Abdomen + Breast Fat Transfer

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Mommy Makeover With My Own Fat? (photo)

Hello! My biggest insecurity post babies is my entire lower half (mostly legs). I started researching liposuction and found that it is now possible to... READ MORE

Can You Use a Fat Graft Flap for Brest Augmentation? The Donor Sight Would Be from a Tummy Tuck.

If one were to get a tummy tuck & had enough extra fat/skin, would it be possible to use that fat to augment the breast if that person needed a little... READ MORE

What would be best for me to achieve a nicer body and larger breasts. Fat transfer and implants? (Photo)

Hi, iv attached photos of myself i have lost a little weight recently but still not happy with my figure. I want larger breasts maybe 2 cup sizes and... READ MORE

I'm thinking of getting a Fat Transfer from my abdomen to my breasts, has anyone had this done? What should I expect? (photo)

I'm 24yo and a 32A. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 12 and was given a synthetic hormone to cause a slight growth spurt, but I haven't grown in... READ MORE

Airsculpt Lipo on arms, abdomen, inner thighs, & knees + FT to breasts too much for 1 appt? Should I split into 2 appts? (photo)

Should I split the procedures to offer a faster/easier more "realistic for my lifestyle" recovery? I am a very very busy mom. I work full time, have 2... READ MORE

Fat transfer to the breast? (photos)

My bs wants to tranfer fat from my abdomen to give the look I was wanting will that work to give the look I want ? READ MORE

What are cost and options in my area for fat transfer from trouble areas to breast?

I am interested in having fat removed from abdomen, thighs and hips and graphed or put into my breast. I need to know the options that would best suit... READ MORE

How long does it take for you to see true results from getting fat transfer breast augmentation?

I had a fat transfer breast augmentation on July 16th 2015 and it's been 4 weeks and I'm still numb on my back waist and tummy I really don't see... READ MORE

Do I have enough for a fat transfer?

Will be doing tumescent liposuction (flanks, upper & lower ab, & inner thigh) & fat transfer to breasts. 5' 3"; 105 lbs.; Body Fat: 16% I only want a... READ MORE

Is it possible to use a fat transfer from liposuction for breast augmentation?

After I had my child my breasts deflated a little bit and I just wanted to fill back out. I also have fat that I cant seem to get rid of on my abdomen... READ MORE

Best areas to get fat transfer to breast?

I am thinking of getting a breast fat transfer probably soon but after reading a lot of reviews it seems like most people take fats from their... READ MORE

I'm a 34b & I would like to be 34c, so how much would it cost me to have fat transferred from my abdomen & arms to my breast?

I went from 127lbs to 147lbs after my father's death 2 years ago & I've been trying to lose weight but I've always wanted bigger breast so I figured I... READ MORE

I'm 20 and hate my body. Exercise isn't helping. Can I get full body lipo and fat graft to butt & breasts (Photo)

Hello I'm 20 and have a two young children I was a healthy toned 7 & a half stone after my first child but since my second was born I can't tone any... READ MORE

How long should I wait before having more fat removed from the same area? Remaining fat transfer from ab area to breast. (Photo)

Had my first procedure in February 2015. Disappointed that more of the abdominal fat wasn't removed. Also noticing one side has a little less fat then... READ MORE

Do I wear a compression bra after fat grafting or not?

I had a fat transfer done from abdomen to right breast that has an implant from breast cancer recontruction to fix dippling and divots. There was... READ MORE

Are there any special diets for breast fat transfer?

I'm getting breast fat transfer done and Lipo on thighs and abdomen. Are there any foods that I should eat now to help retain fat? How about after?... READ MORE

How much would my Fat Transfer procedure cost? (Photo)

How much would it cost to get fat transferred from my tummy, lower back and arms to my breast and butt? I honestly just need my butt to be shaped and... READ MORE

10 days post op lipo of abdomen flanks etc and fat graft breast augmentation. Is it okay to lay on my side?

I know everyone says "check with your doctor" but I'm in japan and they're fairly rushed about things. Nurses answer a lot of questions and I... READ MORE

Fat transfer from tummy to breast ? In Baja California?

I am 5'3, weigh about 135 my bust size is 35 my waist 27 my butt is about 38 around i was 200 lbs at the end of junior high and began to lose the... READ MORE

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