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Saggy & deflated to full -no lift!! 5'5" 112,35,4 kids,all breastfed 335/365cc full profile unders ,transaxillary

Having my surgery done in 2 weeks!! I am very excited and 100% confident in my choice of doctor. I have been searching for a local doctor who's work I like for a long time and it's been hard. I'm so glad I found Dr. Iteld. His staff is amazing-especially the patient coordinator Caryle. I'm... READ MORE

20 Yr Old, No Kids, No Boobs.. - Wroclaw, PL

Stats: 20 yr old 5'6 105kg Currently a pathetic 32b according to vs So tomorrow I head back to Poland for my ba on march 13th (had rhinoplasty in 2015). Wanting to go from 32b to 32c/d. As I am travelling abroad I won't have my consultation until the morning of my ba so I can't say for sure... READ MORE

650cc Saline Transaxillary - San Antonio, TX

5'7.5 650cc Saline 150lb 3 kids (c sections) (5,2 and 8 months) Transaxillary- under muscle Pain Meds after- Valium and Codine (didn't miss a dose for 7 days) Started antibiotics day before surgery and completed those after. Had my surgery at 1:30ish and was home same day by 6ish. 1st day... READ MORE

425/450 Cc Silicone, Transaxillary Incision, Under Muscle, Small A to D Cup. Vancouver, BC

I decided pretty soon after puberty that I was going to get a breast augmentation when I could afford it, fast forward 10 years and I finally did it! Prior to the procedure, I was most nervous about if people would notice when I returned back to work in my office. I told some coworkers that I'm... READ MORE

33 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Breast Augmentation - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Hello everyone, I'm new to this community, I decided to join to share my journey and see your journey as well. My stats: 5'11, 152lbs (lost 30lbs in the last 11 months) and I wear 34A. My surgery date was February 3rd 2017 600cc extra high profile under the muscle with transaxillary... READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - 365cc Full Profile, Cohesive Gel, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision

I have my upcoming breast augmentation on December 12 (in 16 days). I am getting Allergan 365cc high profile, cohesive gel, under the muscle placement, armpit incision. I am a 11.9 BWD. I was choosing between 335, 365 and 385cc. I found that 385 was too large and 335 looked good but I felt it... READ MORE

34A 350cc Silicone Transaxillary 135lbs 5'3 Athlete BA

As a competitive bikini athlete I lost nearly all of my natural breast tissue (which was not ample to begin with). I felt that I've worked so hard on my body and take so much pride in it but I was just so self conscious about being so disproportionate. I went on several consultations and was so... READ MORE

27 Yo, 400cc Silicone Under UHP, transaxillary

As I've found this site sooo incredibly helpful in helping me decide I want to finally take the plunge, then answered all of my millions of questions I thought I would finally submit my own story! I've always known I wanted a BA but I thought I would save it for after kids. But seeing as I am... READ MORE

Transaxillary BA by Dr. Geoffrey Barnett, Hawthorn - Melbourne, AU

I have considered a BA for over 10 years, but refrained due to worries about having scars on my breasts (I have had friends whose scars misaligned with breast creases). For me, transaxillary was the only option I was comfortable with. I had a few consults, including in Melbourne, Gold Coast... READ MORE

26 Year Old, Mother of 3, 5'7, 153 Lbs - Costa Mesa, CA

Over the course of 8 years I have had 3 children, ages 6, 4, and 2 and have breastfed each of them for well over a year. My breasts pre pregnancy were maybe a 36 B and during breastfeeding a 36B.... My weight has fluctuated from 165 pre pregnancy, to 203 and now I've gone down to 153! However... READ MORE

Despised on 700cc, Silicon, High Profile, Under the Muscle, Transaxillary

... And so I begin to journal my experience here! A little over a week away until my BA. Excited. Nervous. Scared. All of the above. But so looking forward to an enhanced "Me"! Decided on the above implants after my pre-OP visit last week. However, maybe 600s??? I'm a little worried about the... READ MORE

Transaxillary Breast Augmentation with Saline Implants - Hollywood, FL

I got my breast implants in December 2009. I researched for many years and I decided to go with a mod plus round saline implant under the muscle thru my armpit. I really love my results and I love having bigger breasts without any scarring on them. I had to go to many surgeons before making... READ MORE

Today I Finally Go my Boobs Done - Beverly Hills, CA

I am 27 years old and roughly 140-145lbs and I'm 5'10. Today I got my transaxiliary breast argumentation surgery. And so far I absolutely love them!!! I have no regrets so far maybe because I have very little swelling. I go back to the doctor tmrw for a check up and I can't wait to see my girls.... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Transaxillary, 275cc R and 300cc L Moderate Plus Profile Saline Breast Augmentation - Richmond, VA

Had my consultation today and it went great! I absolutely loved Dr. Lynam and his staff. We talked about my expectations, likes and dislikes, he answered all my questions, and then I got to try on the different implants! I was dead set on the transaxillary incision method, and he agreed with my... READ MORE

"22 Years Old, Engaged, No Kids, National Guard Soldier" Tampa, FL

Hello ladies, age: 22 (turning 23 in Dec) weight: 148 height: 5'9 recommended: 375cc to 400cc under the muscle, transaxillary incision I need some advice and please be honest. some of my information is that I am 22 years old, currently in college going for my bachelor in Criminology as well as... READ MORE

Breast Augumentation 370 Cc Trans-Anxillary - Danville, CA

I've been want breast all my life. I t took me years to decide that I really wanted to carry on and have the procedure done. A co-worker of mines I met had on and I didn't even know they weren't her naturals. So I asked her for her Dr.'s information and she happily gave it to me. I had the... READ MORE

22, no kids, 5'7, 120 lbs. 240 textured high profile rounds.

So It's been 5 years since I first thought about getting a BA, I'm 2 days away from getting it done now and I can't believe it's actually happening! :) I went to see four different surgeons until I found Dr. Araujo, who I felt really comfortable with, and after a few appointments and emails, we... READ MORE

29 Years Old, 0 Children, 34B, 5'6", 130lbs (Active) 350cc or More? Laguna Beach, CA

I have been a small cup size my whole life and have always wanted larger breasts. I am not insecure about my chest size at all but if you can have what you want why not get it? My wants are simple. I basically want to go as big as I can without it being obvious that my breasts have been... READ MORE

31yrs, 5'8, 145lbs, 1 Kid, 600cc HP Transauxillary Silicon

I was a small B with no real complaints before giving birth. I wanted more size but to me it wasn't worth the money or trouble. Now whats left of my chest is saggy and unshapely. I want the fullness back with a bit more size. Why go to the trouble and spend the money without improving a bit? Im... READ MORE

Silicone implants - 29 Years Old, Starting with 32A Breasts. Philadelphia, PA

I am 29, 5'6", 125 lbs, with a slender athletic build and small natural breasts (barely a 32A). No children. I have consulted with 10 surgeons in the Philadelphia area over the past two months and have finally made a decision to have the breast augmentation I've wanted since puberty! I've... READ MORE

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