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Fat Transfer to Breasts - My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes. I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old.

I'm looking to get a fat transfer to my breasts. My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes ( I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old). They're... READ MORE

How much fat is needed for a breast fat transfer?

I have very small breasts, AA-cup, and I am equally a very small person, 5'5 105lbs. I am completely aware that as of now I am too small to have a fat... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Breasts?

I have asymmetric breasts.left is b cup right is c cup.I was thinking about implants but really don't want to do that.I found something on fat... READ MORE

How much do you need to weigh for fat transfer breast augmentation?

I don't want implants. I weigh 98 lb and am 5'2. Would I not qualify to have a far transfer breast aug done? How much would I need to weigh? Should I... READ MORE

How much extra weight is necessary for fat grafting?

I am 5'1" and weigh 106 pounds. How much extra weight do I need to gain in order to ensure there is enough fat to correct breast rippling and... READ MORE

What can I do for my sagging/volume loss in breasts at 20? (Photo)

I've been up and down in weight my entire life due to eat disorders and sudden lifestyle changes. I wasn't so lucky this time. I had gone from 125 to... READ MORE

How much of a difference does fat grafting make (with implants) when you have little to no breast tissue?

I'm looking into BA, and one PS told me I should consider fat grafting because of my lack of breast tissue. My current bra size is 32AAA. I'm 4' 11"... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to lipo and transfer to breast? Also need a lift! (photos)

I am wondering if I would be a good candidate to get laser lipo with fat transfer to the breast and a breast lift. I'm 32 years old, 5'8, 106lbs, 3... READ MORE

Can I do fat transfer more than once for better results? (Photos)

I want to do fat transfer into breast. I know I am a petite lady 5ft and 105 lb . 21 years old so if I do fat transfer I will only gain 1/2 cup... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to graft into breast? Also, can my fat be banked until I'm ready for fat transfer to breast? (Photo)

Do I have enough fat? Also, I'm wondering if banking my lipo fat until I'm ready for the Breast fat transfer is an option, say saving it less than a... READ MORE

25 yo, 5ft2, 95lbs. Is it possible for me to have fat transfer breast augumentation?

I'm 25 years old, 5ft2, 95lbs, almost flat-chested. Is it possible for me to have a fat transfer breast augmentation? I want to increase my size to a... READ MORE

Do I have enough for a fat transfer?

Will be doing tumescent liposuction (flanks, upper & lower ab, & inner thigh) & fat transfer to breasts. 5' 3"; 105 lbs.; Body Fat: 16% I only want a... READ MORE

I have consulted with 3 doctors on breast fat transfer. What could vary the amount of cc's lipo from the flanks, hips, and abs?

I was quoted 500cc, 1000cc and 1500cc from 3 different doctors for the same area. I am relatively fit, 5 feet and 107 pounds but have love handles and... READ MORE

How many times can a fat transfer be done on a thin person?

I'm a fairly thin woman (4'11", 95lbs, athletic build). I'm wanting a fat transfer in my breasts to take me up 2 cups sizes and in my butt as well. I... READ MORE

I Want to Use the Brava System or See What else There Was but Will I Start Lactating Again?

I had small breast but once i gave birth and stopped breast feeding i went way down i was a 32 c now im a 34a if i try the brava system wont i start... READ MORE

Fat transfer for fuller upper breasts?

Had explantation and now have flat upper breast. I am 58 yrs old and weight 103 and I'm 5'5". I have a bit of fat on my stomach. Am I a candidate for... READ MORE

Will I be able to get a breast fat transfer?

I'm 18, 5"5 and weight about 108.5 lbs. Would I have enough fat or would I need to gain more weight? READ MORE

Can you fix flat breasts without implants? Would it be possible to transfer fat from another area to my breasts?

I have extremely flat breasts, they have no fat in them and are sort of skin flaps. I went from 211 lbs to 105 lbs in under a year. My breasts are... READ MORE

Fat transfer to uneven breasts with no upper-pole fullness? I have asymmetry in my breasts. (photo)

One is a small C and the other is more like a full A, but both breasts look deflated and have no upper-pole fullness. My question is, can enough fat... READ MORE

How many times can a fat transfer be done on a thin person?

I'm a fairly thin woman (4'11" and 95lbs, most of which is muscle), but I am wanting not only a fat transfer in my breasts to take me up 2 cups sizes,... READ MORE

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