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Fat Transfer to Breasts. Who is the Best Surgeon for This?

I live in NYC and I have been considering fat transfer to my breasts. I've always wanted lipo and larger breasts but didn't want implants, so this... READ MORE

I Want Breast Augmentation. I Am 32 A Now and Pear Shaped. I Want to Go Up to B Cup. I Am 5'6, 124lbs.

My upper body and face is very skinny. my legs and butt are fat. I want to balance my body and go up to B cup. Is it possible? How much would it cost... READ MORE

Recommendations for Plastic Surgeons Who Do Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Does anyone know some plastic surgeons who perform fat transfer to breasts? READ MORE

Combination Breast Augmentation - Silicone Gel Implant & Fat Transfer?

I am planning to get breast Aug in the summer of this year and after researching several doctors I found one in Spain Dr Aslani that combines a... READ MORE

Which Doctors in Florida Uses the BRAVA System with Fat Transfer to the Breast?

I want to know which doctors located in Florida offer the BRAVA system when doing fat grafting to the breast and what is the average cost to have this... READ MORE

I'm considering Natural breast enhancement via fat grafting. I'm looking for experienced surgeons in the Columbus, Ohio.

Many Dr.s have listed breast augmentation and fat grafting as procedures they offer, but few (if any) mention breast fat transfer specifically. To add... READ MORE

Any Surgeons in San Francisco That Do Fat Transfer to Breasts?

If there are what are your prices and would you be able to do it to someone that weighed 107 pounds? READ MORE

Are there any doctors in NYC with extensive experience with tuberous breast corrections? (Photo)

I don't necessarily want huge breasts, I just really want normal looking breasts (with breast folds etc)... are there any doctors in nyc with fat... READ MORE

Best Doctors for Fat Transfer to Breasts

Recommend doctors? I am checking out DR Roger Khouri, DR Christina Ahn, DR Michele Shermak, I have already done one fat transfer with DR August... READ MORE

Do I qualify for fat transfer from tummy to breast to gain at least a 34c or 36b/c?

Just looking for option in wether I want to replace my saline(capsules) to a more natural look with fat transfer. I'm between 135lbs-140lbs. Can I... READ MORE

How to find a surgeon to do a fat transfer to breasts?

I am considering having a breast lift and then a fat transfer to my breasts. I am having a difficult time trying to find surgeons who do this... READ MORE

I'm looking for a liposuction and fat transfer doctor in Cleveland, Ohio. Can anyone recommend a good doctor?

I'm finally deciding to get the liposuction and fat transfer done but very nervous about going to the right doctor. Can anyone recommend a doctor... READ MORE

Breast enhancement surgeon for fat injections?

I would like t know if there is any reputable plastic surgeon doing breast enhancement with fat injections. Wuold please let me know. READ MORE

Is there a reputable surgeon that performs fat transfer to the breast in Dominican Republic?

Is there a reputable surgeon that performs fat transfer to the breast in DR, Mexico, or Florida? Vampire Breast Lift? READ MORE

What does breast augmentation w/ fat transfer cost today? Several Denver surgeons promise good results--how do I find the best?

I'm 27, 5'6", 145 lbs. I have always had asymmetrical breasts--one is an A cup and the other is a B cup. I would love to be a C, but this is... READ MORE

How to find the best surgeon for the job? I had a reduction 11 years ago

After thorough research I feel that fat injections for breast augmentation and correction is the best for me. I had a reduction 11 years ago and just... READ MORE

I'm 23, 61kg and really unhappy with breasts- breast fat transfer? (photo)

I'm 23, 61kg and really unhappy with asymmetry and shape of my breast. Would I be a good candidate for a breast fat transfer? Id also like to have a... READ MORE

Does anyone know a good doctor in Indonesia who can do breast fat transfer?

I know from internet dr. Arthur tjandra can do , but he said need 3 session to make 1 cup size ! And only give 100 cc fat per session .Oh my God! READ MORE

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