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46 Year Old - 3 Breastfeeded Kids -always Had Small Boobs

This is really new to me. I have had always small boobs A, but I also have been thin and lean. My youngest child is 9 years old and I have been dreaming BA since stopped brestfeeding him. I don't know is this some kind of age issue or what, but beginning of Dec I decided to go forward, one life... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'5 125lbs, 250 CC Ideal Implants, 2 Kids, Athletic

Hello! So this is my first post. I have been reading other stories that have helped me along the way. I find that I also want to share my experience in hopes to share others as well. I am a mother of 2 kids under the age of 5. I breastfed both of them well into their 2 year. Before babies, I had... READ MORE

120 Lbs 5'7" 32a, 475cc High Profile

I'm scheduled in 6 week to get a BA and couldn't be more excited! Although I'm a little worried about ultra high profile. I'm 120lbs 5'7" 32a wanting to be a D. I was measured 4 times and 2 doctors measured me at 13 bwd, one said 9bwd and the doctor I'm going with had me at 11bwd. The doc had me... READ MORE

5'1", 120lbs, 20 Years Old 550cc UHP Silicone under the muscle Miami, FL

I've been wanting to get a breast augmentation for a year, but was never entirely "sold" on the idea until recently. I have a fascination with body modifications and love the typical big breasted "Bimbo" look. I honestly do not care about looking "natural", because I do like the "fake" look... READ MORE

32yr Old with 2 Teenage Boys...Fort Worth, TX

So I've been wanting this for a long time but would never admit it. My boyfriend knows how self conscious I am about my breasts and offered to help pay for the surgery. He went with me to my first consultation and I'm so happy he did. He asked questions that hadn't even crossed my mind. I knew... READ MORE

39 Y.o. Tall and Skinny, 5'8" & 118 Lbs, 32 AA - 350/400 Silicone Overs - San Francisco, CA

I am tall, very thin, small-boned and super flat (5' 8", 118 lbs, size 2 or 25 in jeans, 12 BWD and 34A/AA). I have almost no natural breast tissue, a prominent collarbone/chest bones, and thin skin. I'm looking to add fullness but, like most people, want to avoid looking disproportionate or... READ MORE

65 Years Young

One day I am excited the next I want to cancel. I feel I am too old to undergo a procedure like this. I am scared about so many things that could happen. I worry about anesthesia, neurosis, mammograms will not show cancerous situations, I won't enjoy these long due to my age. On the other hand I... READ MORE

One Breast Sits Higher Than Ther Other -Colombia, CO

I had my b.a 5 months ago and my left breast has not dropped like my right one and im extermely worried .my right breast feels and looks great but my left breast is much higher and looks smaller .i dont want to get another surgery.i wore my strap all the time for the first 3 months i do my... READ MORE

Post Breast Augmentation 4.5 Weeks: Left Breast Still High - Advice? - Los Angeles, CA

Hello, I had BA 4 1/2 weeks ago, left breast (the one with mole) still very high, can feel tightness of muscle on left breast when I move my whole left arm around, is this normal? My right breast seems to have settled in pocket, I love the way it feels and looks. but my left seems... READ MORE

I'm 50 Yrs Old, and Contemplating if I Should Get Implants or Not.

I am 50 yrs old, 5'4", 120 lbs, 36B, and I've always wanted bigger boobs, but I'm worried that I'm making the decision too late. I've been reading about so many people being happy about removing their implants at my age. I always wear push-up bras, and I'm a little concerned about what my... READ MORE

I Saved a Ton of Money and Received Everything I Wanted/expected - Edina, MN

I will admit I was a little worried about going to a place that cost less! I was also a little nervous about having the surgery done in the office but the OR is very clean and the Operating team was everything you would get at the hospital. The OR staff is only in on Thursday's - I am so happy I... READ MORE

Exceeded Expectations - India, IN

I had many worries about going to another country to get breast implants. i didn't know how to find a good doctor and how I would figure out the logistics of getting to India from Dubai and how I would recover after the surgery. I found a few doctors on the internet and contacted them. Dr.... READ MORE

23 - Charlotte, NC

I've wanted these as long as I can remember. I'm really glad I chose to go here. They look great and a month out I feel like myself again. Everything is healing perfectly and my insicions continue to fade, which I was slightly worried about. It was worth the money. Fast and easy and now I have... READ MORE

30 Years Old, 5'0, 3 Kids, Henderson, NV

In my teen and early 20's, I felt pretty good about my boobs. I wasn't big, about a 32B, but I never really felt the need to upgrade either. Nursing 3 kids left my boobs and confidence pretty deflated. It was hard to find a swimsuit that actually looked attractive and I never felt confident in... READ MORE

Very Sore Breasts in the Morning - London, United Kingdom

Hi .. i am nearly 3 weeks post op. I am generally very happy with my silicone implants . However after sleeping, still quite upright, in the morning the breasts ( especially the right one) are incredibly painful for about 1 minute... is the implant shifting back into position is sooooo sore, and... READ MORE

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