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Saline Direct Injection 700 CCs to Breast to Stretch Tissue During Fat Graft Consult, is This Safe?

Hi, I recently went in for a fat graft to breast consult and was told my tissue was too tight and that I could stretch the tissue with a saline... READ MORE

Wearing Bra After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer?

Hi, I had breast enlargement with fat transfer. I am 6 weeks post op. I feel good. I think I've been healing pretty well (when I read other ppl posts)... READ MORE

Increase Breast Cup Size from Gaining Weight After Fat Transfer?

I heard that fat transfer to the breast can only improve by 1 cup; but if I gain weight after, would my breasts be able to grow larger since more fat... READ MORE

I have Cone Shaped Breasts, Fat Grafting Wasn't Enough, What Other Options are There?

I have cone shaped my attempt to fix them, i had fat grafting done, rather than implants.after the operation i have the same shape, only... READ MORE

What Can I Do After Fat Grafting to Breasts to Ensure Successful Outcome?

I had fat grafting to my breasts 2 weeks ago. Is there anything I can do to give the fat a better chance of "taking" so that I don't lose too much... READ MORE

Why do I have Lumps all over my right breast after fat transfer?

My right breast has a lot of lumps some big, some small all over. And my PET SCAN showed abnormalies that could not be differentiated from cancer of... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breast Completely Failed with Mastitis, All Fat Drained out? Anyone have this experience/suggestion?

Had fat transfer to breasts problem w/1. 400cc injected as per PS. Week after surgery,had pain put me on 2 antibiotics due to mastitis. He extracted... READ MORE

Where Does the Fat Go if It Doesn't Survive the Graft to Breasts? Does the Number of Cc's Really Matter for Size Increase?

I want to go from 32B to a C or small D. Why does some doctors only inject 150-200cc'sof fat in each side while others inject 300-600plus(each)? Why... READ MORE

Loss of Pigmentation in my Areolas After Using Brava System? (photo)

I started using Brava System in December and stopped in April. It´s been 6 months now since the last time I used it. I had some skin issues that ... READ MORE

Will Getting Fat Transfer More Than Once Help Increase Breast Size?

I am a C cup, I want to go to a DD (which is my realistic goal) ideally I would like to be even a little bigger. From what i've read, breast... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to the Breast to Improve Rippling?

I have silicone unders with strattice and still am experiencing rippling medially. My question is do I need fatty tissue in the breast for the fat... READ MORE

What type of bra do you wear after a breast fat transfer? Or is it better to wear no bra?

Should I wear a surgical bra? An oversized bra? I already asked my surgeon, but would like to see other's opinions. READ MORE

Does Fat Transfer to Breasts Interfere with Mammography?

Hi, I recently received a benelli lift with implants (I exchanged 350 cc implants to 250 cc implants - I wanted to go smaller) and the physician put... READ MORE

Hard Lump, Formed Soft Head Like Cyst then Busted and Drained, Now Holes in Breast? (photo)

What is This on my Breast After Fat Transfer? I had fat transfer to my breast about 5 months ago.Most of hard lumps went away but 1 of the hard lumps... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Need to Fix Donor Site? (photo)

Had fat transfer to breast during implant removal now regret it. Stomach is more pronounced abd back of pants are baggy. Can more fat be removed from... READ MORE

Can I do chest exercises (weights) after a fat transfer to the breast?

I had a fat transfer a month ago and I'm ready to start exercising. I haven't lost very much volumes, but I'm worried weight lifting will diminish my... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait for a Second Round of Lipo/Fat Transfer to Breasts?

Hello, I had lipo and fg to buttocks 4 months ago.My stomach looks likes its never been lipo before, i had more results immediately after surgery. i... READ MORE

Can my Boobs Be Fixed? I Need Doctors Recommendations.

I have my fat transfer to my breast last May done by Doc. Roger Khouri in Miami breast center. But one boob is sagging after this surgery, the other... READ MORE

How long does it take for you to see true results from getting fat transfer breast augmentation?

I had a fat transfer breast augmentation on July 16th 2015 and it's been 4 weeks and I'm still numb on my back waist and tummy I really don't see... READ MORE

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