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Is There a Difference Between Fat Transfer and Concentrated Stem Cell Fat Transfer to the Breast?

I am really considering to try this, but I'm confused about the difference... I have been reading a lot in this forum about it as well as different... READ MORE

Can an 18 Year Old Get a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

I turn 18 on Aug. 5 this year and i want to get a boob job but i dont want implants and ive heard about fat transfering or fat grafting and wondering... READ MORE

Breast augmentation via fat grafting

I have never had any surgical procedure done. I hate the thought of implants, I don't want anything put in my body. So I was thinking fat grafting... READ MORE

Brava + fat transfer to breast. Post-op: why was I told to wear one brava dome at a time?

I did brava+fat grafting to the breast in Seoul, Korea. Im 5'2" and 127lbs. After my procedure I was told to continue with brava but to alternate with... READ MORE

Why is it that you hear about injectables for the face but not for breasts (other than fat transfer which has dubious results?)

It seems that if Radiesse or Sculptra can increase facial volume they can increase breast volume as well. Are there any studies that have been or are... READ MORE

Fat transfer for breast augmentation or plasma/water transfer? Looking for alternatives to saline. No silicone due to allergies.

I am 36 years old - 5'9" - 155 pounds and have a large C cup. My problem is that my breasts are not perky due to breast feeding and while there is... READ MORE

Will BRAVA and fat transfer make my breast fuller?

I'd like to have fuller breast. I don't care too much where the nipple points or the grade of sagging I'd just like to have them inflated. Could I do... READ MORE

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