volume loss + Breast Augmentation

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Ready for BA by Dr. Palin!!!

It has been a long 2 months of trying to convince my bf to get a BA. I have 3 children 2,7, and 8. I only breastfed the last one for 3 months. Since then my breasts have lost volume, and fullness. I came across this website a year ago and have been doing research for 4 years now! My first... READ MORE

24 Years, No Kids. 5ft 4 In, 123 Pounds

I'm from Colombia and I live here. Please excuse me if I have writing mistakes but I don't write english fine. I'm 24 years old, I don't have kids. My height is 163 cm (5ft 4 in approximately) and my weight is 56 Kg (123 pounds). I haven't thought about BA previously but few months ago I have... READ MORE

Great Experience

I am a mom of two, so I breastfed for four years straight. I lost quite a bit of breast volume and despite always having been somewhat self conscious of my breast size, I had never really seriously considered breast augmentation. I felt I may seem vapid or self-obsessed for choosing to undergo... READ MORE

21 Year Old with One Child:BA - Orlando, FL

Mommy of a one year old. Since having my daughter I have lost a good amount of volume in my breasts. During breastfeeding I was a D and after I stopped BF my boobs went back down to a C with a little bit of a sag. I am going in for my consultation with Dr.Kendall Peters of Orlando,FL for a... READ MORE

27 Yrs Old, 1 Child, 5'5 130 Lbs, Getting 300cc, Silicone Unders

I'm currently a 34A, or 32b. Lost a lot of volume already with one child, she is 16 months old. Even pre-pregnancy I've wanted implants. I've cried for many years being insecure about my body. I don't think I have an A cup size, so I'm looking for something to suit my body. I want to stay... READ MORE

24y/o , 5'0, 130 Lbs, BF 2 Kids. Mentor HP 425 CC Under the muscle - Aiea, HI

I decided to get a BA because I lost all volume in my breasts after breastfeeding. I did not feel comfortable in my own body and I just wanted my self confidence back. I wanted to be able to fill my clothes in nicely. I wore a 34B and could barely fill it in. When I looked into the mirror I felt... READ MORE

Over the muscle smooth round silicone 300cc moderate plus

I am in my early 30's and I have two children. I think between breastfeeding them and gaining/losing pregnancy weight I have really lost a lot of volume. I am still 7-10lbs away from my normal weight but I am hoping to get there over the next 6ish months. Before pregnancy I was a full C. I've... READ MORE

31yo, 5'6", 130lbs, 32B

I'll start with my stats, since that's what everyone seems to look for! 5'6", 130lbs, BWD 13cm, 34B (on a good day, more like an A cup) I breastfed my 2 babies, and I miss my D cup nursing breasts! I've always been unhappy with my chest size, and now they have zero volume after nursing. Ive... READ MORE

Amazing surgeon and wonderful experience!

I used to have cute, perky breasts. Then I had three beautiful little girls, breastfed them each for nearly a year and ended up with less than attractive, saggy mom boobs. With each child, I lost a little more volume. My husband would always tell me they were perfect (he's a keeper), but I... READ MORE

34 Yr Old Breast Fed 4 Kids

I like to consider myself a tone and fit woman...However after breastfeeding 4 children I lost volume ....Alot....I was uncomfor table without clothes on and got to the point where I despised bra shopping because nothing helped or fit!!! Young at heart but my breasts aged my body and it really... READ MORE

Incredible physician - Clifton, NJ

As soon as I met Dr. Berlet I felt 100% comfortable. He is very respectful and soft spoken. He examined me and then I changed and we talked in his office. Very casual and comfortable environment. I booked my procedure and had some concerns with filling lost volume after breastfeeding two babies.... READ MORE

29 Yr Old W/ 2 Children - Birmingham, AL

Looking into getting BA after loosing volume in breast after childbirth. Beforehand I was barely an A (34A) to a full C during /right after pregnancy to a barely 34B after milk supply stopped. Still researching as the thought of it all (pain wise) kind of scares me. But if the pain is close to... READ MORE

Athletic, Slim, Young 30s, No Kids

This was a very personal decision to improve volume loss due to weight loss and hormonal struggles during my early 20s. I waited until I was 30 to make sure I wanted to go through with the procedure, and to make sure I was doing it for the right reasons (i.e. for myself and out of self love, not... READ MORE

30 Yr Old, 3 Kids, 34b/c pre-op- 300/325cc

I have wanted to get breast implants ever since my 2nd Child. After her/breastfeeding they did not return to normal. My 3rd Child took whatever was left lol. I finally decided to make an appointment with the love and support from my husband ( who still says that I didn't need to do it, I looked... READ MORE

33 Years Old, Breast Fed One Baby, 325 Mod Plus Profile

Never very busty to begin with, but by my late 20's had come to appreciate my perky, symmetrical 34 B's--then I got pregnant! And got a cruel, brief taste of life in the chesty lane. After 6 months of breastfeeding, it was all over, and I found myself unable to properly fill out an A cup. ... READ MORE

24 Year Old, 2 Kids, Breastfeeding Killed my Boobs! - Houston, TX

So I've been checking out everyone's reviews and decided to share mine. I've always had small boobs. Of course, my older sister was blessed with big boobs in jr high. And once she got hers I wondered when I would get mine. They never came. Before kids I was a 34b. During my first pregnancy they... READ MORE

30-year-old Mom of Two Wanting to Restore Deflated 36D Breasts

I am a mom of two and have always been fit. After breast-feeding my kids, I have got more into fitness and lost a decent amount of Top breast volume. I wanted to feel like my old self in my bras, bathing suits, dresses and other such things. I decided to go with Dr. Whidden after doing a... READ MORE

To lift or not to lift before baby #2! My story of BA without lift! Toronto, ON

After having my baby 11 months ago, and breastfed him for 7, my breasts are deflated. My main concern at this point is volume. I want it back. Even before I had him, I wanted to have my breasts done. Now being 29, I believe these next years coming up will be the best of my life and nice, big,... READ MORE

46, 2 Breastfed Babies, Volume Loss, Age, Weight Loss! Wanting Larger/ Fuller Boobs! - Tampa, FL

I am 38c. Very deflated after breastfeeding 2 children, weight loss, and gravity! I am currently saving up for surgery. Hoping for possible Jan '17. I am sooo tired of having to wear a push up bra to make the girls look better, I've lost volume with age and weight loss, breastfeeding etc. Very... READ MORE

24 Years Old, 1 Child, and Very Needed After Breast Feeding

Hi all! I have been researching and googling non stop since I have finally scheduled my surgery date and I found some of these reviews to be extremely helpful in calming my anxiety. I figured I would document my journey as well since I'd like to think I can help others ease into theirs. My name... READ MORE

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