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Are There Risks That Go Along With Fat Transfer To Breasts?

I know most people are recommending breast implants but i really dont want to get them. All i wanna fix is my asymmetry in my breasts. One is a B cup... READ MORE

Fat Injections to Correct Breast Asymmetry?

I'm interested in having something done to my breast because the right side is one cup size smaller than the left. But I was wondering, can I have fat... READ MORE

Insurance to Cover Fat-grafting for Asymmetrical, Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

I've read enough to know that it is possible to correct breasts with fat grafting. I do NOT want implants. My question is whether or not a surgeon... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Breasts?

I have asymmetric breasts.left is b cup right is c cup.I was thinking about implants but really don't want to do that.I found something on fat... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a breast lift plus a fat transfer to make them look the same?

My breasts are sagging and on top of that I also have one much bigger. One of the doctor suggested to have a lift and make the bigger breast the same... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Breasts, Wondering if I Can Have Breast Implant with Fat Transfer? (photo)

I have been for some time considering breast augmentation, but there's the difficult task of choosing whether I want real or "fake" breasts. I have... READ MORE

Can Brava Be Used on One Side?

I have pretty noticeable breast asymmetry, but the shape of my breasts seem almost identical; one is just smaller. I am hesitant about getting best... READ MORE

Will Cyst or Fat Necrosis Removal Cause Asymmetry?

I had fat trasnfer and implanst to my breasts. My R breast was always smaller and wasn't corrected during fat transfer & same size implants were used.... READ MORE

Could fat transfer correct the asymmetry in my breasts and make them firmer? (photo)

One breast is slightly larger than the other and has a slightly different shape. I do not want implants but its very hard to find doctors who do fat... READ MORE

How long should you wait between sessions of fat transfer to breast?

Fat transfer from abdomen to breast to address asymmetry (approx. 1 cup size difference). Advised it required a large volume transfer, likely... READ MORE

Two Failed Breast Fat Transfers. Any suggestions?

I had 2 fat grafts done to correct asymmetry in my breast (January 2013 and summer 2013). The difference was about a cup size (A and B). I immediately... READ MORE

I am mainly concerned about asymmetry, how can I achieve this without implants & breast lift? (photo)

I am mainly concerned about asymmetry, I do not want breast implants, double bubble, or scars of a lift. I would like both breasts to look as... READ MORE

Is breast fat transfer the way to go for asymmetry?

Hi I'm 18 and I have some serious assymtreic breast. I'm talking a DD and maybe a B cup. I get bullied at school and it's hard for me to wear a swim... READ MORE

What surgical options are available to me without the use of implants? Would I be eligible for fat transfer? (Photo)

I am a 19 year old female who has been suffering with asymmetric breasts since puberty. I would like to have results that give me that "perfect breast... READ MORE

Fat leaked after breast fat graft. Is there a way to make them look more symmetrical?

After having fat grafted on by breasts. On the 8th day, doctor opened my stitches. And on the 10th day, my right side location which was joined by... READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get a fat transfer?

I'm almost 15. and my breasts are a cup size different and I was wondering if i could just put some extra fat from my thighs or something and put it... READ MORE

I'm a 38 year old female in the Washington DC area. How does fat transfer for breast augmentation work? Am I a candidate?

I am 5'2" and weight 111. I desire this to improve my asymmetry and increase size slightly from a 34B. After I had my daughter 8 years ago, my breasts... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for fat transfer to breast to correct asymmetry? (photos)

I am interested in fat transfer because I don't like the look of implants but I am tired of trying to hide the asymmetry. Looking at my photos, do you... READ MORE

Would fat grafting be a good option to improve the shape of my breasts?

My breasts are asymmetrical and pointy looking, and I personally thought my left breast was somewhat tuberous looking but I'm unsure. Either way,... READ MORE

Is a fat transfer to the breast a common corrective procedure?

After my Breast Augmentation and lift a wound appeared. Asymmetry breast and the wound has made for an embarrassing year to say the least. Did I... READ MORE

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