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28 Years Old, 5'5", 120lbs, 32AA - Thailand, TH

I'm here to track my progress through the start and end of my BA experience! I'm a 32AA and hoping for a 32B, maybe around 230-250cc. I've spoken with a surgeon in Seattle already who suggested 240cc, under the pectoral muscle, round silicone implants. However I decided to use this information... READ MORE

Finally Feel Myself Again After Much Needed Breast Augmentation

I finally decided to have the breast augmentation after losing most of my breast tissue and volume from previous bypass surgery to repair tear in intestines and hole in stomach, I was already small and tiny frame before the bypass so only place to lose the weight from was breast and butt. I am... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 5'5", 125lbs - Slightly Tuberous Breasts - 34A with 310cc Moderate Profile Gel

I've wanted a BA ever since I can remember. Like many women here on RealSelf, I've struggled with self-confidence as a result of having small breasts, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered that my breasts are actually "tuberous". This was a huge surprise to me, and quite a shock to my... READ MORE

39 5 4" 140 Pounds Mom of 3 Breast Fed Babies.

I decided to travel from Canada to Fl to see Dr L Roudner. He's got such good reviews, tonnes of years of experience and his work looks amazing. I'm doing saline under the muscle via periareola. Decided to go agains the stream of "gummy bear" implants after much research on leeching of product.... READ MORE

535cc UHP BA Happy Birthday to Me! 5'6" 118lbs

I guess I should start with Hi, I'm Valerie. I guess I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 12. I remember stuffing my bra and hoping no one noticed and going to school... I have 2 children, a nine year old and a 5 year old. I breastfed both for a year, and it shows. I was fat after my... READ MORE

30, 5'5, No Kids

I am halfway through week 4. I was in pretty bad pain for the first few days. I guess my pain tolerance is low. My right breast nerves have been going crazy and it was affecting my arm as well. That has finally subsided but my breasts are still high and tight. I massage as much as I can at... READ MORE

25 Years Old, 5'2" 115 Lb, 32B to 32D High Profile Textured

My dream come true. An absolute treasured moment in my life where I decided to travel solo from Toronto, Canada to Ostrava, Czech Republic to alter my breasts to become more busty. Surgeon: Libor Polak M.D. Location: Polmedicana in... READ MORE

Only 4 wks post BA Dr. Revis did an awesome job!

I did it!!! I was so nervous about traveling to get a breast augmentation and being away from my family. From the moment I got on the plane up until the moment I arrived to my consultation I was second guessing everything. Once I met Dr. Revis I felt so much more comfortable and felt I was in... READ MORE

I'll take my business elsewhere in the future

I recently went to Dr Hunsaker based on recommendations of two friends who saw him for breast augmentation and breast implants last year. I was interested in the breast Aug and possibly lipo. My interaction with Dr. Hunsaker himself was professional direct and informational, w his assistant... READ MORE

Dr Ary Krua - Miami, FL

Nothing I say in this review will ever do justice to how happy I am with my results provided by Dr. Ary Krua. I travelled from Alberta, Canada to see Dr Ary Krua because I wanted the best possible results. Before booking my surgery I read every single review I could find both good and bad. I... READ MORE

28 Yr Old - Anatomical (Teardrop) Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants - Petite Body

It's the night before my surgery and I've come all the way from Toronto, Canada to Ostrava, Czech Republic. Typically I would never consider travelling to any country for surgery other than Korea. However, after seeing and hearing reviews from a couple of my friends, I decided I would take the... READ MORE

BEYOND! You don't leave till it meets his perfection! - Pittsburgh, PA

A pic is worth a thousand words. I'm in the middle. I'm 47. Shhhhhhhhh....!!!! My gorge niece and gorge nephhew join the pic! A lot of people don't know but since I've been with Dr Jim for 18 yrs., his claim to fame lies heavily in reconstructive surgery. Auto accidents, unfortunate... READ MORE

24 Years Old, No Kids, with Very Asymmetric Breasts! - Sydney, AU

After years of saving my money, I was finally in a position where I was able to afford to do the one thing I'd been waiting to do since I was a teenager: a boob job! I'd known very early on that my breasts weren't normal -- my left side was almost an entire cup size larger than my right. So, in... READ MORE

20 Yr Old, No Kids, No Boobs.. - Wroclaw, PL

Stats: 20 yr old 5'6 105kg Currently a pathetic 32b according to vs So tomorrow I head back to Poland for my ba on march 13th (had rhinoplasty in 2015). Wanting to go from 32b to 32c/d. As I am travelling abroad I won't have my consultation until the morning of my ba so I can't say for sure... READ MORE

21 Year Old, 1 Child, Deflated B Cup - Birmingham, AL

After having my baby last year my breast dropped and I knew I wanted it fixed. Best decision ever! I'm from out of town so I travelled here to Alabama. On 5/3/17 I had my consult: tried on sizers, took pregnancy test, and paid for my surgery. On 5/4/17 I arrived at the facility at 6:10, my... READ MORE


I booked consultations with MYA, transform and Holy House and found them all to be very salesy. I spoke to my friend who had a breast done with Beaucare and they look amazing, Also I know many people who have been there. I went for my initial appointment last month and now have paid my £1000 ... READ MORE

Long Needed Severe Tuberous Breast Correction with Tissue Expanders, Natrelle Inspira Style SRM 295cc - Bronx, NY

Hi everyone, I'm currently 23 years old and have been wanting to have breast surgery for as long as I can remember. I knew early on that something was wrong and after waiting and researching, I realized this wasn’t something that was going to change. I asked my PCP about but said nothing c... READ MORE


So I finally scheduled my surgery date which will be on June 4th! I can't wait!!! I'll be looking to get 475cc or 500 cc saline implants under the muscle. But I haven't had my consultation yet since I live in a different state then Dr Ortega....I'll know for sure what I should get once I consult... READ MORE

The results have been better than what we hoped for

My fiancée and I spent a great deal of money and time searching for a competent plastic surgeon that could help with breast augmentation. Price of the procedure was a concern for us as it is with most people, and we tried the lower priced institutions in Cancun, Playia de Carmen, and Cozumel. ... READ MORE

1 year after surgery

I had implants after having two kids and several miscarriages. My boobs went from a average b cup to barely anything! I'm in love with myself all over again after a full year of having my implants! The recovery time was way easier then I was preparing for. The doctor took the extra time to... READ MORE

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