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Is Brava Necessary for Fat Transfer to Breast?

Is the Brava system really necessary for a successful fat transfer to the breast? It's pretty expensive and the procedure itself is expensive already.... READ MORE

Please How Do I Make my Breasts Grow Without Surgery? (photo)

I am not so slim but my breasts are very small. they become even smaller when i am menstruating.pls prescribe some drugs or creams that can make my... READ MORE

Got Fat Transfer to Breast, Preparing for Second Round, Best Practice for Aftercare?

I recently got fat transfer to breast and had a small increase in size.I did not use the Brava or any pump prior to the sx which now i am regretting... READ MORE

Fat Injection and Brava System for Mild Tubular Breasts?

Recently, I just found out that I have mild tubular breast and I did a lot of research. However, I do not want to place the implants. I have heard... READ MORE

Is the Brava Required Before Fat Transfer to the Breasts?

I am considering fat transfer breast augmentation because I don't want to be too much bigger, and do not want implants.I've read that the Brava system... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Increase Breast Size Without Surgery?

I know.. everybody wants this.. Does the Brava system work? READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts, Breast Lift & Brava? Really Needing Some Answers. (photo)

I have tuberous breasts and I am not intersted in breast implants or fat transfer at this time. I am interested in getting a nipple reduction/breast... READ MORE

Loss of Pigmentation in my Areolas After Using Brava System? (photo)

I started using Brava System in December and stopped in April. It´s been 6 months now since the last time I used it. I had some skin issues that ... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know Why AFT with Brava Has Lost Its FDA Approval?

I was in the process of meeting with surgeons re surgery in May and was told yesterday that this was no longer an option. READ MORE

Fat Transfer to the Breast and Losing Weight?

I am currently using brava before fat transfer to the breasts. My ps is taking the fat from my stomach, my question is if I loose weight and my... READ MORE

I Need a Price Quote for a Tuberous Breast Correction (Lift) and Also BRAVA System?

I am interested in getting a number range of to how much it would cost me to get a lift to correct my tuberous breasts (Under Local Anesthesia) and... READ MORE

How many times can Breast Fat Transfer be done, and can the same area be harvested for fat more than once?

I am looking for a large size increase with this procedure and will definitely incorporate BRAVA for pre-expansion. But I was wondering how many times... READ MORE

Do Dense Breasts Do Less Well with Fat Transfers & Brava?

I am getting a fat transfer to the breast on 4/11/13. One doc that I consulted with said that dense breasts do not do well with Brava or fat grafting.... READ MORE

Fat transfer to breast / best area to harvest fat?

I am having fat transfer to the breast done on March 8th and am currently wearing Brava. My question is . . is there a area of the body that is best... READ MORE

Is Brava Fat Transfer to Breasts an Option for Petite, Thin Woman? (photo)

I am 24, 114 lbs, 5'3, and wear a 32a bra (most 32 bands are still too large on my back). I am a better fit in a 30a bra size. Is brava fat transfer a... READ MORE

How can I increase the chances that fat transfered to my breast will stay and not be dissolved?

After fat transfer to breasts what can I do to keep fat staying? And for how long? Eating lots? Not exersising much? Eating fat? Eating protein? READ MORE

I'm Interested in Using the BRAVA System, Is it Worth it?

I've heard the BRAVA can make you go up 100cc's. Some sites have said this is HALF a cup size up, others say this is roughly one cup size up. If I... READ MORE

Is Brava Necessary for Fat Transfer in Some One Who Lost a Large Amount of Weight?

I am a 27 yr old, 5'10 female who weighs 154 lbs, at my heaviest i weighed 231lbs and lost 77lbs in total 8 years ago and remained at my current... READ MORE

I Am a Small D Cup. But Want to Be a Few Cup Sizes Bigger, Perhaps DD. Can Fat Transfer with Brava Increase Me to This Size?

I unfortunately don't have pictures at the moment but I am size 12/14 jean size and have extra fat around my waist. I have heard about fat grafting... READ MORE

Scared to spend the money for Brava, and have it not work

I'm really scared to spend the money for Brava, and have it not work. I work at McDonalds and only make minimum wage. Would my Mcinsurance pay for any... READ MORE

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