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19 Years Old Needing a Confidence Boost - Birmingham, MI

I was a 32 A/AA all my life and always felt insecure about my boobs. I always used makeup and wore double push-up bras (sometimes even two) to make it seem like I had something going on. I modeled throughout high school also, so I always felt as though I needed more to feel more confident and... READ MORE

29 Yrs Old 3 Kids .. 145 Lbs Before Breast Aug.. Now 138lbs After. The Woodlands, TX

Ok so I had saggy Breast but not saggy enough for a breast lift (thank god) lol and now I'm post op 3 months ish and this is what they look like ... I love them all tough I wish they was more close together and not so far apart .. I was happier at 1-2 month post op before they dropped soo much .... READ MORE

Ciaravino: Bad Experience, Good Results?

To all the mothers/husbands/partners out their: just imagine going to pick up your loved one from surgery, waiting anxiously for hours, with practically no information, until finally, your loved one comes out of her SECOND, emergency surgery and the doctor doesn't even give you the curtesy of... READ MORE

23 Year Old Wanting A Breast Augmentation - Philadelphia, PA

Growing up my breast were not big, not small, kinda just there I never thought they were anything special. I gained and lost weight from 16-23 years old (going on and off birth control, exercising, not exercising) my breast had kinda shriveled and were droopy. It wasn't until this year that I... READ MORE

Wanted a Natural Look, Got Exactly That. 265CC - Manhasset, NY

I had thought about getting breast augmentation for about 10 years and finally at 30 decided to pull the trigger. I am so happy that I did. The whole process to date has been amazing. The day of surgery I actually felt great, I had no nausea and minimal pain, really just minor pressure. I... READ MORE

Petite Asian Athletic Chick Looking to Fill Her Sports Bra "Naturally" - New York, NY

I'm 29, 5'3", 108 lbs, a serious athlete (run/work out 6 days a week), and have always had a work hard/play hard/win at life mentality. I've felt the only thing I couldn't achieve through hard work was great boobs! So after 3 years of serious consideration, and with support from my amazing... READ MORE

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