unnatural looking + Breast Augmentation

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24 Yro. B to F 650cc - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Wish I went smaller and chose different doctor. Revis was ok but I developed cc, probably because of the size I went with. Dr. Revis likes to go super big so if you're looking for an unnatural look he's your guy. I went to 3 different doctors. The first two told me not to do more than 550cc but... READ MORE

Never Liked Them - Louisville, CO

I sincerely regret getting implants, I've never been happy with them. I realize how low and depressed i was when i got them, thought they were the answer. Dislike the feeling of foreign objects in my body. I miss my small breasts! I'm looking at places for explantation now. What a waste of money... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, Regret Breast Augmentation, Want to Explant

I have been wanting a breast augmentation for years now. After breastfeeding 3 kids my boobs turned into non existent deflated negative As. I had to wear a supper padded bra, that was still too big for me, to look "normal" in clothes. And being in a bathing suit was embarassing. Well just... READ MORE

The best Plastic surgeon!!!! Very talented, skillful, experienced.

I got recommended to go to Wave plastic surgery in Irvine and was very grateful to met Dr. Kwon, I came with my breast implant from my previous doctor, the breast was hard like a rock and the size wasn't suit for my petite body, so Dr Kwon examined me and he found out that I have capsular... READ MORE

I HATE my boobs

I am so unhappy with my results, I have the most unnatural looking breasts, shape and scars combined. Worst 12,500$ I've ever spent. Never imagined I'd end up looking like this. So upsetting, so so upsetting. READ MORE

I was a very small A cup - surgery - Corona Del Mar, CA

I got breast augmentation because I was a very small A cup. I had been self conscious about my body my entire life-it was so embarrassing to wear a t-shirt let alone a bikini top. I had wanted to do it for years and when I finally found the right doctor, I had no hesitations. I saw at least 5... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation. Textured Oval Form Stable Sientra 370cc Unders. Fabulous!

After nursing two children I worked out hard to lose but stubborn fat remained. Had lipo for stubborn areas (love love love! Cost a bit less than BA). I chose sientra form stable "gummy bears" because I thought they were safest. Under muscle for most natural and in case I want one more child it... READ MORE

28 Years YOUNG, No Kids, Mr Allen Rezai Corrected Tuberous Shape and Asymmetry - London, GB

I used to be so self-conscious about how my breasts looked, always used to wear loose-fitted sweaters to hide the obvious asymmetry! The unnatural shape and size difference, significantly affected my day to day life, I realise that now that I am experiencing something completely different :)... READ MORE

31 Years Old, 3 Kids, 390 Cc Gummy Bear Silicon Implants - Weatherford, TX

Was looking for a natural look. After breast feeding 3 kids, my breasts had decreased to a 32aa. Wasn't looking for a big breast size but natural and proportionate. Dr Camp assured a proportionate size with natural look and feel. After my post op appointment I expressed my concerns of the... READ MORE

Fitness Enthusiast Enhanced My Small Boobies To Get Bigger Bewbies! :) Orlando, FL

I’ve been wanting to get a breast augmentation for many years but the reason for the delay it is because I was so deterred by some of the unnatural weird looking breast shapes that I’ve seen on women, particularly the ones in the fitness industry! My decision to finally consider getting it don... READ MORE

Horrible Breast Augmentation Experience with Permanent Consequences - Plano, TX

I went to get a breast augmentation at age 23 because my breasts had always been small and had not developed much by that time. I wanted some very moderate B cup breasts in a natural shape. The implants that I were given, however, gave me full C cup breasts with a very unnatural high-profile... READ MORE

Unfortunately Not Happy - Plano, TX

Well its been a year now and I'm unhappy with my results. They look very unnatural and are positioned incorrectly. The staff also pressured me to go bigger when I didn't want to and I decided to take their advice and regret it entirely. I don't know what to do. I need a revision or to have them... READ MORE

Not So Happy After All - Tucson, AZ

My mom actually had the same procedure done, by him, many years ago. I wad an A cup. He made me a full C and in clothes they look great! But he didn't create a pocket for the implants and I look like I have a boob (my normal boob) on top of the implant. I hate them not in a bra! I got them done... READ MORE

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