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I'm 23, 5'5 & 135lbs 400cc UHP Silicone unders - Little Rock, AR

My PS suggested 360cc Ultra high profile for my body frame but I've been reading a lot of bad reviews about UHP looking too fake & round. I wear a 34B in Victoria secret & wanting to go to a D cup. During my second visit I really liked the look of 400cc sizers. I'm just scared it might look fake... READ MORE

23 Year Old, No Kids, 455CC UHP, Round Texturized, Overs

Hello lovelies! I'm 2 day away from my surgery and because this site has helped me so much with research, I figured, might as well put my experience to help other women with this decision. So, a little bit about myself, I am 23 years old, I don't have kids, currently a 32a (32b with push up... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation | 20 years old | 114 POUNDS | 52 KG | 5'5 | Petite

Hey guys! So I've decided to start my journey with breast augmentation!! I'm super excited!!! So here's a little update so far, I have been for two consultations and have picked my doctor and BOOKED MY SURGERY DATE! Pre op = 2 weeks to go!! Now I am just undecided on my size to choose from. I... READ MORE

30 Years Old, Had Been Contemplating BA for 5 Years and Finally Did It!

BA and right nipple lift Ultra high profile implant over the muscle Left 420 cc Right 375 cc I contemplated surgery for quite some time and had around 5 consultations with 3 different surgeons. I instantly knew Mr Clarke was the surgeon for me. I had been deliberating so much because I... READ MORE

615 cc Ultra High Profile, 21 yo never had kids, 5'10

I've never gone through surgery so having my first be a breast augmentation was really nerve wrecking for me. Dr Ereso was my first and last consultation, and I don't regret making the decision to go with him right from the get go. During our consultation, he was very informative and welcoming.... READ MORE

26 Y/o 2 Kids Both Breastfed for a Year, 34A. 500cc UHP Under Muscle

Hey there ladies, greetings from South Africa. So, I had my surgery yesterday and everything went well, despite my own worries and anxieties lol, my only complaint is the pain! My upper back is killing me, I barely slept last night, the pressure on my chest is fine, as I expected it due to... READ MORE

20 years old 350cc UHP

Harley medical centre Dr sleiter Liverpool, England Surgery booked for 28th april 2017 currently 32a. Reccomened ultra high profile by surgeon due to narrow chest not sure about this yet. Originally wanted 300cc but now changed mind to 350cc. So nervous but excited! If anyone has had... READ MORE

*best Breast Augmentation Experience

After 3 months post op I am extremely satisfied, my personal ideal has been completely fulfilled. I could not be happier with the result, and the recovery has been great too! I attached a post op picture - prior was 34 b , or 36 a -- post op 3 months, sized by VS as DD - 455cc silicone UHP. As... READ MORE

Petite Frame 375 UHP Silicone Subfacial Tijuana MX

Like many women on this site I have struggled my whole life with insecurity about my small breasts. My sisters took after my mom's curvy Latina bod and I took after my dad's scrawny frame. I have a slim waist and a cute butt, and with the perfect bra I can achieve a decent amount of cleavage. I... READ MORE

535cc UHP BA Happy Birthday to Me! 5'6" 118lbs

I guess I should start with Hi, I'm Valerie. I guess I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 12. I remember stuffing my bra and hoping no one noticed and going to school... I have 2 children, a nine year old and a 5 year old. I breastfed both for a year, and it shows. I was fat after my... READ MORE

295 UHP, 31 Yrs, 100lbs, 5'3, Breastfed Two Little Munchkins, BWD 9 (Ya, I'm Tiny)

It's been about a week & a half since I got my new TATAS! I LOVE my new additions. I've wanted a BA ever since I breast-fed & knew how they could look when bigger. I had a size AA or maybe even AAA. When not breastfeeding. I now have the size I always wanted. I feel sexy &... READ MORE

Petite 110lb, 20 Year Old, 32A to C/D, Ultra High Profile Silicon 350cc Right Breast and 320cc Left Breast - Little Rock, AR

Day of Surgery In my case I had a lot of asymmetry. I could barely fit out a 32A without gaping on my right breast! I forgot to take any pictures before my surgery but here are some pictures day 1 of my surgery. The band around my chest pushed my nipples down making them look lower than the... READ MORE

600cc Ultra High Profile Gel Silicone

Hello, My name is Taylor. I Just had butt implants in March. So I'm 8 months post op from them. I love them but wish I could have gone bigger. Anyways after I lost some weight last summer I lost my boobs. They deflated. I'm currently a full 34C. And am looking to have a DDD. I just want... READ MORE

The best surgeon ever! :)

My experience with Dr. Pousti was amazing! I was a size 32a & now I'm probably going to be a full C cup! I got 350cc on my left breast & 375cc on my right, ultra high profile round. I love my new boobs! :) *happy tears* My boobs are 5 weeks old & they feel great. They're getting... READ MORE

27 Years Old, 5'5", 125 Lbs., No Kids, 430cc Ultra High Profile Silicone, 34B to 32DD?

I have my pre-op appointment 5/17/17, so I'm not sure how many cc's yet but I'm thinking somewhere between 375-430cc. Starting at a 34B, wanting to end up at a 34D. I definitely want ultra high profile! I like a full, round look. I do not want a big slope or gap. I'm super nervous but I also get... READ MORE

22 Years Old No Kids Small D

I wasn't happy with the way my breast looked. I had really bad stretch marks and they were beginning to sag. I don't have kids. I was worried I would need a lift but Dr.V suggested and ultra high profile silicone implant with 480cc to avoid a lift. I was worried they would set up to high but I'm... READ MORE

35, No Kids, Kind of Athletic, 34 or 36A to C - Ireland, IE

I lost a lot of weight 10 years ago, and while I'm really proud of keeping it off, it means my boobs (small to begin with) were pretty much non existent. So after a lot of thinking and soul searching, I took the plunge and got my surgery. The rest of my body is quite curvy (I get fat easily... READ MORE

48 Yrs. Young and Finally Doing This for Me! 455cc Ultra High Profile Silicone Mentor Implants!

I am 48 yrs young and I am so ready for my BA. I've been contemplating getting my breasts done for years and I've been keeping the secret of stuffing and wearing padded bras for years. My BA is scheduled in 9 days and I'm so excited; however, during my Pre-Op Mtg, the PS scheduled for me to have... READ MORE

28 Yrs Old, 3 Kids, Grade 1/2 Ptosis, 400/425cc uhp smooth round silicone, Dual Plane Technique - Nacogdoches, TX

After yearsssss of wanting a BA, I'm FINALLY getting one! I've always been petite, and small chested. Looking forward to building my self confidence and feeling more "womanly"! At my consult, I was informed that I had mild ptosis- grade 1 on the right side, and borderline 2 on the left. I do... READ MORE

120 Lbs 5'7" 32a, 475cc High Profile

I'm scheduled in 6 week to get a BA and couldn't be more excited! Although I'm a little worried about ultra high profile. I'm 120lbs 5'7" 32a wanting to be a D. I was measured 4 times and 2 doctors measured me at 13 bwd, one said 9bwd and the doctor I'm going with had me at 11bwd. The doc had me... READ MORE

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