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35yo, 5'7", 145 lbs. Ready for Some Curves! - Jacksonville, FL

Had my first consultation today. Really liked the office staff, doctor and the results I saw in his book. Scheduling for September, don't want to have to miss out on swimming with my kids this summer and it will be easier to recover when they are back in school. I have been waiting to do this... READ MORE

Petite / 21 years old / 154cm and 53kg / 250cc Unders

Ever since I was 16 I have wanted an breast augmentation. So earlier this year I booked an appointment with my PS, and we discussed between 225 and 250ccs. I am a very petite girl with an athletic body, so I just wanted a natural look. But I went for the 250s, because I've heard a lot of girls... READ MORE

30 y/o, 5'2", 124lbs, 485CC's, Natrelle Inspira, under muscle, no kids

Hello everyone! This will be lengthy FYI, my first BA experience. I have been wanting boobs since I was 15. Seemingly young, I knew early on that I wouldn't be blessed with the D/DD's that have embraced all the other women in my family. At age 18 I went from 102lbs to 130lbs in a matter of... READ MORE

450cc - Silicone, Age 26, 5'5", 110lbs

I have wanted some sort of Breast Enhancement since I was 16 years old, but I was never 100% sure about it. After 10 years of feeling this way (and countless conversations with girls who had one and love it) I've finally decided that it's time! When a close friend of mine went to Dr. Kerr at... READ MORE

30 yrs, Petite, 4'11, 95 lbs, 32B to 300cc/280cc round Euro silicone gel implants, high profile

So I've been on realself for some time now and finally taking the plunge and getting breast augmentation next week overseas. I've been following everyone's experience on here for so long which has helped me a lot!! So I hope sharing my own personal experience on here will also do the same in... READ MORE

39 5 4" 140 Pounds Mom of 3 Breast Fed Babies.

I decided to travel from Canada to Fl to see Dr L Roudner. He's got such good reviews, tonnes of years of experience and his work looks amazing. I'm doing saline under the muscle via periareola. Decided to go agains the stream of "gummy bear" implants after much research on leeching of product.... READ MORE

325 cc mod plus mentor, should I have gone bigger?

Hi everyone. I'm five days post op now! And although I love what I see when i take my shirt off I'm a little nervous that they may not be big enough. I was barely a 32 a prior to surgery. I'm 25 years old 110 pounds and got 325 cc under muscle moderate plus and would love to be a mid to full c... READ MORE

5'3, 128 Pounds, 41 Years Old - Wish Me Luck!

Greetings and thanks to all who have posted and helped me along the way. I had my initial consult in July of 2016 and it's now, May 2017. I went for a second opinion after meeting with the first doctor who NEVER looked at my breasts, only did the 3D imaging...the second doctor was very... READ MORE

27yo, BF one child , Stretchmarks 32b - Santa Clarita, CA

Hey guys! I'm currently a 32b and went to my consultation and the doctor advised I should get high profile 400cc or 375cc under the muscle. They also discussed possible reshaping the nipple tissue which I am looking forward to talking to him more at my second consult. I am hoping for a small to... READ MORE

32A No Kids 22years Old 5'3 in Height and Weigh 117

So I'm expected to go in for surgery July 27, 2017 !! I'm 22 years old no kids in college weigh 117 pounds and I'm excited . I will actually be the first in my group of friends to get this procedure and family wise as well .. I knew I wanted this procedure in high school but I figured to wait... READ MORE

34 Years Old, 5'3, 110 Lbs, Kids

34A (still gappy in the cup). Hoping to fill out deflated breasts. Not going super big. Ended up chosing 375cc silicone gel implants. Incision under the breast fold, under the muscle. Pros: no more double push-up, I feel more feminine, clothes fit better (still in same sizes), seeing the... READ MORE

4'10" 87 pounds. 325cc High Profile! SURGERY DONE :)

One week until surgery! Today was my Pre Op appointment and I am now so excited! The whole process was actually very fast for me. I knew going into my consultation about two weeks ago that I wanted my doctor to do my surgery. I did a ton of research and had many friends that have went to the... READ MORE

600cc silicone high profile under muscle

My pre-op is on the 22nd and my surgery date is set for September 7th. Nervous and excited! I'm currently 5'5 150lbs but the doctor says I have broad shoulders. I also breastfeed my daughter. I'm getting 600cc silicone under the muscle. Anyone else on here get 600cc? Are you happy with the size? READ MORE

23• 2 Kids • 475 Cc Silicone Mod + • Unders • 5'9 •

It's one day after my Breast augmentation & I am so happy I went through with it! I was pretty acted & doubting myself a lot the weeks prior to surgery but I read countless blog entries on real self & that very much helped me! One thing is for sure though, my pain tolerance isn't as... READ MORE

5'7", 125lbs, Pre-op 36A, 350cc High Profile, Smooth, Round, Silicone Under the Muscle.

Hi everyone! This will be my second review on this site in the last year. :) My first was for my rhinoplasty with Dr. Kassir. I actually found this site through him. His office asked if I would review him on it, and I did. Little did I know, it would become the place I came to for all of my BA... READ MORE

450cc High Profile round implants from 34B

Hi everyone, This is my first post on here. I had my surgery yesterday with Vivek Sivarajan at Elanic in Glasgow. I really can’t recommend Vivek enough. His CV is extremely impressive, he is a really nice man and his prices are competitive. I was a 34 small B prior to surgery, I am 5ft 2 and w... READ MORE

29 Years Old - 400cc HP Silicone

I have wanted to get a boob job since I was 18 but it hasn't really been attainable until now...finances, health issues, LIFE happens! Anyway, the timing now is perfect and I have absolutely no regrets! I am so glad I stumbled upon this website before my surgery as it has helped me to choose a... READ MORE

Woman, 1 Kid, 37 Years Old, Height 5,4 Ft (165 Cm), Weight 120 Lb (54 Kg). Cup Size Before – B, After – DD/E.

Last summer I referred to Dr. Colgrove at Vinings Surgery Center in Atlanta for a breast augmentation consultation. I felt quite doubtful about the breast augmentation surgery and didn't really know what I wanted to do with my breast. Dr. Colgrove and his team gently helped me out through my... READ MORE

36, 5'6, 134 Lbs, 13 Bwd, Not Much to Start with

I have been researching like crazy for the last month and I am so overwhelmed. I have done three consultations with another scheduled for Tues with Vectra 3D. I initially wanted teardrop as I heard they were more "natural" looking. However the more pictures I have looked out I haven't really... READ MORE

5'7 140lbs Low Profile Plus Silicone Breast Augmentation

Wanted more fullness in my upper pole, my weight yo-yos and everyone my breasts seem more deflated. Finally decided to get a breast augmentation. It happened on June 30th, Nyla put in 320cc low plus profile silicone implants with an underboob incision and under the muscle. I did opt for the... READ MORE

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