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33 Year Old, 145lbs, No Kids, Barely a 36B to 580cc HP Gummy Bears, Under the Muscle

I'm 33 and have wanted breast implants since I was 18 years old. I actually went for a consultation back then but financially wasn't ready. Over the years, I longed for larger fuller breasts, I always wished for a full C. I've been a 36B depending on weight fluctuations and as I've gotten older,... READ MORE

30 Years Old Breast Augmentation No Lift - Miami, FL

For years I went back and forth battling about actually getting my breast done. Then earlier this year my fiance and I decided to get married. Everything was great until I brought my wedding dress home. To make a long story short, after I got home and tried on my wedding dress I realized there... READ MORE

39 yr old Amazon woman 5'11" 170lbs Looking for Better Body Proportions - 475cc? Unders

Hello all! Can't wait until I can contribute to the actual surgery conversation. I have had four consultations for a BA. I have decided on a ps. I have narrowed down my implant size, but still don't know exactly what would be best for me. I am obviously very tall, somewhat athletic and... READ MORE

34 Year Old Fit Woman , Size 34A to 425cc Silicone Smooth Round High Profile Implants, 115lb's , 5'0 Tall. Henderson, NV

So, I am looking to improve my figure. As you can see, I barely have room for cleavage with my small little nuggets. I first started thinking about getting a BA when I was in my twenty's and finally went to my first appointment in August of 2015. I had a tragedy happen to my furry little friend... READ MORE

Self Confidence I Never Knew I Was Missing - Minneapolis, MN

I have wanted breast augmentation since I was done developing as a woman. I never felt like my chest matched comfortably wit the rest of my body. I decided that I absolutely wanted to make the commitment before my wedding day, so on April 22, 2016 I underwent breast augmentation. The reviews at... READ MORE

24-Years Old, No Kids, Asian & White, 5'3" 150lbs 34B to DD with Submuscular 550cc High Profile Silicone. Las Vegas, NV

My turn to share my journey! After 3 different consultations I finally choose a doctor and booked my surgery date!!! Dr. Cambeiro will be performing my surgery on February 12th, the earliest date they could squeeze me in, which I'm so thankful for since I start my new job mid-March. Dr.... READ MORE

23 Years Old, 125 Lbs, 32A, No Kids, Wanting a Natural and More Full Look Before my Wedding. - Sacramento, CA

My surgery is 2 months before my wedding. I have dreamed of having boobs all my life and am taking the plunge with weeks to spare! I don't want large boobs, I just want boobs. I think a large B/ small C is where I'd like to hit. Still moderately small, fit my frame, and keep my athletic figure... READ MORE

31-Year-Old Newly-Wed Feeling Complete - Santa Rosa, CA

For a long time I had felt uncomfortable about the size and shape of my breasts; they looked misshapen to me and the small size did not compliment my tall frame. I had had the idea of plastic surgery in the back of my mind for a long time, but hadn't thought it was a reality for me. When... READ MORE

22yrs old 110lbs, 400&395cc! About to Get Married!!!! :) Raleigh, NC

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for about four years now and I finally made the decision that this is the right time to do it. I am currently a size 32a and I want to get saline implants to achieve a full C. I am getting married in late july and I want to feel 100 percent happy and... READ MORE

34 Year old mother of 3 beautiful daughters all breast fed for only a few weeks. - Scottsdale, AZ

My story began at age 15 when I became a teen mom and for some reason my boobies never got through puberty. I don't understand, every female in my family (mom, sisters, aunts, cousins) all have large boobs ( granted I do have the best butt in the family). Fast forward 6 years... So I am coming... READ MORE

26yr Old A to Full C Under Muscle - Thousand Oaks, CA

I researched Dr. Costanzo's website over a year ago! I had friend of mine interested in having some work done also so I showed her his website. She went through with her procedure and told me I had to go with him because he was amazing! So I made my appointment and decided to book a date. I am... READ MORE

27 Year-Old Prepping for Her Wedding Day

After I stopped taking birth control, my breasts shrank nearly two cup sizes (how that is possible is beyond me)... and I wanted to fill my wedding dress out in a way I've always envisioned. My fiancé and I did quite a bit of investigating, and we came across the Colorado Plastic Surgery Center ... READ MORE

31 Year Old Executive with Constricted Tubular Breasts - Raleigh, NC

I had been insecure about my small, constricted tubular breasts my entire life. In addition to them being constricted tubular they were also extremely uneven, including my areolas. I read great things about Dr. Morea and decided to finally do it. I have a wedding coming up and was... READ MORE

Wedding, Breast Augmentation - Florida, FL

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Russell Palmer, and his staff as being a client of my employer. After shedding a significant amount of weight, I were left needing a breast augmentation. Shortly afterwards, I got engaged, which was indeed motivation of having the procedure June 2012. I am very... READ MORE

Thinking of Heading to Bangkok for a BA Through Cosmeditours. ANY ADVICE/REVIEWS?! Thailand, TH

I am currently very flat chested. My poor little boobs seem to be getting smaller as I get older(thanks gravity!) I have decided to finally get my BA this year as I am getting married and wanna look AMAZINg on my wedding day! I have wanted to do this for 10years but I always chicken out because... READ MORE

29 Years Old, No Kids, Flat As Pancakes. Considering 275- 325 Cc Unders, Inframmary Approach

I have been checking in and out of this site for almost 2 years now. Last year was when i decided to get a BA, sometime in December but my sib's wedding caused me to forego surgery until recently. ???? I am scheduled on 13 OCT 2015 but could be moved up until friday. As of now, I'm ambivalent as... READ MORE

Breast Desion EVER! Bride to Be, 34B Pre Op 34D Post Op, London, Mr Davood Fallahdar, The Private Clinic - London, GB

I'm not a person to struggle with self-confidence however when it came to my breast, I would cringe and whimper away. It’s not that I was flat chested (34B/C), I just HATED to look and shape of them. I lacked volume at the top of my breast, I would have gap at the top of my bra where I could p... READ MORE

Me, Only Better! - Baltimore, MD

Wow, this website has been very informative. I have been thinking about BA for so many years, but never really had the support. So here's my story.... I have always been thin and petite. I didn't even menstruated until I was almost 16. I had my first child when I was 17, lost my virginity... READ MORE

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