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25 Year Old, C Cup to a Deflated B Cup After Weightloss, 485 Cc

I had my first consultation on Valentines day of tis year and i had a great vibe with my surgeon ( 2nd surgeon met), he told me I didn't need a lift which made me extremely happy. On my second consultation we tried on different sizes and I told him I wanted a full D, he then made me try the 535... READ MORE

Amazing Surgeon - Amazing Results - Toronto, ON

Loved every minute of my consult(s) with Dr. Tong and staff. I had 2 prior with other surgeons, waste of money. Something different about Dr. Tong - he's very professional, honest and pleasant to talk to. He's serious most of the time but will crack a joke and it will make you realize why he's... READ MORE

29 Years 4 Kids - Las Vegas, NV

In Love with my Breast Augmentation procedure. It has been two weeks since my surgery and it just keeps getting better. I went with silicone 695cc pretty big implants since my body frame is wide and i was flat as a board. I highly recommend Dr Richards. I am Definitely coming back for my... READ MORE

23 with Flat Chest and Wider Hips, 5'8 125 - Boston, MA

I had always waited for my boobs to come in after puberty, but they just never did so I was stuck with bigger hips and a tiny upper frame that made me feel very boy-ish and disproportional. I decided to go with gummy bear implants, sub muscular, size 440cc. My surgeon advised me this would be... READ MORE

18 Years Old, 75A, 5ft 6, 121Ibs, 280cc - Daruvar, Croatia

Hello all the people of Real Self!! I'm 18 and a half years old, had insecurities since I can remember. I'm wearing 75A bra, but if it's not an extreme push-up I can't fill it. I have hourglass figure (hips 95cm, waist 65cm) and wide shoulders too, only boobs were always missing. I was on... READ MORE

435cc, Moderate Profile, Submuscular Breast Augmentation. - Portland, OR

I am a 30 year old mother of two and I received a breast augmentation by Dr.Bohley on October,1,2015. I had been considering a breast augmentation for a very long time. Sadly, my family (mostly my mother) had always talked me out it due to her personal fear of anesthesia. I can not tell you how... READ MORE

27 Years Old 5'7 135lb No Kids - Chicago, IL

So ever since I been 16 years of age my chest was not maturing and I new that I wanted to get some work done. As I got into my twenties I new that I definitely was getting my boobs done! I never fit in to my tops . The breast part was allways way to big. And my shoulders are so wide it just... READ MORE

Dissapointed with the Results. Considering Another Augmentation. - New York

I am 24yo, 150lbs, was 34 A. Got 421cc silicon low profile Natrelle implants. I definitely hadn't done enough research before going for BA. My surgeon didn't explain much, said that he will decide on the size to give me what i desire. As soon as I opened my eyes after surgery I knew that's NOT... READ MORE

I think I want them removed! - Illinois

I just wanted them lifted and filled out. They were deflated C/D breasts, because I lost weight. Very low and droopy, so I felt like I was an old granny. I didn't want huge porno boobs! I didn't want anything noticeable that would draw attention from gawking men. I can't go anywhere without men... READ MORE

19 Yrs. Old Breast Augmentation - Lubbock, TX

I've always been self-conscious about how small my boobs were, because I felt very disproportionate, because I had A/B's and wide set hips. I'm so glad I decided to go with Dr. Mooty he made me feel comfortable with my own body, and made my boobs fit my body. I ended up getting a full C, little... READ MORE

Can I Fix/encourage Wide Apart Implants to Become Closer Together? - Asia

I had my BA done 2 days ago but instead of feeling overjoyed, I'm actually feeling disappointed and concerned about my final result. My main target was to have C cup perky breasts with cleavage and for them not to be wide apart, as I didn't want to look wide/fat, as I exercise a lot and have a... READ MORE

Horrible Breast Augmentation!! Doctor Denies Bottoming out - Miami, FL

This doctor is all about what he feels is best and does not consider his patient's opinions on anything. During the consultation he basically picked what he thought would be good rather than talking about different options. He ended up giving me a moderate profile saline implant which is... READ MORE

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