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23 year old with 83 year old breasts

I went in very optimistic as he is a very knowledgeable and attentive doctor. However, I'm 23 and I had my operation just 4 years ago, and my breasts for the past couple years have looked sad, saggy, and misshapen. They are floppy and unsightly. I was told they would rest a little more... READ MORE

PLEASE HELP ! Botched Boob Job !

******************* Before i start this is a long thread ! please don't stop reading !!!! in order to get the best outcome i had tell the full story!!!!! my life is ruined !!!!!!!!!! please read the below !!!! PLEASE GIVe ANY MEDICAL OR LEGAL ADVISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxx... READ MORE

I Don't Know if I Should Get a Revision --- Advice Please - Guatemala

I took the decision to get my BA summer last year and waited until Dec 19th 2011 to have the procedure done during my vacations at my country of origin. I decided to do it there not only for the lower price but because I'm a mom and I live by myself in NY with no family around, so I figured... READ MORE

Go To Someone Else

Find yourself a doctor who isn't afraid to swallow his pride and admit he has made a mistake. I am left with over dissected pockets that are causing lateral displacement as well as symmastia (uniboob) and a surgeon who tells me everything is fine and rushes me out of the room. Even after... READ MORE

Less than tactful bedside manner

Dr Lowen performed a breast implantation for me 9 years ago. I am generally pleased with the outcome though he over dissected one breast so it is slightly bottomed out. My main issue with him, which led to this lower review was his less than ideal bedside manner. Dr. Lowen asked me how big my... READ MORE

Horrible Experience

I had my breasts done when I was very young and I wish I had stood up for myself, but I didnt. One of my breast was so much higher on my chest than the other. I asked him to please lift the left breast to match the right, because at this point I couldn't even go braless or wear a bikini top they... READ MORE

Very Unsatisfied with the Ending Reults

I went to Dr Shapiro for a breast argumentation about 6 months ago and recently my left boob went completely flat out of concern I called the office immediately to make sure there was no huge risk with in this incident occurring and to see what can be done to fix this. Dr Shapiro was completely... READ MORE

I Wanted to Enhance my Figure - Agoura Hills, CA

I made an error choosing this surgeon to augment my body Him and his daughter Tara are good at putting on a show to gain your trust and business Like- Initial two hour consultation, many follow up calls (is 5 excessive?) where Tara will have all the time in the world to "talk to you for hours"... READ MORE

Go Elsewhere! - Bakersfield, CA

I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Mitts, and it was a DISASTER! I went from a 36C to a 36FF; huge, saggy, football-shaped breasts! Had him re-do it (another $5000 on top of the $5K I initially paid him), only to end up with nipples that went in 2 different directions, and scars that went up... READ MORE

Never Go to This Doctor! - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I had Dr Sattler perform a BA about 2 years and have since experienced capsular contraction in my right breast. My left breast has dropped significantly.. they look horrible! I went back to Dr. Sattler 4 weeks ago because I was feeling tingling in the left breast. Dr. Sattler said we can do a... READ MORE

Over Priced and Under-Delivered: Beware - Columbia, SC

We did it based on the results we were told we would be given... READ MORE

beware. I needed a revision from a different surgeon - Virginia Beach

I was trying to get back the breasts I had before kids. Buyer beware!!! I should have known to stay away because he only does subpectoral augmentation, not any other placement. I chose this Dr because he said he does so much advance work, preparations that he never needs to do revisions on... READ MORE

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