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22 Years Old. No Kids. Wants to Get SNATCHED

So I had my breast done November 2015 by Dr. Andrew Jimmerson in ATL, Ga. Prior to surgery I was a 34B cup. I was 21 at the time. Single. No kids. (Still single. No kids) I'll include before and after pics. I'm now ready for my next procedure. I want to have a Brazilian butt lift done. I will... READ MORE

41 No Kids 5ft 9 150 Uneven/Deflated - 400/425cc silicone under 36b to 36dd - Fayetteville, AR

I'm 41, 5'9 150 lbs, never had kids, i run several times a week and lift weights. I lost about 25 lbs a couple of years ago and my boobs deflated from a very full C to a tiny 36B. I have a fairly large frame with wide shoulders and hips. My breasts have always been uneven and it is very visible... READ MORE

Can I Be Fixed?

As you can see I have uneven breasts. One is small and perky while the other is slightly bigger and droppy. I went for my consultation and was advised to do 310cc (I'm a b now, I would like to be a d), silicon, moderate profile round implants. They also suggested I do a lollipop breast lift on... READ MORE

Unhappy - Florida, FL

I have done two procedures: rhinoplasty and breast augmentation, I am unhappy about both. My boobs one is biger than another and is not even. My nose is really terrible. I was in depression because that, my dream didn't came true, I can wear a nice cloth or bikini or be happy when I look in the... READ MORE

Regret Going to Dr. Sozer!!!! - El Paso, TX

I wish I never met this man. Had breast augmentation. Uneven breast, hideous scars, dents from Lipo. Doesn't care if he does a good job or if you are in pain. If you have any problems he acts like he doesn't know what you are talking about. ive had to go to a pain specialist, and another plastic... READ MORE

26 Years Old, 5'3", 125 Lbs, Breastfed 2 Kids. Morehead City, NC

I'm finally at a point in my life where I'm ready to take the plunge and do something that I've always wanted since before having my children. Now that I'm able to, and maybe I'm just anxious and nervous.. But I also feel selfish for doing something for myself and taking a risk. Here is a... READ MORE

750cc's High Profile Silicone PICS!!!- Reno, NV

Hi ladies, I'll be getting my breast augmentation on March 22nd 2016 with Dr. Murphy in Reno, NV. I had my 1st consultation Jan 18th. I discussed with Dr. Murphy what I wanted. I told him i want large, full natural looking breast. The reason I chose Dr. Murphy is because his work is very... READ MORE

Size A cup to D!

I was extremely excited to go to Dr Kevin Bounds for my breast argument surgery. I did excessive background on him I felt that he was the right one for me. The staff is really nice especially Ryan. My surgery went well and my breast was looking great until three months later. I noticed that... READ MORE

Horrible Experience 2 Breast Surgery - Baton Rouge, LA

Will never use him again.Had 2 was my initial surgery the other was to fix my breast. I'm still not happy.I hate my breast.My breast r still uneven.He called me crazy and said I was lying when I told him what the other surgeon told me that I went to seen cuz he didn't want to fix my... READ MORE

44 Years Old, 4 Children All Breast Fed...had Breast Augmentation to Restore Firmness.

The reason I decided to go ahead with the procedure was the fact that I had uneven breasts. My preferred breast for feeding my babies was always my left and as a result ended up with one sagging breast which made me unhappy without a bra on. My surgeon was recommend to me by a friend and ended... READ MORE

40, 3kids, 5ft, 93lbs, 450cc, HP Natrelle Inspira, Above Muscle,Toronto, ON

After breastfeeding 3 kids my, my boobs were sad, uneven and deflated and barely a B cup. I could not fill out push up bras so it was pretty pathetic. That however, didn't stop me from wearing the most padded VS bras I could find which claimed to add 2cup sizes. After meeting with 2 surgeons i... READ MORE

Beware! - Jacksonville, FL

After 5 surgeries I gave up. He could never fix whatever he did wrong. My breast are so uneven it's noticeable through my shirts. He always said he could fix no problem and wouldn't listen me, he talked me into going bigger and now I have so much unwanted attention. I'm very shy and didn't want... READ MORE

Getting my Dream Boobs! 26 YO, No Kids, 4"11, 125 Lb - Vancouver, BC

Well hello there. So far I am at the stage where I have decided to seriously go inquire about breast augmentation, and possibly nipple inversion. I have two consultations booked with two different doctors to get some opinions and information regarding the surgeries. So when I was younger, a... READ MORE

23 Years Old with Two Babies and Asymmetrical Breasts. - Folsom, CA

Hi! My BA is scheduled for March 17. Next week! I'm really excited. My breasts have always been super uneven, and I never knew why. Apparently my left is a tubular breast? I can't wait to fix this. After having my babies back to back (11 months apart and both born in 2015) my breasts are even... READ MORE

30, 3 Kids, Severe Mastitis Infection Case with 1st Child Causing 2 Surgeries on my Left Breast (And Uneven) Pleasanton, CA

I'm 5'3, 133 lbs, A cup on left breast and B on right. I want a natural look but want to obviously go bigger. I had my pre-op March 15th and originally wanted to go with 370 cc on right and 400 on left. While having the samples on I put on my shirt to see how it looks and it looked like how I... READ MORE

"46 Year Old Mother of 4 Children and YaYa to 2 Grandchildren" - Sugar Land, TX

I do like Dr. Ravi, but he as a surgeon I might have to question and I definitely question his morals towards his patients. After paying $5,000 for breast augmentation he had stated that I may need a lift too but he did not want to do it during surgery he wanted to wait until all the swelling... READ MORE

The Worse - Miami, FL

I do wish there was a zero star option. There's no other way I can describe my frustration, only leaving my personal experience through all his ratings. Spent nearly 4,000 for augmentation and they came out horrible. That's not the worse part, he denied my revision. I wanted to come out looking... READ MORE

31 Year Old, Mother of 2, Totally Deflated Breasts! - Cedar Rapids, IA

After having my two kids (9 and 5) and a 50lb weight loss my breasts were left totally "deflated". I used to be a D cup and dropped to less than an A, mostly just hanging tissue. I am 5'6.5", 110 lbs and went with a 325 on one side and 300 on the other due to uneven breasts. Dual plane,... READ MORE

20 Years Old, No Kids, 5'2, 125lbs, Before Bra Size Was 34B - Oklahoma City, OK

Hi y'all, So yesterday I had my surgery! I finally picked 385cc in both, even though I am alittle uneven. After I got home from the surgery, I was in MAJOR PAIN. The car ride home was miserable! I took all my medication, and I could still feel how bad the pain was. I've been off and on... READ MORE

Breast Augumentation -Bellevue, WA

I was a 32B wanted to go two cups bigger. Went with 400cc saline under the armpit. Im not too satisfied with my results. I didn't know about this site until after I got my boobs done. I wish I would have know about this site before and would have went with a doctor that people were satisfied... READ MORE

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