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Dr. Mileto at Surgicare - London, UK

After nursing my son, my breasts became deflated -A's. As I've been thinking of having breast enlargements for the past 7 years, my husband and I finally had the means to fully pay for an enlargement. We are currently stationed in England (originally for the States) and opted to get them done... READ MORE

I Finally Had the Courage to Do It ! (Saline 275cc overfilled to 331cc Under the Muscle) - Fort Worth, TX

Hi everyone, I have been reading BA stories on this site a lot. I was so nervous about anesthesia (I am a single mom with two little ones). I was freaking out about what happen if the anesthesia went wrong, who is going to take care of my babies, ect ect. But on the other hand, my divorce was... READ MORE

Got my New Boobies Today...- Mexico, MX

Well a little about me... I am 28 years old and have four boys ages 12, 9, 6, and 2 1/2. I breastfed 2 of them for 3 months each and wasnt so pleased with my boobies anymore. They had never been big but they were a full 34B. My stats are i am 5'2" tall and my weight is 120lbs........ So it had... READ MORE

Just LOVE them :)

Hi everyone! I have been interested in getting a breast augmentation for many years...since I was old enough to wear a bra (even though I couldn't fill it out). I have done a ton of research since I decided now is a good time for me to get it done. I have had 3 pregnancies and my boobs do not... READ MORE

Breast Lift with 450cc Implants - Melbourne, FL

July 1, 2013 I had a breast lift and 450cc implants put in. My surgery was around 9:30 in the morning and I was on my way to my friend's house, who took care of me for a couple of days afterwards, by about 12:30-1 (I can't remember exactly). Everything went great with the pre-op and op... READ MORE

32A with 375 Cc - Plano, TX

OK so I'm a 22 year old with no children and ever since 8th grade I knew I wanted to do something about my breast size. I was hoping that there would be a more permanent solution (like fat transfer) but the difference was not as drastic as what I needed. The consultant talked me through the... READ MORE

Amazing Results and Outstanding Care! - Mount Pleasant, SC

He performed my TUBA procedure in one hour. I am currently 2 weeks post op and they look great! Honestly I can say that since day one post op they have looked better than most other breast augmentation photos I have seen (no frakenboob, etc). There is little to no scar in my belly button... READ MORE

1 Week Post Op Tomorrow and I Am Feeling Pretty Good! - Oklahoma City, OK

I started this post way too late I've been reading this site for a few months now haha. I am 130 pounds, 5 ft 6 in tall, I was born with a deformity, and my breasts were very asymmetrical. My whole life I knew I was going to fix my boobs, I have been to plastic surgeons since I turned 14, I had... READ MORE

115 Lb Weight Loss - Tampa, FL

About 5 years ago I lost 100 lbs. 3 years after this I went in to have a tummy tuck. I was told if I had my boobs done at the same time it would be less money but at that time I didn't need it. I started at a double d I had gone to a full b. I did the tummy tuck and was so happy with the result.... READ MORE

5 Days In - Seattle, WA

I was really scared because I'm 46, a soccer player and mom of two teen girls. Wasn't sure how they would feel about Mom and her boob drama. After a few years of on and off discussion with hubby, we decided to go for it and I'm so very happy. The surgery was quick (1 hour) and by the next... READ MORE

My Experience- BEWARE! Glen Allen, VA

Dr Dewire has a huge ego and I'll tell you why this was a big problem! Instead of his attention being on his patient, he is far too in love with himself and always wants to be the center of attention. I dismissed the personality problem because he was going to be my surgeon, not my boyfriend. I... READ MORE

34 Year Old, 4 Kids - Minneapolis, MN

I just had my breast augmentation yesterday and am feeling really great! The surgery took about an hour. I felt fine right after the procedure and through the night - with very minor discomfort. After having 4 kids, this was like a walk in the park! Today I have slight swelling and no bruising.... READ MORE

After breast feeding three kids , my breast didnt look the same. - Great Experience - New York, NY

After breast feeding three kids , my breast didnt look the same .. I chose to do breast augmentation surgery to give myself new look and fix the sagging and dropping breasts of mine . My experience was great am still healing from the surgery . But it's well worth it , the procedure took around 4... READ MORE

great experience - Indianapolis, IN

I had a very good experience. I started out a 34 A and am now a 34D. I went with 350 cc and went under the muscle. The surgery last about an hour and was outpatient. The healing process was a piece of cake. I didn't take any narcoticS after surgery, Only ibuprofen. I went home took a nap... READ MORE

Flash Breast Augmentation - Beverly Hills, CA

Back in Nov '12 I got the "flash" breast augmentation by Dr. Ghavami. Though the word "flash" might make people cautious, it was just that. I went from a 34A to a 34c in a matter of hours. I was in & out of the outpatient hospital within 2 hours...start to finish. The procedure itself but... READ MORE

Worth Every Penny - Milwaukee, WI

After nursing 4 children my breast were completely gone. I just wanted my body back. I had lost the baby weight but no matter how much i worked out I knew i wasn't going to get my breasts back. I was given Dr. Dembny's name from a close friend. I felt completely comfortable from the first moment... READ MORE

Very Happy with my Breast Augmentation! - Miami Beach, FL

I live far from Miami Beach so Dr.Tachmes and his staff made everything so comfortable for me. They reassured me every step of the way helped me with arrangements and answered ever stupid question I came up with. They kept in touch with me all along the way before and after my procedure. They... READ MORE

Dr. Kasrai is a Surgical Artist - Toronto, ON

I like many women had two different sized breasts. Getting this fixed was something I had always wanted but felt that it wasn't necessary. Well, thank goodness I finally did it, because I feel amazing. The procedure was about 30 min, and a couple hours of feeling groggy from the anesthesia. I... READ MORE

Best Decision Ever! - Beverly Hills, CA

I was so nervous to go through with the procedure because I have zero pain tolerance and I have a hard time making any big decisions. Dr. Minniti's staff made my mother and I feel welcomed as soon as we got there for the first consultation, even offered to pick up lunch for us from Subway since... READ MORE

Amazing Breasts with Dr Richard Rahdon - Geelong, AU

As an A cup, I have always wanted to have breast augmentation to feel more confident and womanly. One of the other reasons I decided to have Richard perform my surgery was because he does a special incision using a keller funnel that ensured my scars would only be 2.5cm just under the bust... READ MORE

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