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TUBA + Breast Augmentation

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25 Yr Old Mother of 1.....650CC from 34A. Birmingham, AL

I was determined to have this procedure done after breast feeding my son. I stopped when he was about a yr old. I went back and forth for years about getting this surgery done. Finding a good doctor just made me even more sure that I wanted to do this for me. I was a 34A with some drooping from... READ MORE

Mentor- Smooth, Round, High Profile, Saline 550cc's - Birmingham, AL

Like most of you, I have been researching breast augmentations for a couple of years now. I finally decided to join RS about 3 weeks ago. I have just now found the courage to post. I am 26 years old. I have 3 children. 5'4"- 170 pounds. With a recent 30 pound weight gain. I have desired larger... READ MORE

Bad Breast Augmentation and Refused to Correct the Problem - San Francisco, CA

I underwent breast augmentation after a decade of research to improve my appearance. I went to Dr. Edmond Zingaro (sometimes spelled Dr. Edmund Zingaro, Dr. E Zingaro) in his San Francisco medical office to undergo breast augmentation via TUBA procedure to avoid scars (Trans Umbilical Breast... READ MORE

I did it!! - San Antonio, TX

I went today for my pre-op and paid today! I'm super confident in the PS I picked. I know two people that have used her for other procedures and her list of honors/accolades is amazing. I'm doing TUBA unders, with hopes of making my A and B two solid Ds. I'm really nervous, as I have a 2 year... READ MORE

20 Years Old , 5'3 and Wanting New 500cc Boobies! - Birmingham, AL

I am 20 years old and 5'3. I have been wanting breast implants as long as I can remember. But when I really started to consider them was after I stopped breast feeding my only child. What little breast tissue I had, had completely dissolved. It definitely destroyed my confidence and nothing I... READ MORE

Dr. Hedden Was Wonderful I Wouldn't Change a Thing, TUBA is the Way to Go! - Birmingham, AL

I came from out of town to have my breast augmentation. I had my initial consult and then I scheduled my surgery 3 weeks later so I could decide on a size. I thought I had my decision made and right before surgery I went 50cc higher. I was so glad I did. Dr. Hedden didn't try to pursuade me one... READ MORE

TUBA--BEST decision I have EVER made.

Hey ladies, I am 32yrs old, 5'4 & 137 lbs. I'm getting my boobs done very, saline mods or mod+ with TUBA. I'm torn between 350/375/400cc's. I don't want to be too large, but I also don't want to be small. I have sort of broad shoulders & wide hips. Right now I wear a 34A. Really I should... READ MORE

Loving my New Girls!!! - Birmingham, AL

Hi I'm from Atlanta and I've been wanting breast implants since high school.. After I had my second child I've decided on having breast augmentation. I chose Dr. Hedden in Birmingham AL, and I can say he's a wonderful surgeon... I received my surgery on April 2, 2013 and it was very quick and... READ MORE

Amazing Results and Outstanding Care! - Mount Pleasant, SC

He performed my TUBA procedure in one hour. I am currently 2 weeks post op and they look great! Honestly I can say that since day one post op they have looked better than most other breast augmentation photos I have seen (no frakenboob, etc). There is little to no scar in my belly button... READ MORE

29yrs old, 5' 0", 140lbs, 1 child, 450cc-500cc, saline

Research, and based off of personal friends outcomes. I wanted a doctor who has experience in TUBA procedure (threw the belly button) The recovery time seems to be quicker. Nurse Judy is extremely talented and helpful herself when sizing you and discussing your options with you. The staff are... READ MORE

Patient - Vero Beach, FL

First of all I am so happy with my results. From the moment I had my consult to my procedure I felt great about Dr. Sarbak and his team. I am so happy I decided to go with the TUBA. It was very quick to heal and I have no scars. Dr. Sarbak really looks at your body type and finds the best size... READ MORE

TUBA Procedure - Atlanta, GA

I am a ICU and ER RN and I would not of trusted anyone else more to do my procedure then Dr. Pound. I was referred to Dr Pound by another RN for the TUBA procedure and I couldn't be more happier with my results. Dr. Pound is and excellent surgeon and extremely caring person. Dr Pound listen to... READ MORE

42 and Living Life - Austin, TX

After going on a krazzy cycle of weight gain and lost. My breast took it the worst. I had two lil saks of skin. I know that sounds horrible but it's the truth. Thanks to Dr Driscoll he gave me my youth back. I'm so thankful. I recommend him to everyone. He's very good at answering questions... READ MORE

Needed to Get my Right Implant Corrected It Was Too High -Newport Beach, CA

My right breast was sitting too high so i needed it to be fixed and i also decided to go a size bigger since i wasnt happy with the size. they did an implant exchange and went 175 cc bigger and she also fixed my pocket that was too high. I was concerned with going bigger since i already had... READ MORE

Thank You Dr. Hedden! - Birmingham, AL

I had my augmentation at 20. I had been told all my life that I would get boobs one day and that I just needed to be patient. Well, at 19 I gave birth and my boobs did not grow AT ALL aside from growing to a small B when my milk came in and then reverting back to completely flat-chested within... READ MORE

Beyond Happy - Bozeman, MT

I had a TUBA breast augmentation, (augmentation through my belly button). I couldn't be happier with my results. Dr. Hetherington really listened to me, supported me and did the most amazing surgery. He is so smart, too. I hear he has invented medical instruments. He has my endorsement all... READ MORE

Delighted!! - Bozeman, MT

I had a TUBA (trans-umbilical breast augmentation). The staff were wonderful. They answered my many questions and made me feel comfortable before I made the appointment. The consultation was very thorough and I booked that same day. The surgery and recovery were surprisingly easy. I'm so... READ MORE

Problems with my Breast Implants - Austin, TX

I hadmy breast agumentation done in austin tx jan 11 2012 saline under the muscle through my belly button 480 cc left boob 450cc right boob. the procidure is called TUBA through the belly button for no scaring and rapid recovery! everything was fine i recoverd in couple of day sno bruising no... READ MORE

Best PS in the United States - Beverly Hills, CA

I wanted a BA for a long time, but was afraid of the recovery as well as scars. When I saw the pictures of Dr. Kim's TUBA BA, I was really excited and scheduled a consultation. I was sure I would do a BA with him before even seeing him. Then, I found out this Beverly Hills doctor doesn't even... READ MORE

Still Not Sure - San Diego, CA

After months and months of hating the way my daughter left my breasts (after nursing) I decided I wanted to get an augmentaion. I talked to all my friends who got them, did some research and finally decided I am going to do it! At first I had decided on the Tuba method through transumbilical but... READ MORE

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