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Wanted my boobs back, these aren't them

I hate to be a Debbie downer here but I don't think mine was his best work. I went to Dr Lawton because he has the best reviews, never saw another Dr. Some of his after photos are incredible, i believe he is the best, but I'm still waiting for my results. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks. 5'4" 130... READ MORE


After seeing a lot of other girls doing their reviews on this site, I said ok why not!!! So Im hoping to be a full B small C. As of right now I am going in for another sizing, I originally was going for 200CC but when i called and spoke to them they told me that its nice for my shape but it... READ MORE

I had a fair experience with Dr. Sesto

Dr. Sesto performed breast augmentation with implants and an areola reduction on me. Although my breast look significantly better than before, I'm not too happy with the fact that you can see some scars from the stitches on the areaolas. Thankfully, they have become very light over the years,... READ MORE

Dr.Blaunchet Is an absolutely PHENOMENAL !

Dr. Blanchet is absolutely amazing! Some years ago I decided to have breast implants. A surgical nurse recommended Dr.Blanchet, so I contacted her office and was immediately impressed. For each appointment and phone contact, her staff was attentive, informative and took the time to discuss my... READ MORE

Not happy with my breast at all.

My experience with the office ect wasn't bad but after my surgery My scars ended up being very very bad & very painful when mentioned to dr. I was told it would get better over time but it's been 3 years+ so I don't think there getting any better. There very painful, big and risen . I have... READ MORE

35 Year-old Wife, Nurse and Mother of 2

After nursing two children, I lost a lot of weight and had a bony frame to begin with. I was extremely self-conscious about my body's appearance, especially on top as my breasts had lost a lot of their volume. MPS was a clean facility with knowledgable staff that answered all of my questions... READ MORE

Great Surgeon-Great Work-Would Recommend

Dr. Sexton is a great surgeon. I had my BA done in Feb 2016. I was a 32B before the surgery and 480 CC's later I am a 34D. The biggest thing I would recommend is for Dr. Sexton to be a little more thorough in post op visits. He answered all my questions with no problem. I just felt kind of... READ MORE

47 Year Old Mother of 3 Young Adult Children. Melbourne, AU

I always wanted to have an hour glass figure, yet my breasts were only small. Then last year I had a boiling hot water accident resulting in both my legs being burnt. Thus I needed two large skin grafts to my left foot & left leg and a smaller skin graft on my right leg, taking the skin from my... READ MORE

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