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BBL & BA Dr.Pantoja - Tijuana, MX

Getting a Breast Lift with implants, lipo of abdomin, sides, full back, bra rolls, arms & thighs. Staying at Grace house $500 for 4 days. Getting massages as recommended. Taking iron pills, bromioline pills, minerals & vitamins. I weigh 150. 5"1 Had a tummy tuck 7 years ago. Ready for a... READ MORE

33 Yro, 5'6", 165lbs, No Kids, Grade II Ptosis, smooth 355cc MP, breast augmentation

Dr McFadden came highly recommended from clients and fellow coworkers who have used him for an array of services. I've had one consultation which made me feel good enough to sign the dotted line the following week. Size was never discussed too much- I just said I wasn't looking for... READ MORE

Ready for Some New Taa Taahhhssss!

OMG. I just had my consultation with Dr. Nguyen and He is the sweetest! My surgery is in two weeks on February 3rd around 12pm!!!! I'm not too sure on the implant size just yet maybe 375cc or 400cc but I definitely want a small D! Does anyone have any words of advice before I go into surgery?... READ MORE

34 Years Old, Married, 2 Kids - Birmingham, AL

Nervous and excited! Surgery date coming on Thursday. Hoping to actually have cleavage! Want to be more porportioned. Currently a 32/34B hoping for a D. At this point I'm trying to make sure I remember everything I'm not supposed to eat and take my vitamins everyday. I'm super ready to see my... READ MORE

Love my Boobs!! Robles Barbie 2014 - Dominican Republic

Deciding to go to Dr. Robles was the easiest part of this whole process. She came highly recommended by people I know & I loved all the work I saw. I have so much to say I will try to do it In parts. But I will be honest....I'll tell u the good the bad & the ugly. This site helped me so much... READ MORE

Time flies when life is boobiful.

I know some of you know that I've been wanting to get my boobs done for a while. I've had 3 dates scheduled so far and this is the 3rd & final date..August 10th! Hooray!!! Things haven't worked out as I wanted to so I had to change the date. The story of me is this..I've always loved boobs... READ MORE

21 Year Old Bikini Competitor, 5.2 and 135 on off Season - Westfield, NJ

Hey ladies, i want to start by saying this was the best decision i have made. I started off as a 32 "c" but i wore bomb shell from VS so really i was like a A-B on a good day. I would even wear them under my sport bras at the gym. I have wanted to get my breast done since i was 16 and they havnt... READ MORE

Great Doctor, Great Recovery and Great Results - Philadelphia, PA

After doing a lot of research I went with Dr. Bucky for his expert eye, rapid recovery techniques and least trauma style of surgery. The consultation was informative and Dr. Bucky and the nurses are all easy to talk to. I appreciated the presurgical vitamins given so I could feel like I could do... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kid, Natural Looking Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

Went from a 32 B to a full C / small D with 375 cc silicone implants. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and Dr Chiu! My new breast feel natural and look fantastic. Dr Chiu is caring, kind and professional. He and his staff made me feel at ease during the whole process, answering any... READ MORE

67 Years Young and Decided to Have Breast Augmentation - Indianapolis, IN

I have always taken care of myself, spiritually, eating nutritious foods, taking vitamins, being active at work, at home with my hubby, our children and grandchildren. I had given having breast augmentation some consideration over the past few years. Then this year, as I considered having the... READ MORE

Gorgeous Full C's for a Woman in Need! - Jacksonville, FL

Not only is the entire staff efficient and well-qualified, they are a charm to be around! Dr. Doolabh is so skilled, professional and is able to really offer a woman's perspective concerning the implant size and placement which I found VERY beneficial! In comparison to male plastic surgeons I... READ MORE

47 Feeling Like 33 After 600cc - San Antonio, TX

Hello, I am a 47 year old female, I am about 5'6" and 150 pounds I had been gifted with many good traits, but there is one I had always wished Mother Nature would of been a little bit more generous. My left size breast was an A but since our bodies by nature are not identical my right one was... READ MORE

Feeling Confident, Beautiful and Natural - Beverly Hills, CA

In an industry that can feel superficial and focused on $$$ and volume, Dr. Chiu is a true gem among the rest, and is the absolute opposite of what seems to be the norm. I feel truly blessed to have him as my surgeon. This was my second procedure with him, the first took place when he first... READ MORE

Welcome to 30! - Weston, FL

I wish I would have done this a year ago. I had been unsure of having this done for some time. I always thought of "80s boobs" where they have a big gap, point in all directions, look hard... someone close to me had them done and they looked amazing. i realized it's 2013. We have modern... READ MORE

Highly Recommended - Glenview, IL

I felt very comfortable throughout the entire breast augmentation process with Dr. Casas and her staff. During the initial consultation, Dr. Casas and her staff took as much time as was needed to answer all of my questions and prepare me for the upcoming surgery. The surgery itself went very... READ MORE

Back from Yily! - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I want to begin by commending all of you ladies who have taken control of how you want to look. A toast to being fabulous! Secondly, I will stress that YOU MUST PREPARE YOUR MIND FOR THE PAIN in an effort to defeat it. I would recommend anyone who is coming to the DR alone to stay in a recovery... READ MORE

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