlarge your breasts with your own fat cells, for... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Using Stem Cells?

I have been reading about natural Breast Augmentation using stem cell enriched fat and, I think, Micro lipo?Supposedly, this is creating much better... READ MORE

When would you expect to see fat necrosis to occur after lipofill?

Hello. I had a fat transfer for a dent in my cleavage area 3 weeks ago. I have noticed some fat necrosis as the area is not as plump as it was when I... READ MORE

Can I use my own Fat for Breast Augmentation?

Would it be possible to get a breast augmentation without use foreign object such as silicone or saline? I'd much rather use my own fat if possible.... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat left for a breast fat transfer? (photos)

After breastfeeding my two children and losing about 18 pounds/8kg, I'm left with flat and empty breasts. I'd like to have a breast lipofilling done,... READ MORE

How much fat can be transferred to breast?

I had a consult with a PS who told me he would put no more than 100cc's into each breast and the chances of survival are better with less cc's. I see... READ MORE

What do you recommend; Breast Lift, Fat transfer and Nipple correction? (photos)

Hello! I am a 34 A cup size, I would like to have a breast lift with fat transfer and nipple reduction+correction because my nipples are flat and big... READ MORE

Fat transfer breast augmentation.

I explanted 450cc 4 weeks ago, saline 360cc 92-98, silicone 98-16, 5'6" 124 lbs. I had lipo in 93, 10 lbs heaver then. I do have fat in my inner/... READ MORE

What questions should I ask my doctor and what should I look for when considering lipo vs. fat transfer to breasts?

I am a classic pear shape (size 6 top, 10/12 bottom). Runner with athletic build (think Serena Williams--muscular thighs) but I have a stubborn fat... READ MORE

Solution for uneven breasts? (photo)

Since puberty I have had uneven breasts. Would it be possible to get a slight reduction on the left (and bigger) side and have it placed in the right... READ MORE

How common are calcified fat lumps after fat grafting to breasts and how can they be avoided?

I am getting fat grafted to my breasts next month and my only concern is about fat cells dying, calcifying and leaving lumps. Are there techniques... READ MORE

For Breast Fat Transfer, on average, how much % of the fat is available for transfer after cleaning or/ centrifuge?

I consulted with couple doctors and one doctor can transfer back 80% of the fat lipo and another doctor at 50%. Is it the fat cleaning method that... READ MORE

What can I have done to improve my breasts? (photos)

I already had a lift and fat transfer but I am very unhappy with the results. I was told they would be fuller and that i would have the upper fullness... READ MORE

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