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weight lifting + Breast Augmentation

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25 Years Old, One Kid, Avid Weightlifter Moderate Profile 405cc Naturelle Gummy Silicone

I'm so happy I went with a moderate profile silicone 405CC. I was a 32C prior (VS sizing) or a large A cup respectively. I am now a 32DD (VS sizing) or large C/Small D respectively. I do wish I was able to go a tad bit bigger because I don't look any bigger now in a sports than before in a... READ MORE

60 Years Old, Boob Job

Having carried out all my research on sites such as RealSelf prior to making my own decisions about breast surgery, I thought it only fair to share my experience with everyone, in the hope that it helps others make informed choices. I am sixty years old and have always been slender and have had... READ MORE

21, No Kids, 34 A, 350 HP Silicone over the Muscle

I have wanted breast implants since I was 14. I have always been flat chested and I just wanted something that would make me feel more womanly. I am a power lifter so I had to go over the muscle which I quickly came to terms with. My surgery is actually in about three hours and I'm super... READ MORE

5'9 170lbs 480cc UHP Mentor Implants - Harley Medical

So after 2 years of being flat chested after losing 3 stone and weight lifting I've finally decided to do it!!! Really excited to meet my surgeon but for now I'll take about my consultation at Harley Medical Group. I decided to have my operation there after researching surgeons and also going to... READ MORE

26 Years Old - 415/460cc Polyeurothane Coasted Breast Implants

Hi there, I am really excited (but also really nervous). I am quite a solid build as I have trained heavy weights for many years, and have competed in figure competitions. After dropping a lot of weight, and putting it back on with these competitions, my breasts were just never the same! They... READ MORE

25YO Athlete, 5' 9" 150LBS, No Kids, Nearly B Looking for Full D, 500-600cc. Virginia Beach, VA

So I guess my feelings started much like the rest of you...Growing up I was always behind the curve, literally being a tall and skinny girl with no breasts. I have always thought of my body as a "manly" build, lifting weights, playing sports year-round which left me with little fat, especially... READ MORE

25 y/o, 5'3" 115lb, weightlifter/active; 32A pre-op; 325cc Mod+ Silicone Unders

I've wanted BA since I was about 16. I never developed breasts that I would have liked. After talking with a friend who finally bit the bullet and got BA, I decided I needed to finally have a consultation. I saw Dr. Kim and I loved him from the get-go, inducing me to book a date super soon! I'm... READ MORE

21 Years Young, 275cc Sub Glandular Overs 50kg 5'1 Petite and Fit - Cardiff, UK

I have already met my personal coordinator and my potential surgeon :) I haven't been measured in years but I think I'm around a 30b cup. I had larger breasts when I was younger and even measured a DD-E at one stage! When I began weight lifting and exercising I lost some weight, not a lot,... READ MORE

26 Year Old, 5'6'' 128 Pounds, Athletic and Always Wanted Boobies :) Naples, FL

I have always wanted breast augmentation since I lost 20+ pounds after college and got into weight lifting. I loved my new toned body but missed my boobs :( it's been 3 days post op and I'm feeling surprisingly well. Only needed pain medication the first two days and am taking Tylenol and an... READ MORE

35 Years Old Mother - Denver, CO

I am very happy with the results, they were all very friendly, and recovery was great with little pain thanks to medication, I have no complaints. I was only a few days in bed, needed help to bathe and dress the early days. The second week started driving the swcon month I started doing weights... READ MORE

36 Yr Old, 125 Lb, 5'3" Gummy Bear implants, Charlotte, NC

I have always been a small B cup, and disappointed in my boob size. But when I lost 40 pounds in the last year, my breasts reduced further and I found myself as a full A cup. I also recently got divorced, and have been taking some time to work on self improvement and feeling like a whole sexy... READ MORE

27 Year Old, Very Athletic (Bikini Bodybuilder), No Kids Yet, 5'3.5" 128-130 Lbs - Mississauga, ON

Growing up, I was petite and longed for curves. I fell in love with bodybuilding after I finished school and stopped with sports. Once I started lifting, I built my curves but saw what little breast fat I had disappear once I got really lean for the stage. I knew I always wanted to get a BA... READ MORE

Breast Aug- 5'2", 131 Pounds, Athletic. Augusta, GA

Hello everyone! Earlier this year I became dedicated to changing my body through weightlifting, HIIT, and purposeful nutrition. It worked! As my love of body building grew, my breasts shrank. I realized that I wanted to continue becoming leaner and stronger but didn't want to lose my... READ MORE

20 Years Old, 145lbs, 5'10" Super Active Student

Although I have an athletic frame; 5'10'' & 145lbs (mostly lean muscle) I have a decently sized ass, which in turn made me feel un-proportional with my A-cup sized breasts. Furthermore, being an avid weight lifter I also built quite some mass on my shoulders and lats, which enhanced my... READ MORE

22 Years Old Active, No Kids Looking for Fullness! Orlando, FL

Been wanting to get implants for a while now. I am very active, lift weighta and have gone through significant weight loss. Surprisingly my breast survived for the most part, with mild sag but more so a lack of fullness. Looking for that round, natural shape! I'll be looking for doctors and... READ MORE

Finally Getting a BA After 15 Years of Contemplation. San Diego, CA

I am 39 years old, 5'3" and about 116 lbs. I am extremely petite, only about 29" around below my breasts, and wear a 32A. I have been dissatisfied with my lack of chest development since I was in high school, and have always been a little self-conscious about it. Everywhere else I have been... READ MORE

24 Year Old, Aspiring Fitness Model, in Need of Breasts - Phoenix, AZ

I have never been happy with my chest since I was 15 years old. Like any teenager I of course wanted implants. I waited until I knew it was truley worth the money and getting surgery. Previously, I had pectorals, I weightlift a lot and had more muscular tissue then breast tissue. I went to... READ MORE

Excited and Nervous at the Same Time! Only 19 Days Left - Fort Wright, KY

Well I have never started a blog, but I feel it's important to document my journey to my breast augmentation and donut lift. After doing research for PS in my area, I have decided to go with Dr. Vennameyer. His post pics look wonderful. After my consultation with him, I can say he totally... READ MORE

I Love my New Breasts! -La Jolla, CA

I am a CrossFit addict and U.S. Marine. I do weightlifting workouts twice a day, 6 days a week, which left me with very small breasts. Prior to CrossFit I was a 34B, but went down to a 34A. Paired with muscular shoulders and legs, I looked very disproportioned. My ex-husband said I lost my... READ MORE

I Am 38 Years Old and Have 3 Children. They Are 15, 13 & 11 - Huntington, WV

After nursing my 3 children there wasn't much left. I felt very self conscious and embarrassed in a bathing suit. I am very much into fitness. I enjoy weight lifting, running, biking, swimming, etc. The more I began to lift weights I felt like I was loosing my feminine side because I didn't... READ MORE

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