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32 Years Old 2 Kids Subglandular 450cc No Lift

Time to stop stalking and start posting. I had my surgery today! After a lot of pondering over wether to get a lift ( I decided I didn't want those scars right now) I got 450 silicone overs as recommended by my doctor to give me a bit of an uplift. I don't mind a a small crease and am very used... READ MORE

33yr Old, 5'6", 135lbs, Silicone, unders, 371cc each

I'm scheduled to get a breast augmentation on Thursday, Jan 19! I'm really excited, and a little nervous! I've been working out for quite a few years now, and I breast fed both of my kids (1yr old and 2yr old) and my girls are done! I've wanted a breast augmentation for quite a few years and the... READ MORE

33 Years Old and So Excited for my Surgery! - Tennessee, TN

Hi, ladies! I, like many of you, have been perusing this site obsessively for a few weeks. I honestly think I check it more than Facebook. Anyway, a little about me. I'm 33 and I've wanted a BA since I was 18, but have only recently been in a place to afford them. I'm 5'10 and 140 pounds with no... READ MORE

35 yr old mom of 2- avoiding lift

A friend referred Dr. Chiu to me. He was very thorough and spent 3 hours on my consultation with me. My goal is to avoid a lift so I have decided to just get an implant to add fullness and solve assymetry. From my understanding an implant will offer a slight lift. READ MORE

Breast Implants Without Lift - Miami, FL

I got a breast augmentation with Dr.ortega at spectrum aesthetics . The staff was horrible ! I had so many issues with them it's not even funny! Liz never return calls after getting deposit . The girl in the financial department Christine apparently has amnesia she always said something... READ MORE

31 Years Old 2 Kids Stage 2 Ptosis Breast Augmentation No Lift - Brisbane, AU

Tomorrow will be a week till my surgery and I'm finally getting excited, a little nervous but mostly excited! I've had four consults with the same surgeon! sounds like a lot, but it took me a while to get my head around the fact that I could potentially get away with just augmentation without a... READ MORE

Augmentation Without Lift - Philadelphia, PA

Well, went for my first consultation today. I was told I can not have the result I want without a lift. My goal is to look good naked and with all the scars that come with the lift, I just don't think I am ready for it. Ugh..Not sure if I should continue consulting other doctors or just give up... READ MORE

Day 3 Post OP - Chicago, IL

Before my augmentation, I was a pretty flat 34C. I chose subglandular gummy bear(410s) textured anatomical shaped implants 470left-375right and so far I believe this was the best choice. I have mild-severe ptosis(sagging) from breast feeding and initially I was told that I'd need a lift(which I... READ MORE

29 Year Old , Received BA 320cc, Moderate Profile, Silicone Submuscular Without Lift

Hi, I didn't contemplate a BA until the last year, when I noticed my breasts started to sag. I used to be a full B but became a droopy A/B :( I've been running a lot and changed my diet/lifestyle to be extremely clean so I wonder if that had an impact. I knew nothing about BA's other than what... READ MORE

Total Transformation Boobs - Miami , FL

I expect to be about size C..and have a high profile. Very nervous because I was initially going to Dr.Ortega but he was out of town the week I planned to go for surgery. I'm very anxious. My surgery is in about 11 days... My medical clearance is turned in. I'm ready ! Hoping I won't need a lift... READ MORE

Finally I'm Doing It! - Berwick, Victoria, Australia

Hi there everyone, Gee how to start… Well a lot of people on here seem to give the bio first so here goes. I’m 23, Australian, my current day job is in retail as a manager. I’m not terribly wealthy and my parents would be horrified if they knew I was gonna do this. But it’s purely for mys... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Without a Lift, with Good Results? - Sacramento, CA

I've always had very nice breasts. After having three children and nursing they have become very "deflated". I am really unhappy with the way they look. I recently went in for a consult and was told I needed a lift as well as implants. Could I get an implant and still achieve a large natural... READ MORE

40 Yr Old No Lift More Volume - Wilmington, NC

SO happy i finally went through with it, great result, little pain loved my Dr. I had a consultation before with a Dr who said I needed a lift and overnight hospitalization and would have an anchor looking scar on both breasts, The cost was almost $9000 so i chickened out. Made an appointment... READ MORE

So Worth It!!! - Fort Myers, FL

Went in for procedure on thursday. Staff is wonderful and no pre op jitters. Dr M came in and took a last minute look and used the famous purple marker. Ask me about my medical history and decided what he was going to do. I trusted him enough to let him. They came in and brought me into the OR... READ MORE

1st Breast Aug. Consult Done With University of Toronto Resident - Toronto, ON

I had my first breast augmentation consultation with a student resident in his 4th year. Consult cost was $50. He was very professional in his manner, and seemed well informed. He took my measurements, and answered all my questions, and provided information and suggestions to me. He suggested... READ MORE

38 Years Old, 2 Kids, Gastric Bypass 12 Years Ago, 390 Cc Implants - Duluth, MN

Always hated how small and saggy my breast got after the kids and weight loss. I wanted breast augmentation for years. I am not sure how I feel about it yet.I am waiting to see how the breast settles to decide if I should have had a lift. Not super happy with the results as if yet. I had 390 cc... READ MORE

Love My Dr! - Chandler, AZ

After having two children my breasts weren't looking like they used to. I decided to get breast implants. I went on 4 different consults with some prestigious doctors in Scottsdale. All of the Scottsdale doctors said that I would also have to do a breast lift with the augmentation and that the... READ MORE

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